Truth About Betrayal

A firestorm started on Facebook with Elizabeth Gilbert’s post on Betrayal and Tribal Shame.  She called out the tribe’s need to squash independence in order to preserve the group status quo.  Something most of us are all too familiar with, right?

Yet studies show the only way to be a healthy, contributing member of a tribe is to bring your authentic self to the group.  The physical and emotional cost of that self betrayal for the group and society at large is extremely high!

Discovering how to navigate that delicate balance has more than one person in soul-crunching despair or simply deep confusion.


Did you realize the solution to how you are specifically meant to navigating that divide is as close as your fingertips?

It is…


Our fingerprints are formed before we’re born  and explain the unique shining gift that is ours, where our tribe has power and the way to navigate between those two.

Loops – Water and Connecting With People, Heartfelt Relationships

Whorls – Fire and Visionary Leadership, Intuitive Exploration of the Unknown

Tented Arches – Air and Innovative Ideas, Bridging Old And New

Arches – Earth and Manifesting, Making Real The Possibilities

Even Composite Prints have unique meanings

Where we are meant to stand out, is written in our prints!  So is where the tribe has us hooked, the creed they live by and the likely form of punishment you will be served for transgressing the group.  Let me share a bit more about how that works.

My Life Purpose prints are on both ring fingers with a combination of Fire and Water prints.  This points to a natural ease of standing out from a crowd, in the spotlight for others to see.  Your Purpose is where there is no need to struggle around achieving it, it’s happens naturally and without effort for you.  Let me share how that looks…

For example, I was one of two girls chosen in kindergarten to be the flower girl for my teacher’s wedding out of the whole class.   When I swam competitively in grade school my unique breathing techniques had me anchoring the relays, having to ‘bring it to the finish line for the team’.  In our youth group, I saw things in such a way that they wanted me to speak for the team.  In college I was nominated as favorite from my dorm floor for starting a new study group that was fun.  The list goes on with big and small moments of standing in the spotlight.

The spotlight was never something I sought out, because of my tribal shaming that showed up in Water School prints.  I was miserably uncomfortable with each of these incidents and felt guilty at just being me.  Because my fingerprints show that the tribe would use guilt and shame to try to minimize my higher profile and keep me in the herd.

My tribe was distressed and feared that I would make someone else feel bad while getting attention others did not.  I remember my family even objected to the idea of a neighbor putting a bumper sticker on their car about their ‘star student child’ because they worried that it would make the other kids feel badly they weren’t the star.

They didn’t want me to stand out and make a mistake because they didn’t want me embarrassed or hurt. Which by the way, is also wired into my prints.  Fear of humiliation is amplified in them.

Don’t blame my family or tribe, they were well conditioned by their tribes, too!  It’s what we do.

Using Hand Analysis, I know exactly what my triggers are and when they are likely to come up.  The water print means that my fear of emotionally upsetting others feels like life and death to me. Based on which hand and which fingers each print is on, it further gets into what type of shaming comes from which parent.  Left Hand is the Mother’s side, Right Hand is your Father’s side.

Using my background in corporate sales training, I created specific brain retraining tools to modify unconscious knee jerk reactions making decisions for me or stealing joy from those choices I do make.

One tool is ‘instant intervention’ and another is a daily simple three minute body exercise that brings my anxiety level down to a point that is much more manageable!  These tools are what take information into transformation!  My clients love them…

The knowledge and tools support me making bolder choices, uncomfortable choices.  They help me refine when and where I want to step into the right spotlights for me knowing full well I am betraying the culture of the family conditioning when I do and what price is worth paying.

How would you benefit, knowing the nature of your body-outlined specific tribal threat and specifically how that conditioning is working unconsciously on you?  And how would having the ability to navigate it with insight into your individual gifts and tools help you?  Life becomes easier (not easy mind you, just easier) when you have this level of personalized insight, right?

Your body has your keys to know exactly where your unique path is and the prescription to heal tribal wounds so you can honor yourself and understand how to negotiate the tribal pull.

Because we do have a fierce need to belong.  It’s wired into us for survival.

The magic is in bringing much more of you back to the tribe so that you inspire others, increase the talents of the group, expand out in new ways.  When you can do it at all, this balances and strengthens you and then the community.  Do it well and we all flourish!

I want to share your individual blueprint with you right there at your fingertips and you have two choices how.  You can take advantage of the classes I’ve taught, the research gleaned from them plus years of study to craft a specially illustrated guide.  In it you discover those Three Hidden Keys that unlock your Destiny and download it right now to start opening doors.

Each guide includes a monthly beginners call to answer your questions and make sure you are understanding the keys.  We even get into a bit about how the four different avenues to shining and shaming show up along with the brain retraining tools.   Say no to the unconscious Tribal Shame and YES to you now!

If you want to take advantage of Lisa’s deep knowledge and expertise in a private session, well that is the second option for you.  Book a Life Purpose Reading with her now.  Lisa studies close up labeled photos of your fingertips, and does all the research.  Then you spend ‘one on one’ time together exploring the information and the Keys to living your authentic life and you walk away with a written guideline, audio and rich sense of how to betray the tribe and thrive!

Go Big With YOU HERE.  You’ll receive further instruction and available times once you’ve booked the session.  She’s located in West Hollywood California but works with clients all over the globe.  Get your personalized Life Purpose Reading here.

I want to help you go beyond the Tribe to honor your gifts, then find your way home to share the biggest Truth about you with them.  I’m here to help…


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