Full Moon Tonight, Retrograde Planets – That Wounded Feminine And Reactive Masculine

We’ve got the second Super Moon of the year tonight.  It stirs up dark secrets, deep thoughts and power struggles to bring about endings and open space for new beginnings.  Mars, Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto are all retrograde and triggering the point of ‘Great Success‘, but with the warning to be mindful how you achieve that success.

As Steven Forrest so eloquently said, is that under Mars Retrograde,  “we mistake our inner demons for our outer ones, and start throwing punches.”

Inside each of us we have our own raging ‘wounded feminine’ and ‘reactive masculine’.  This month particularly we have a chance to feel it ourselves and/or witness it in those around us.  None of us is immune to these core feelings, in fact it’s all about the chance to give the hurt and angry child in each of us a witness to our pain.  (I’ve got a special offer for you at the end of the post if you want help with yours)

For those who’ve spent much of their time in their mind, this can be hard because our mind lifts us up and out of the ever day, pedestrian rage and tears.  You may find yourself being bombarded on all sides with situations that call up intense emotions, layering them one after another to get you to feel rather than think your way through.

Still others who express rage or suffering more easily, you may find yourself blocked to your normal way of expressing yourself. Even when you want to blow up or throw verbal punches, you find yourself met with an even greater rage, severe consequences or circumstances that keep you from doing so.  One woman with a known temper suddenly had to care for her dying father.  Blowing up was useless and even had the potential of hastening his death with the outbursts.  Blocked, blocked, blocked she found she had reserves she didn’t even realize to hold her tongue and temper when it was required.

The Universe is all for you expanding your range and understanding of you on the path to ‘Greater Success’, even if it uses sticky ways to get us there.  Each of us has a place inside that feels the loss of total love and protection we all felt in the womb.  Unconsciously we search for that perfection on Earth, can insist on seeing an illusion of perfection only to be met later with evidence that it isn’t true, kicking in that original infant storm – hello emotional storm.

Whether you cry or lash out, it is the same universal place of loss and fear that is triggered.  The difference is right now, with this transit full moon, emotions feel incredibly deep and carry with them some inherited shame and blame.

Death is a theme (any time Pluto is in the mix) although it is much more likely to be the death of an idea, belief, way of life or relationship than it is a physical death.  Several people in my circle have had thoughts of death, dying, suicide, self-harming.  This is serious and requires support, please do reach out for professional help if someone in your life is talking about these things. Or urge them to do so…

But it’s not surprising.  Not at all…

This time is about the raw new beginnings of a much bigger life for you, and it requires the death of the old ways of doing things.  It can feel intense, frightening and the urge to shake your fists and scream or wail uncontrollably is pretty understandable.  In the last four years I’ve lost too many people and I know this place of loss all too well.

But right now you can re-parent yourself and add in the missing pieces your parents couldn’t or didn’t give you.  That’s what this raw beginning offers you!  Oh how much better that can feel!  Remember the point of Greater Success, well it is active all this month, it’s the HOW that is so crucial.  These baby steps help you build an unshakable foundation unique to you.

In the feminine young place, you feel betrayed and/or abandoned by life; it’s the ultimate death sentence to be left alone as an infant.  Quite simply, we die without support.  So the wounded feminine shows up in all kinds of behaviors that point to where the unloved receptive part of us sits.  Here’s a short list of some things to watch for if it’s your feminine that needs your attention:

  1.  Feeling attacked by or the need to defend against demands of the people around you (care-giving teeters on the brink)
  2.  Inability to ask for what you want; instead trying to get others to want what you want (one woman spent a frustrating 20 minutes trying to persuade her daughter to go play outside rather than just telling her directly that she needed some alone time in her own kitchen).
  3.  Hopelessness or helplessness when you look at your life and your choices.


Now the flip side of that is our masculine or active self.  This too is getting triggered and shows up in these kind of ways:

  1.  Temper flair ups, lash outs and clashes with strangers and those close to you. (One person found themselves in a road rage car battle that almost caused an accident)
  2.   Strong reactions, judgment and push back against emotions; a misogyny or female behavior-bashing (doesn’t matter whether you are male or female, both sexes can female bash)
  3.  Overwork, escapism and numbing behaviors to deal with the frustration over not achieving set goals


These are not a complete list by any means but certainly give you some food to work with in understanding which place requires your immediate attention first.  The do-it-yourself version of self-soothing is keyed to whether it’s the receptive or active side you are struggling with more.

See which one feels more important to begin with and here’s some support.

Pain needs a witness. The wounded infant in each of us requires our attention.  All this activity, all these things happening in your world are a means to get you to feel so that you can take care of yourself in a way that offers you more than your unaware, untrained or un-nurtured parents could give you.  No one can or is responsible for restoring that womb like security and connection to us – but an adult version of bliss and connection can be achieved starting right now!

It starts by being present to your own feelings.  It is that simple.  I’m hurt, I’m angry, I’m …. fill in the blank.  You don’t need to justify it, explain it, do something with it.  You feel it and then acknowledge it.  Comfort yourself.  Soothe yourself.  Try on what feels right to you.  I like swings and hammocks.  Just to be held and rocked.  What’s yours?  Notice how hard it is to let go of the mind chatter and just acknowledge the feeling then soothe, acknowledge, soothe.  No discussion… just presence and compassion.

They’ve proven that people who are most resilient, those who withstand the most horrific things and not just live through them but go on to live full lives are those who had a witness to the trauma that validated the horror.  Be your own witness…  Find out what soothes you and do it.  This is not a quick fix.  Work with it over the next few months and find your groove.

This helps take care of the mostly feminine side but it works for both.  That loss of the mother’s womb is that first wounding so self-soothing is good for all.

Now to the masculine wound.  Notice the way you have always done things, what’s your pattern?  The masculine is a brilliant pattern recognizer.  Staggeringly good at it, in fact.  It’s our genius zone and we all have our version of it.

Are you a take charge person, get it done person, rush to action person?  Are you a wait and see person, are you a thinker more than a doer, do you love being a strategic contributor more than your rush in and get your hands dirty person?

Whatever your typical pattern is, try it’s opposite.  Don’t worry, I’m not going to force you to abandon your honed skills.  Just ‘try on’ the other side.  Notice what you have in this space.  Pause if you are a doer, act if you are a thinker.  Pick one tiny arena and start out with what you know how to do and then slide in the ‘other’ way of acting on it.

Give your emotions a bigger range of expression, one bite at a time.  You might be surprised at what happens… It feels awkward, clunky even.  But just stretch a bit.  Feather it in like a relief pitcher to give your first string action guy a break.

Then there’s always the Breath of Love.  Get yourself out of the reactive brain stem and into the smart part of your brain.  Especially when you’ve got some as#$@le on the road bothering you.  Or if your mind is racing and you just want to sleep, it’s a good self soother, free, portable and legal.  Why not…

For those of you who need more, in honor of the intensity, timing and sensitivity, I’m bringing back my one or two question Hand Analysis special through Sunday of this week.  This way you can simply send me the pictures of your hands along with your question(s) and I can offer you some guidance.  It’s a budget-friendly, bite-sized bit of help I love to do.

You know I love helping you get to know the best about you!

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If that’s still not enough, you can check out a deeper dive on the inner workings of you HERE.

Meanwhile, the Perseid Meteor shower will be active this weekend.  So do take a few minutes Saturday or Sunday to go outside and with on a falling star.  You just never know…

Wishing you sooooo well,


Lisa Greenfield



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Wow! I now know what is the source of the angst. It has been horrific for me on all levels. Not to mention I am in the middle of grieving due to losing my mom in February. Oh thank you for this insight. My entire life is upside down right now, and I am struggling. Been diagnosed with a disease that I know I can uncreate. This article is definite food for thought……..

Leisa, my heartfelt sympathy on what you are going through. It is definitely big life challenges to be working through – please do take good care of yourself. I’m glad it helps, when life is this intense you want all kinds of support to make it feel less overwhelming. Wishing you well.

Beautifully written, and provided a lot of insight into my own intense life-changing situation right now. Thank you for writing this, and I hope you continue to write more.

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