Friday the 13th Magical Full Moon

It’s Friday the 13th and people stay home, lay low and curb all kinds of activities.  To balance that I want to share some fun facts and sweet insight, specific for you this Magical Full Moon. Friday the 13th is more than a scary movie franchise, it’s a real phenomenon.  In fact the Examiner had this to say about the date.

“According to Dr Donald Dossey, author and founder of the Stress Management Center/Phobia Institute, up to 21 million Americans fear Friday the 13th. Some people are so paralyzed by fear that they avoid their normal routines that day.

According to T.J. Scanlon in an article titled “Is Friday the 13th Bad for your Health?”, businesses can suffer an $800-$900 million dollar loss on Friday the 13th. However, airlines report no noticeable drop in travel on Friday the 13th. On the other hand, traffic accidents rise slightly and mothers-to-be often avoid Friday the 13th for scheduled c-sections.”

We are such interesting creatures, right? Here is GOOD news this Friday the 13th.  We have come a long, long way in understanding how much impact we have on our world, not just how it impacts us. If you are reading this, you are one of the people who wants to know how to influence your world in the ways only you can. This comes with stress, excitement, power and potential.


Easy, right?  We all know how to breathe! Putting your power to work can become as easy as breathing. Let’s take a small step in that direction today.

This is a great time to make shifts, long lasting transitions with support of those around you.  It’s a climate of change.  How you change determines whether you shape what happens or are helplessly shaped by it. I recommend using your gifts to shape your world. That’s why I share what I do today.

Many people already feel it.  The conversation I heard at least three times just yesterday was about how the person felt like things were ‘about to shift’. That brings up tension and stress because the unknown is scary.

Except when you remember you’ve already survived all of life up until now. The part of you that feels better trying to avoid past pain is self imposed limits. It prefers that to seeing how strong you’ve been, how much you’ve learned. This Full Moon has a ‘scissors’ pattern to help cut free from conditions, connections and beliefs that no longer benefit you. You’ve outgrown the habit where you underestimate yourself to stay safe.

Have you felt it?

The number 13 is reduced numerically to four when you add the one and three together.  Four is four corners, a firm foundation and offers stability to build upon.  The shadow side of four is to box yourself in – hey that’s where the Full Moon energy helps bust you out. Both Saturn and Jupiter play key roles to offer support for heart growth of the best kind. Out of the box and into your true power, that’s where you are headed.

I say it again, sweet!

Here’s how your heart line position ties in with today’s Full Moon. Your middle finger is the Saturn finger.  Your first finger is the Jupiter finger.  Your Heart Line is the top line on your hand. See the graphic below for some visual cues if you aren’t familiar.

If your heart line ends under the middle, Saturn finger – Air and it’s Curved or Earth where it’s Straight or low set – you get help from those unexplored Jupiter spaces beyond your current Heart Line. Time to expand your emotional wants and desires and open up to any number of heart felt possibilities in your life. 

What wishes fell outside the traditional boundaries you were taught to follow?  Can you throw ‘should’ out for a little bit and play with what you desire – imagine it.  What do you want when there are no harsh internal rules to watch out for?  You don’t have to act on it, just let yourself want it for a little bit. See what happens…

If your heart line ends under your Index finger and it’s straight or low set, you’re a Water Heart. If it’s curved or high set you’re a Fire Heart.  You feel Saturn influences, but in a subtle way. Like an underground river, you have to learn to ground emotions over time to make them solid and long-lasting.  Discipline is there, you have to dig down to get to yours.

You win under this Full Moon’s contracting influence of Saturn when you consolidate your gains and renew passion for things that cooled down while you spread yourself thin, thanks to the Jupiter influence.  Giving a little to a lot of people is less risky but there’s also less depth and reward if it becomes your only operating system. Give the most important things your quality time.

Wherever your heart line lands, right now you have the added strength of your contrasting finger to really support you! Use this Pisces Full Moon tonight and its cutting-edge wisely.  Release pesky perfectionist tendencies and open up to the joy of what is.  Glory in what you have and add to it from this feeling.

Be generous with yourself and feel where you can take kindness and let it flow more easily to others.  From a kinder community you build it’s easier to see how those fantasies move closer to realities – with ease and grace.  Sweet! It beats serving up the sharp side of your tongue to others only to find that energy headed back your way.

Whether your heart lines are placed under an inside or outside line – use this lucky 13 and astrological energy to anchor expansion and change on a firm foundation. These nice shifts when practiced can feel as easy as breathing.  Now isn’t that GOOD news on Friday the 13th.  Hmm?

Which is why, since I’ve been quiet for a while you might like some time with me so your hands can reveal more of your gifts and talents.  If that’s you, here is your Friday the 13th lucky offer.   

Book a half hour session at 33% off, but you must book it by Sunday night if you want the special.  Since the holidays are coming, you may even want to grab one for’ hard to shop for’ loved ones.  It’s always fun to dive into your untapped potential ‘on hand’ and hear about your upside potential.  I never get tired of seeing the talent uncovered, right there in your hand.

The limit is three sessions per person – but you have to get it by midnight Sunday or it’s gone.  Use the sessions how you like, part of this Full Moon magic. Let’s see where you are lucky and where you are oh so good. Get the real scoop Here.  

You can also hop over to my Facebook page and ask a question, read some of the posts and if you like what you read, I appreciate you liking the page.  You also get my weekly forecast posted there if you aren’t on that mailing list.   Happy Full Moon, Friday the 13th to you. I’ve always had good fortune with the number 13 – so I’m sending a little extra luck your way.

All the best,

Lisa Greenfield

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