Tonight’s SuperMoon Gift Call, Mars Retrograde and Discounts

Tonight’s New Moon serves up a super-hero all out battle in the sky.  Almost every planet is in play, it’s epic!  Change is upon us, for good or for bad – it’s all up to you and what you do with what’s happening.  Which is why I’m gifting you with the tonight’s call.  There is way too much to try to squeeze into yet another blog post.  So I’m keeping this one short and a little sweet in sympathy for the overwhelm that’s going on…

If you had plans and missed tonight’s call, don’t worry, you can get the recording HERE and download it.  There’s some check points for you about your own hands.    If you want to take advantage of the yummy, limited time discount on any reading with me (33% off) check below for the one day special offer links – just a tip, all good things come to an end so jump in now to get yours.

We have Mars about to retrograde, traveling with Saturn for months, so how you ACT right now can carry so much extra punch.  If you want to up-level your playing field, now is the time!  If you want to break old habits, change jobs, change relationships or patterns within those relationships – the Universe is lending a helping hand.  But be aware – how you do it is so important to get you more of what you want and less of what you don’t want!

Our actions have big consequences right now.  I’m calling it the Three P’s Season.  Patient, Persistent Progress is going to serve you best right now no matter what right action looks like for you.    When you dig deep, find the underbelly of what’s driving you, your outcome may not look like what you think at present – it can be even better when you apply those Three P’s to the exploration of you!  What matters is that you act according to your particular wiring.

For some of you, you need to slow down to get ahead.  For others these aspects help galvanize and move you into action you’ve only been able to think or talk about until now.   Still others might need to take that blind leap and trust.  It’s all specific to you.  The planets, the cards, the lines in your hand don’t decide anything for you.  They simply give you tremendous insight into how you can use more of you to your advantage.

So please do feel free to listen to the audio HERE and download the audio.  I want you to have as much support as I can offer on this bumpy, wild ride and see where the Three P’s will serve you best!  This season is now through August 2nd, so it’s going to be with us for a while!

You can listen and hear more about what’s cooking in your world, shall we?  Click to Download the Audio!   And be sure to check below for your limited time offer – you deserve a break right now!  Take care of you and talk with you soon…

Lisa Greenfield


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Hi Lisa. I am looking forward to the gift call.

Love and hugs,

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