Marriage Lines & Two Stories

There is a place on your hands that shows your marriage potential or long term serious relationships. It is the outside edge of your hands underneath your little finger. The horizontal lines are between your heart line and where your palm meets the pinky finger.

Marriage or serious committed relationships are where the world sees the expression of our heart. Which is why these lines show up on the outside edge of your hand between the heart of you and where it meets the world. It takes a bit of practice and comparison to know how to read them. Please do not scare yourself if you have none or lots. The lines in your hand change when you do. Which is where the stories begin.

The First Story…

My nephew was horrified to find he had two marriage lines. Being the child of divorce, he wants a stable home to look forward to in adult life. We chatted about his relationship patterns and what he saw in his parent’s lives. He took the conversation ‘to heart’ and made some changes.

Less than two years later he held up his hand proudly to show me that the first marriage line had faded almost completely out of site. I could see it would be gone shortly. He changed his mind and changed the line. He no longer needed a starter marriage to learn from his mistakes, he was already doing so.

This rule of change goes for all the major lines in your hands. When you think, feel and act differently (and it takes all three) you change the line. It almost always starts with how you think about things, which is why I advise you to start there. You are never a hostage to what’s on hand. It is your guide to know how to use your heart and mind together to act on it and build your unique life. Which brings me to the Life Purpose and the next story.

The Second Story…

The second story is a woman who is living her Destiny. Beth came to me several years ago with a big dream about taking her program with foster kids to the next level. It was all there in her fingerprints, her Life Purpose. The power, the passion and the path forward. No surprise she took the insight and went to work. Cut to today and she is the head of a wonderful organization I whole heartedly support. was born and I was blessed to watch it happen.

In all the flurry of the holidays, travel and company in from out of town, I forgot today was Giving Tuesday. I’m extending my Super Sale until midnight tonight to put that to work. The proceeds from sales today support an extra special event for Beth and staff. This is a community for kids who have virtually no families to count on and rely on adults who’ve mostly been paid to be with them.

She offers them a vibrant, loving, close and caring community that teaches them life skills, job skills and compassionate communication. It’s grown to the point where she is about to take the next big step and add housing. When foster kids age out of the system, they are done with any group home, school transportation or support of any kind from government. Even if they are in their senior year of school it all ends. That’s just the way the system works.

But that doesn’t work for Beth. So she’s tackling housing to make sure these young adults have a better chance than their parents could give them. The proceeds from today give her and her key staff a special day to get the team off to a good start.

When you get your holiday special with me, you get quality time about you or for someone you love and support a wonderful cause. I love it when you get to stack good things. It feels so very satisfying. If you haven’t already grabbed your sweet Holiday Sale, you get a bonus today. The sale ends at midnight but the good goes on from there.

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If my offerings and charity don’t resonate with you, please do find one that does. What better way to begin the Magic Season than to be part of making something wonderful happen for others. Another Charity I love and support is Animal Rescue Mission. If animals feel more in line with your heart, check them out.

Wishing you and yours well. Thank you and hope to see you soon…

Lisa Greenfield

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