Where Mother’s Show Up In Our Hands – A Gift For You

What we inherit shows up in our hands.  You can see what your Mother passed down to you and from her hands you can see what her parents passed down to her.  It’s an evolutionary chain of beliefs, right there in your hands.

We really are fearfully and wonderfully made with so much insight wired into us.  Your hands are one of the most complete maps of that.  Our left hands and our heart lines give us clues to how we saw, understood and reacted to our Mothers.  The right hand and our head lines give us a mirror image of that for our Fathers.

The thing that can help is understanding that it doesn’t always mean that what we experienced from them is the whole truth.  How we take them in, the meanings we give their actions are an act of creation on our part.

For example, two children in the same family can experience a situation together and have two different meanings on it.  Say the Mother has to leave for health reasons and be gone multiple times in childhood.  One child interprets that as the world requires her to step in and be the responsible one since her parent isn’t able to do it.  She develops a strong over-functioning coping skill to help make the world a safe place.  Her  main focus is outward and on doing.

The other child attaches the meaning that the mother is leaving because the child is unacceptable and goes into depression and under-functions to cope with what is going on in her world.  Her main focus is inward and on worthiness.  The stories you’ve been living with reveal both your upside creative power and your childhood limitations that are definitely ready for updating in your favor, right!

See how two different meanings and coping skills came out of the same childhood?  Those old wounds can be transformed into pearls of great beauty with a little help.

Your hands can reveal so much about the stories we carry and how to go about expanding those old, outdated meanings to give us a richer picture of the Truth.  A Kinder Truth in so many cases than the ones we carry about in our heads.  Now isn’t that insight a gift worth giving yourself and sharing?

Because we are linked to our families in so many good and challenging ways, it inspired this blog post and a special offer.  In honor of Mother’s Day, I am offering a 2 For 1 reading special! What that means is that two of you can share the time with Lisa to discover where your hands reveal shared stories and also where those stories head in different directions.

Those difference often create strong emotions.  With a bigger picture and some valuable insight into each other, they can also yield some powerful collaborative strengths you didn’t realize you had.  I love showing two people how their hands are meant to work together to create more powerfully!

Don’t worry if you and your Mother or Daughter don’t share the same curiosity about hands… You can share the two for one with a friend if you like.  Your parenting buddy, or confidant who shares similar family stories.   This special is for two people to share the reading at no additional charge.  Get twice the fun for the same price!

(Geography is no issue, Lisa works with people around the globe.  Calls are recorded and all you do is send good photos of your hands.)

For the first few who purchase this special, you also get a bonus three month peek ahead.  This is only possible with the 45 minute or hour reading.  It’s just too much information to do for two people in only 30 minutes.

So you decide…

This Mother’s Day why not share the gift of understanding and connecting using the visual you can both see and understand, the Truth in your hands!

Yes we want a rich feast HOUR to share (with the bonus three month peek for the first few).  One Hour reading

We want to share 45 Minutes together (with the bonus three month peek for the first few)  45 Minute reading

We are going to make the 30 Minute time slot an action-packed time together  30 Minute reading

If you wish it in gift certificate form email Lisa first and last name of the recipient and the email attached to your purchase and you will have that within 24 hours. Perfect for printing and giving!

I look forward to showing you the ways your stories connect, diverge, compliment and contrast each other.  With so much extraordinary creation potential there in your hands, why not give the gift of seeing each other with a kinder, bigger Truth.  Here’s to a weekend celebrating the gift of creating which we all have, in honor of the Mother instinct in all of us!

Thank you,

Lisa Greenfield


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