The Two Things You Need for Survival 2019

Plenty of people were glad to kiss (or kick) 2018 goodbye. Stress was evident in all too many places. I don’t need to recap headlines from last year to illustrate that. We have a year ahead packed with more changes as we build up to seismic shifts that measure even higher in 2020. Which is why I want to share some tips for Survival 2019. If you’re impatient you can jump to special one on one attention for a Bonus customized guide Here.

So what do you do with a changing landscape? First, stop to admire the view. There really is beauty around us every day. Things that are lovely are also soothing. When life feels unstructured or uncomfortable, one of the most loving things you can do for yourself is to allow enjoyment in through your senses – not just through media.

But that’s not one of the two Must Haves I want you to know for 2019. It’s merely good to know… that beauty is free for everyone to enjoy. Take your share of it as we expand, shift and change into all that is unfolding.

Our world is in transition, and change is the hard on the nervous system. It shows up in odd little ways and layers up before you notice it, even when there aren’t big things happening in your day to day life.

In civilization’s history, there is plenty of evidence for the change cycle we find ourselves in today. It’s not the end of the world, but it is the end of one big chapter.

Which is why I want you to have two things that will absolutely make a difference this year. Check the images below to further customize this input for your best mode of operation in this the transformation ahead.

The more earthy and/or watery you are (hand shapes, lines and astrologically) the more you need to give yourself a reliable container to help you adjust to changes. You feel the stress of shift up front, so timely preparation and adjustment save you a lot of grief.

If you lean to more fiery and/or airy, you need to give yourself consistent actions that align with your vision. Expansion can be hardest on you over time when it isn’t grounded. So while you may not notice the toll it takes right away, the bang at the end of that long fuse gets really loud.

Your Heart Line begins under your Pinky and ends nearer the thumb side – It’s the KEY
Your HEART Line ends in one of these sections to determine your main ‘type’.

Because Jupiter is in it’s home sign of Sagittarius, we get extra kick to the developments ahead in 2019. This fiery meet up needs tending and like the arrow in the bow of the Sagittarian Archer you benefit greatly from aim and fletching.

If you aren’t familiar with the term, fletching is what they call the feathers attached to the spine of the arrow. They are wings for your backbone…and key to hitting what you aim for this year.

Which also means you need to know where you want to head. Because you are going to expand this year. I want you to do it in a way that gives your dreams wings and stability. Because there is so much possible with all the energy we have cooking. Ready to take aim and prepare yourself?

It just won’t be easy. But it will be worth it… when you just know how.

Follow the Yellow Brick Road…

It’s really an easy comparison to make. Jupiter in Sagittarius is so very Wizard of Oz to me. A grand adventure that includes the heroine seeking help to get home only to find out in the end, she had the power all along.

Saturn in its home sign of Capricorn with Pluto goes right along with the story of Oz. The Magician is unmasked only to discover you have the magic within you, and did from the start.

Such the perfect example for the Stars activity this coming year. The Universe wants you to own the reality, you’ve had the power all along. Nothing outside of you can match the potential to shape and enhance your world like what is inside of you.

Survival 2019 is very much a call to individual action that builds into the collective. In other words, if you don’t like the world you see around you, change yourself in ways that contribute to a better outcome. The changes you make now, this year are foundational and can determine what’s ahead as an adventure or an ordeal.

You do that with aim and actions that consistently give you lift to hit the target. This is how you set the stage for your adventure rather than slogging through the debris of crumbling infrastructures we witness on all sides.

Remember, Dorothy didn’t set out to kill either one of the witches, but end them she did. So can you end the tyranny of any threat almost as a by product when you keep aim and fire well prepared.

Aim is not an intention or even a goal. It’s richer than that and leaves space for the unexpected, because you will certainly find that this year.

I saw a meme I love but since it was unattributed I can’t include it. So let me share it’s message. One character asked the other character what they expect from 2019 in this crazy environment. She calmly states, “I expect flowers”.

He puzzles and inquires further, “things are so uncertain, how do you know you will get flowers”? She answers with a smile, “Because I’m planting flowers”.

That’s an aim… to get flowers. There are actions required and anyone who’s gown anything knows there is your own little yellow brick road to getting results. Pests, droughts, disease are part of the adventure.

There are hazards, responsibilities and attention required to fulfill your aims this year. Dorothy set out to get home, I set out to get flowers because they are home for me.

I want my mind, my heart, my body and spirit to bloom. So then what are the consistent actions required for that to happen? Those actions and my joy in taking them are the fletching.

When you add consistent effort aligned with your dreams you have the spine of the arrow with the feathers. It can’t be all grind, grind, grind. Feather aren’t heavy, they are LIGHT.

Be willing to adjust your structures as needed. I once saw a master archer in competition take out a special knife and trim the feathers on one side during the competition to adjust for the wind.

Be prepared to trim or upgrade your actions as the year goes on to keep the balance between spine and flight. You need the right mix of that. And it’s time to explore what the right mixture IS for you. That takes trial and error, my friend.

For Earth and Water types, you are slower to find the ‘right’ fit and more likely to limp along with a bad fit before you change. It can be hard to surrender the straight and narrow to take flight, but loft is required to hit your target.

You do better with accountability buddies to laugh and lighten as part of support, although both Earth and Water have tendencies to stay stuck in structure too heavy to fly. Too much heaviness breeds insecurity, doubt and anxiety that obscure your aim or muddy the waters on it this year. Notice and adjust accordingly.

For Fire and Air types you have no trouble with change, it’s consistency that eludes you. Big dreams and wide reaching aims are your strong suit but to get there you have to have the actions aligned with the vision. Otherwise you’re swimming in people to talk to about ever expanding grand schemes that never get traction. Get a partner, coach, mentor or friend who will hold up a mirror or a stop sign when you tip too far into talk and your actions need to catch up.

That is the promise or curse of Survival 2019, you need BOTH aim and fletching.

Or those dreams will hit something, just not what you want…

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I wish you your own version of flowers this year ahead. I’m here to help if you wish it.

For those of you who want to join a discussion about the year ahead I am on Facebook Live 1/9/19 at 9am Pacific, noon EST with Best American Psychics. To join in, Like my Facebook page

Happy New Year!

Lisa Greenfield

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