Full Moon – Relationship Power, Authority & Consequences

This is the second Full Moon in Libra, the sign of equality, harmony, and balance. The Sun is almost on top of Uranus, the Great Awakener so get ready to have the curtain ripped back on inequality, disharmony and imbalance.

Nature always corrects. What has been great will be reduced, what has been small will grow. What you do with the present circumstance is your power. You may not be able to change the major elements in your world, at least not all at once, but you can and must shape what its impact is on your world.

Change is uncomfortable for most and almost unendurable for others. A lot of fear rises up. That fear drives a rush to fix, rebuild, or plaster over what is lost, but creating with this energy is likely to put something short term or insufficient in place.

Chiron, the wounded place in each of us where we can take what hurts and make it beautiful recently entered Aries. We have a brand new cycle of beginning things, fresh eyes and inspired hope available. And we must be vigilant against impatience, rush to action, impulsive demands that don’t take in the whole field of play.

Inescapable Pressure

The pressure of what doesn’t work in our big systems (Capricorn) has built up over several years with Uranus in Aries and both Saturn (Authority) and Pluto (Power) in Capricorn.

Now as the Great Awakener moves into the earthy realm of Taurus we see the pressure of not shifting outweigh the resistance to change. The important question is have we learned the right things from past mistakes?

Hint, if your review of the past makes you contract and brings up defensiveness and fear, it’s the wrong direction. When that happens stay there long enough to soothe the frightened young place in you that change is scary and you can do this.

These are days for courage and you have your own unique brand of it. Look for yours rather than finding a bunker to hide out in while changes sweep the world around us. Let the pressure crack open the shell on the seed of you so you can grow out of the dark soil and up into a lighter, brighter place. You are your own highest authority and have the power…

Impulses Ignored

I had a chance to feel this pressure cooker just recently. Someone found out I used to be a Sunday School teacher and sent me inflammatory rhetoric on how repressed the religious right is today. She swallowed the propaganda fed to her whole without questioning it.

Surprised to receive it, I found myself uncharacteristically angry. My initial impulse was to list how the group she thought was being bullied had instead bullied others. I walked away from the computer. I ate and meditated before I sent my reply.

In my quiet reflection I remembered that people traumatized by a past feelings of powerlessness can be the most self righteous about overuse or outright abuse of power in their present. They still see themselves as ‘at the mercy of’ so they over correct any current situation that reminds them of that feeling.

A self righteous, indignant attack on her was no better than what she sent me. It was tempting, with so much evidence to hit back with, but then I’m in the self righteous seat without evolving the situation. Do I want to be right, or do I want the conversation to add something better to us both? Being right feels good for a moment. But it also feels toxic and increasingly isolated.

So I researched the facts, things she may never hear from her current sources, and sent her the actual text from the constitution guaranteeing her certain freedoms. She’d been convinced were taken away by the opposition. I reassured her that she has the rights and privileges and suggested that anyone trying to tell her otherwise needed to know their rights, too.

I didn’t send it until I could feel compassion and a genuine wish for the situation to benefit all concerned. Not because I’m trying to be good. Not because I’m more spiritual or enlightened, either. I’m not, trust me. I’m opinionated and stubborn beyond words.

I did this because I want to be the change I wish to see in the World. Until my actions back up what kind of world I want to live in, that better World remains an illusion out of reach and cause for despair. It’s hard to ignore those reactionary impulses, especially in today’s adversarial world. But given the choice of ‘me against thee’… No thank you. While certain behavior is unacceptable, a person never is.

Utopia NOT

This Libra Full Moon asks you to consider Harmony. A teacher of mine recently posited that the Spiritual teaching of ‘we are all one’ is something of a global chorus and when we each contribute our unique voice, an exquisite harmony emerges.

What I love is how it applied in the exchange I just shared. She had one opinion and I had a differing one. How can I respect the view she has without sacrificing mine or demanding she sacrifice hers? I found a path that felt honoring of both individuals without surrendering my truth and I contributed it in a way to not reduce or belittle hers. Hopefully it added to hers.

I believe it worked because of her positive response. I wanter her to feel empowered with her rights, not shamed for believing those who told her otherwise. When others feel powerful from your exchange with them, they have less need to over correct or misuse their power. I want each person to know and access their God given resources to use them powerfully in their world.

Respect is the best way I know to share power. I teach self respect, I try to model it in my behavior. I can’t respect all points of view but I can respect the person who holds them and contribute my own unique perspective. In this way harmony emerges without requiring conformity.

Harmony, is my end goal…harmony of intention with action, inner state and outer state, beliefs and behavior all in harmony. That ought to keep me busy constructing what comes next. My inner Authority helps shape my external use of Power without abusing anyone.

The Trouble With Timing

Then the next big piece of what happens now is how to time things. This is not my strength. So I’m going with alignment as my timer. Because otherwise I perpetually rush into things too soon to spare myself the tension of creative anxiety or put off things in search of perfection.

Both are effective ways to limit the changes I experience, which is the fear brains primary reason for being. The less change you effect, the less risk you have. When you rush too soon, there is less time to create something really rich with your contribution. When you delay you have no one to judge or criticize you because there is nothing to see.

The Goldilocks moment is always clear in hindsight, after you’ve experienced too much or too little action. So experiences that don’t give you the results you want right away are really good information for what suits you better going forward. Ahhh, can your feel shoulders relax on that realization?

We know this is true intellectually but there’s always a new place to apply it. I love it when I feel the shift in my body. Alignment. That’s the new sweet spot and when my heart, intuition and mind can get in proximity, then I act.

A Bad Report Card

The only bad report card is one with no grades. That shows you haven’t anted up or risked. Low grades are areas to improve. But most of us shut down like an anemone poked by an intrusive finger.

I used to take a bad quarterly report as my incentive to be ‘most improved’ the following quarter. Almost like a dare, I wanted the biggest contrast between what was and what could be. It felt better than passing cars on a freeway for a sense of progress.

With Chiron moving in Aries, it woke that part of me up again. Like Michael Phelps I used other people’s doubt as an invitation to confound expectations. It didn’t always work and truthfully for good reason.

Some of those efforts were ego driven and not in alignment with my real goals. Lesson learned. I had the best success when I believed passionately in the cause and marshaled my team to go with me.

Back to the harmony theme. An important part of loving the life you get up for each morning is who shares your life. Who are your witnesses to a well lived life? So often they are your best report card.

This Moon cycle wants to help you have the team around you that aligns with you – to sing their own particular notes in harmony with yours. Those that don’t aren’t bad people, they just aren’t your people. The destruction of outdated habits and standards is going on everywhere. That includes every area of our lives. We can do it with power and purpose guided by our own inner authority or helplessly watch as it happens to us.

On That Note…

To practice what I preach, I am launching my Patreon account as a way of gathering up those who resonate with what I teach and want new ways to explore your unique contribution. I want you to have access to all the power and purpose you were born with in life.

I’ve been working on this offering for six months now and still haven’t found perfection. Sigh… the introduction video will soon be reshot specifically for this but it’s had delay after delay. So I finally decided to launch without it.

There are solid choices for ways to bring more of your special gifts to your world and enjoy it. Your feedback as we go helps me refine them. I like a healthy dialogue, and ask only that feedback be respectfully offered. You’re my trusted newbies and get to help shape what it ultimately becomes.

There is no shortage of brain retraining techniques, visualization, history, science and inspirational games I’ve accumulated to make learning about you fun and impactful. I’m looking for good playmates on the best voyage of discovery. This is a way I can interact with you more regularly and still manage my life. Oh how that aligns with me!

Take a little bite of self discovery or a big one, there’s plenty on the menu for you to choose from for your wants and needs. It’s gone live just now, after months of tweaking, so thank you for being the first eyes on it before I go global. There will be a special added bonus for being my trusted newbies.

Check it out the different ways to play Here.

I welcome your comments and questions, too. I love a good dialogue. Feel free to contact me here and let me know what might make the offerings more enjoyable.

Trust me, there is more than I could possibly write up that happens on the Patreon monthly calls, but I tried to highlight the most frequently requested topics. Who wants to join me on the voyage of Discovery?

Thank you and wishing you well, always,

Lisa Greenfield


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