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We’ve got some potentially sticky aspects tomorrow that could cause a little trouble if you aren’t aware of them. You may feel unloved or as if you are not enough thanks to the Wounded Healer Chiron in the mix. Let’s use your hands to help you navigate it with less struggle and more enjoyment, shall we?

Keep in mind, that the meaning you attach to what people say or do to you is not really true anymore. Once upon a time it may have been. But things are different now, because YOU are different. Your much more powerful than you were and you’ve learned from what you’ve survived.

When the old fear or feeling starts the painful story going, it’s time to take charge and shift gears. Re-view the situation with compassion for the hurt you feel and then push back on those fears and doubts. You are loved, you are enough.

Look for evidence of that rather than looking for proof that the fear is real. You will find facts that fit both the best and worst case scenario. Focus on the places you know you are loved. Reassure yourself and simply watch more evidence flow into the day as you actively look for it. You don’t have to go seeking approval, give it to yourself and then let others share the opinion.

Here’s a few tips to keep in mind based on your heart line. Both for you and those around you, it helps to keep a few key things in mind to process the day and whatever comes from it.

Air and Earth Heart Lines

When your Heart Line ends under the middle finger – you are likely to hear criticism, even if that’s not what’s offered. If your heart line curves up towards the fingers, you have an Air Heart Line. Talking about things helps to bring down your anxiety. Dialogue offers more information and soothes your nerves when you come from a place of curiosity rather than accusation.

Watch for over functioning with too much explanation, especially if others don’t have a Heart Line that reaches towards the fingers. Ask a few good questions, clarify what’s important to you and hear what’s important to another. You’ll have it sorted out in short order.

Earth & Air Heart Line

If your Heart Line ends under the middle finger but doesn’t curve up much you are an Earth Heart. You are the most likely to be underestimate your lovability with the wrong comment and the most likely to overestimate others as being critical. Step away, remind yourself that you are loved and valued. Mentally pull out your highlight reel with proof of that before you wade back in to the family (or friend) gathering.

Watch out for giving what you want to receive. Take a risk and ask for what you need, even if the others cannot give it in that moment. You need to know you are worth your own effort and your needs count too. Then give people time to meet you there. It may be a slow pace but when you do your part it reassures the fear brain you’re the adult in charge of your life.

Fire And Water Heart Lines

Next we have the outer finger placement for the Heart Line. If it curves up towards the fingers you are a Fire Heart. When your good advice or foresight meet resistance or rejection from those you want to help, it’s trigger time.

Wait to be asked before you use that laser like vision. Without the invitation, your input can knock someone else sideways. They may look for your trust in their own choices more than your guidance on where they got it wrong. You are right in almost every case, but timing is so important. When they want you to help, you’ll feel seen and appreciated. Something very important for you.

If you find your fire burning low with little request for your input, find a way to engage everyone in a Gratitude exercise and start with you. Center stage will help refuel your fire and get the light going for those around you in a way where all benefit. Interacting with others helps bring down your anxiety, which is why your Heart Line heads up towards the surface. Just remember lower set lines need space before they engage in order to feel good.

If your Heart Line ends under the first finger but doesn’t curve up you are a Water Heart. Agreement and harmony are what you long for anytime, but especially at important gatherings.

It’s easy for you to defer what you feel, want and need to keep the peace. But peace at any price will cost you too much today. It lands as inauthentic and can start it’s own storm when you had the best of intentions otherwise.

Check in on your own feelings and needs before you soothe another’s and your inner certainty will do more to bring things into balance than all the soothing things you could do or say. Put your own oxygen mask on first or you won’t be much good to those you care about.

Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving, no matter what old stories get stirred up. You can take charge of that inner monologue and give it an upgrade that feels oh so good. You are the captain of your internal weather, so steer well according to your Heart Line and you will sail through whatever storms may come.

Wishing you well, always.

Lisa Greenfield


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This is a public service! I am grateful for it – and for you!

Thank you Kathy, always glad to be useful! Appreciate YOU.

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