Solstice Brings True Dreams for 2019 With A Catch

Start with what you long for…

It’s here, a celestial banquet of dreamy idealism and longing for perfection.  Does this inspire you to great heights or get you stuck in a fantasy that doesn’t translate into life itself?  Full dress rehearsal in miniature for 2019 lays ahead of you.  It really ramps up for the solstice on Friday and runs right through to New Year’s Day.  Time to get your game shoes on, my friend, if you want more than a castle built on air.  Time to tap in to both literal and figurative dreams.

Notice what your slumbers show you.  Look up dream symbols if you wish, but they are your language, designed by you for you.  There is a LOT of information coming down the sleepy time highway.   I woke up grumpy a couple days ago because I dreamed I stepped into shallow waves on a beach (oddly enough in Uggs) only to find myself in over my head.  I yelled for help but underwater sound doesn’t carry well.   Not a dream I liked, still I’m grateful because it shows me where I have work to do.

Not a pretty picture when I have grand visions of what 2019 holds for me.  Still, those dreams are your roadmap courtesy of the Universe.   I want you to have some tools to use for those night time oracles.

The last ten days of this year gives us a chance to get ready, to really line up with our dreams and to act on them so they move out of possibility and into the present. To make the most of these days, you must construct a goal and baby steps towards it or stay stuck in limbo with nothing to show but lofty goals of beauty but no substance. Rather than a ‘to do list’ though, this energy says see the whole thing as your year ahead adventure.  You know those voyages had storms and challenges, but the destination was heart driven and the whole thing was the stuff life is made of.  Prepare to board your ship of dreams and sail. Sound good?  Okay, here we go.

Get real about current progress…

So what do I do?  Venus trines Neptune just before 9:30am Pacific time Friday the 21st.  Neptune represents the watery beginning we all had in the womb, the possibility of connection that anticipates all we need before we understand what need even is. The shadow side to this is we long for perfection.  Bad news, you can’t have that perfection outside the womb.  Good news, you can create something so much richer with fewer limits.  Time to imagine it.  But in every adventure there are dangers.  The foundational year ahead has its share.  There are two dragons in that perfect image.

First is the sleeping dragon, who stays comfortably uncomfortable in the longing for the right job offer, family gathering, relationship or achievement and can’t seem to trade the imagined for the real.  Progress towards it is perpetually measured against an ideal and falls short over and over.  You make excuses for yourself,  for others and avoid dealing with the shortfall in any meaningful way.  You accept or offer promises, yet accountable is hard to find anywhere.  So is personal investment beyond the perfect image.  It skirts close to spiritual co-dependence.  The rosy glow of the Venus/Neptune trine can take you there.  Where you make extravagant promises to yourself or others, ones you may even mean.

The Universe in a future scenario is usually better, but what you need at the moment is a honest conversation and follow up.  These can eludes you as you stay lost in the dream.  Take an true inventory of what you do to avoid harsher realities.  You are about to set sail, so a solid review of what you have and what you need is a great focus for these last ten days.  Otherwise the aspects make it incredibly easy to lie to yourself and believe those lies, pushing back any real progress yet again.

Second is the fire-breathing dragon, the one who blames where the first dragon excuses.  The incendiary sibling needs someone to be responsible for what hasn’t happened yet.  Past hurts or trauma, family dynamics, current people’s failings all fuel a blazing out-breath of accusation.  Where is the magical authority who will grant those wishes and put it in your hands?  After all you’ve been such a trouper and you deserve this… fill in the next word for yourself.

You don’t want to get to the end of the ten days and be lost in delusion, regret and/or disappointment because you let the dragon run the show.  So you have some options on how to handle this truly magical time.  Your inventory must include yourself.  Really, honestly bring out the pantheon of feelings, not just the positive ones.  They have a cathartic job to play.  Trust me the ‘over my head dream’ had a very helpful message once I got past judging the content.

I’ve had a couple of spectacular melt downs that surprised me with their intensity.  I picked up my foam bat, put ten minutes on the clock and gave my inner infant a cathartic session beating the dust out of the couch. You’re in charge of your feelings when you construct a beginning, middle and end for them.  It’s one of the best ways to build  tangible realities that allows more of the unwelcome ones.  They have a part to play, you decide how big of one with the way you hold them.  Those shadows done well add depth and texture to what’s unfolding.  Repressed they put a cap on anything else you may wish to create.

The Full Moon is Cancer Moon (Mother) and Capricorn Sun (Father).  So you are a grown up child in the season of miracles.  Magical thinking, wishing on stars, believing in Santa all have an important place in our world.  We crave something more than the day to day limits of our work-a-day lives.  Let yourself have some alchemical wishes – satisfy your soul.  Just do it from a foundation of compassion paired with concrete steps and bridges from reality into the sky that make the magic real with each step.

Make Dreams Come True 

Now the fun part of the recipe come in to play.  What are the ingredients you need to cook up those desires of your heart.  Imagination is tinder to the fire, but you must fuel and contain it so it works for you and draws others closer.  Keep an eye on too much reliance on something or someone outside of you.  Of course you won’t make it happen all alone.  But reliance on others for your dreams right now is just a clever way to postpone tangible progress again.  YOUR part is to form ways to physically invest in the magic.  Do you have good advisors?  It helps to have a couple of people who help hold you accountable in action for what you imagine for your dreams. Together with your team you can keep the dragons from stealing your longed for future.  They also help remind you of the old adage, ‘the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step’.  You want a witness for what you are going to live this next year!

Picture how you feel as you live some of the first moments.  It’s how you put yourself on the road to cover those miles.  Don’t get too caught up in the details and logistics just yet.  Instead I want you to pull in some very real emotions that may show up.  Fear and excitement sit in the same region of your brain.  One has oxygen added and the other does not.  Two guess which one is more airless.  Ask yourself ‘what do I feel and what do I need’.  Then listen for the answers. These are very real footsteps to move you down the road.  You can’t get there without being present, the feelings help you be in the moment.  The more REAL you can be the stronger the foundation for those skyscraper wishes.

Then watch for the Universe to serve up some impressive coincidences, messages, meetings and miracles.  This is where some really fun stuff comes in to join your efforts.

Riding The Magic Carpet

The energy of these last ten days makes it super easy to tap into intuition.  Watch your dreams, look for waking symbols that show up in unusual ways.  The song from the radio or random movie dialogue are my favorites for sudden conversational sign posts that highlight just exactly what I need in the moment.  Go on a spiritual treasure hunt and look for how many ways the Universe loves to dialogue with you.  License plates and billboards are more fun places the Universe likes to drop in a message just for you.  How many can you discover?

Stopped at a light I look over and one of those cars decorated for advertising was on the curb beside us.  The words on the side said, ‘Gain more time, more life, more love’.   It doesn’t matter what they actually were advertising, I had just asked a cosmic question about where my current efforts were headed.  Boom, there’s an answer.  My long stretch of feeling I’m on a wheel with no purpose except to run is at an end.  Even the dream that I am in over my head was good feedback. Time to honor all the feelings – especially those shadows and shame that stand between me and what I love.

What will your signs and symbols share with you?  Enthusiasm runs high and it’s easy to take signs and blow them into grandiose dreams.  Watch out for that variation of the dragons.  Instead make it repeatable.  What I mean is take one set of signs, act on them and do some bite sized manifesting.  Good, now chew, swallow, enjoy.  Okay, now you are ready for the next bite.

Will The Magic End…?

Now as soon as we begin to feel it as real, fear steps in to remind you how much you have to lose if you get what you truly want in life.  Honor those fears.  Who wants the magic to end.   So redirect the mental chatter.  The mind is a great pattern recognizer, so instead of making it wrong for imagining things to keep you in familiar, comfortably uncomfortable space, put it to work.

The way you do that is to task.  It has to look for opportunities and signs in any challenges to help me do the most with them.  Are you afraid to tell someone your plans don’t include them in this corner of your perfect future picture; tell your mind to look for signs and symbols that tell you their path will be just peachy going solo here. The ego may sting on those heavenly hints, but it moves you through the stickiness of these last ten days.  Feel guilty that your plans aren’t at all what you’ve been aiming for all these years?  See that every effort you’ve made can be a portable skill that improves anything you do next.  Avoid blaming or being blamed.  After all, dragon number two is happy to serve up any willing victim as the scapegoat for whatever is wrong in their life.  Don’t put your head in it’s mouth.  Dream up the perfect scenario that honors everyone, why not?

Respect your fears and move through them, know that when you asking tough questions and honestly do what the answers require is precisely what it takes to make your reality dreamy plus it shines a light for others.  Your actions may be just the crack in their self imposed, limited story to free them of a confining shell.  Watch for over-promising because under-delivery is a real side effect of the energy preview to 2019.  Give yourself a benchmark – don’t promise something unless you are willing to take the first concrete step to make it happen.  With that guardrail you can safely roll forward.

Notice when others paint an all too rosy picture.  Don’t judge, just encourage them to circle back to the actions and obstacles they need to be present for.  Be sure to do the same yourself.  When you do that, those oh so lovely possibilities are alchemy itself within you.  You are the magic and bring it to life with the truth of what your heart longs to have.  In fact what you specifically long for is an important part of your unique contribution to the world.

A Bigger Bite out of 2019

For those of you who crave some tangibles to help you flesh out your story, we can start with what’s on hand.  The wizardry of my favorite tools give you a broader look at you to take with on your adventure.  Don’t we love a good magic show, a peek behind the curtain with a twist.  We get to be part of it all.  Your year ahead has a show tailor made for you.  Get your 2019 Year Ahead Reading with a bonus Hand Analysis when you get hands on in the next 48 hours.  There are gift certificates  if you want to give someone you love a ‘hard to match’ present.  Seeing our future with insight on how you are uniquely designed to craft those wishes into life is a reliable crowd pleaser.  Give or Get this special gift HERE.

Wishing you and yours a season of miracles and magic.  They live inside of you…

Thank you,

Lisa Greenfield




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