Mercury Retrograde And What The Dali Lama Said About Women

The Dali Lama said “The world would be saved by the Western Women” at the World Peace Conference in Vancouver in 2009.  Some female colleagues and friends not in the west thought it was unfair to the rest of the world’s women.  Yet I stand by his statement with a new view that might ruffle a few Western Women’s feathers this time.

Perhaps we need to save it, because along with our freedom we also have the most clearly seen raging feminine on display whether it’s the Housewives shows, the Bad Girls, the Mean Girls and more.  Women burning mad, in pain, and fighting back everywhere.  Perhaps it’s our responsibility to save the world because we have a corner on the most visible problems and on some of the world’s biggest media platforms.

Don’t feel slighted men, you have your own rage too.  That’s another blog post, but for now reflect on how many mass shootings are being done by young men who feel that is the only way to fight back against the unfairness of it all.  A lot of that violence is aimed at women!  So the vicious cycle continues.

Now I haven’t been able to ask the Dali Lama what he meant, but I can answer for what I’ve seen in you and me, which is what brought me to talk to you today in this post.  Women have a unique ability to grow new life with the right collaboration, so let’s try a creative approach to power with that, shall we?

I’m going to get personal with you to help illustrate the point and open possibilities for you.  It has an surprising ending if you stay with me to the end of the post…  I have had a lifelong issue with feminine rage, not so much my own mind you, it’s the inherited fear of feminine rage.  Curiously, I have one of the most malevolent signs of women betraying other women conjunct my rising sign.  This Medusa point is strong in my life and I’ve lived my own version of how feminine rage turns people to stone.  I’ve spent a lifetime trying to get away from all that anger.

I won’t geek you with all the details but some of the most violent, ugly and frightening points in Astrology have been activated during all these retrograde planets and unusual pair ups!  One is called the “Medusa Point” and is tied to betrayal, primal rage and even beheadings.  This post is also my warning to you not to ‘lose your head’ over something when you go about it the wrong way, right?  That’s a real possibility through the third week of May.

But it also includes redemption, transformation and healing from the worst wounds.  We haven’t yet found a way to stop that worst from happening in the world.  But right now is the time to help us change it when we shift and heal the core wound inside of us.  I believe women are meant to lead the way, Western Women in particular, I’ll tell you how.

For those of you who know the Medusa myth, there are two versions.  One she’s a priestess of Athena who falls in love with Neptune and betrays her celibacy vows so the Goddess punishes her with a hideous curse while Neptune abandons her.  In the other version she was unwillingly taken by Neptune and still condemned by Athena.

So she was not safe anywhere… no one stood for her.  (Want to see where betrayal wounds and healing show up in your chart – there’s a special offer at the end of the post.  Impatient ones can jump to the goodies here).

In the ancient texts, before the original story of Medusa the older version had to do with justice being served.  In this story the turning to stone metaphor was linked to embalming at death to prepare for the after-life.  In other words, betrayals in life would be served justice through an ending, a death, only to be reborn into new life.

Heaven is waiting on the other side where balance and a fair outcome was possible.  Injustice had it’s day in court, was weighed and balance was achieved through a death and a new life.  It didn’t dismiss the crime, it simply witnessed and judged for where balance needed restoring, gave it an ending and moved on to a bigger life.  Having had a difficult relationship with female rage, this was balm to my soul.

In our family both my grandmothers were angry women, betrayed by both the men and women in their lives through cruel circumstances.  One lost her mother at 14 years old to Spanish influenza and had to care for her, watch her die while her father stayed away, then gave her away to her own grandmother rather than raise her.

The other worked in town cleaning strangers houses for a father who took all her money and refused to consider that she had any say or rights over her life or income.  Her mother let the bullying father do as he wished.

So both my parents had brutally raging mothers.  Anger, the damage it does and control of it has been a life long theme for me.  So of course, many of the people I wind up working with have their own versions of this, naturally.  Stay with me, I’ll get back to why this matters.

Something that only happens five or six times in a century right happens next week and has to do with how we see and understand things.  Right now, this coming week, we have a doorway to take the toxic feminine rage that is percolating here in the United States and shift it, big time.

The Dalai Lamai used the word “healed”.  The Oxford Dictionary defines Healing as the process of making or becoming sound, whole or healthy again.  Profound healing is possible for us right now… with the right help for us.

How do we heal?  We have to give that rage it’s day in court, bury the dead and be ready to start a new chapter.  Acknowledge your rage and pain with a ritual.  Where did the women and men in your life betray you?  Did you feel abandoned, unloved, denied by life and love?  If so, can you sit with that emotion rather than escaping it this weekend?

Once you have that, can you give it a proper burial?  Can you have compassion for yourself – which often times just requires that you let the feelings come up and experience them without judgment.

No shoulds, just present with the feelings, the tears the rage. The Universe supports you, I support you being able to experience a purging, cleansing of this old wound in a profound way this weekend.  No accident it’s Mother’s Day.  The origin of our first wound.

After all, we start out completely cared for, floating in the womb with everything we need given before we know we need it.  Then bang, childbirth, which is a trauma of sorts, and suddenly we are disconnected.

Primal infant rage is real and we all have it within us.  From there life adds to it in all kinds or subtle or obvious ways.  If you can, feel yours this weekend and drag those festering feelings out into the light of day.  If need be, once dragged out into the light they can be buried so you are free to move on.

Start to see where you can be there for yourself in the ways you weren’t supported by those you wanted help from over the years.  That’s really the gift of this doorway.  Once we honor the emotions, the loss of connection we felt we needed, we come to a place of seeing where we have shown up for ourselves.  This place is a powerful point of creation for us.  It’s where Heaven begins, knowing we have the power to shape our stories.

Where do you have the opportunity to stand for you? The people, places, jobs you may have counted on to sustain you aren’t doing so anymore.  For a reason!!!  You have new support systems that reflect the bigger choices, lives waiting for you to step in after Medusa helps bring new life to what’s been turned to stone.

Okay now back to my story and what that has to do with the post.

In the last few weeks, I’ve been front row center to women blowing a gasket.  Clients, friends and yes even me boiling up and over.  I’m more of the icy razor blades than volcano but make no mistake, rage it is my friend.  Yet I’m seeing something extraordinary happening.

When rage is seen, acknowledged and allowed by trusting circles of other women, it levels out!  Pain needs a witness, it’s day in court.

Medical experts proved the difference between survivors of horrible events that thrive afterwards and those who merely survive is being witnessed and acknowledged for the trauma.  That very act improves resilience in the most devastating of circumstances.

You must be witnessed, allowed, acknowledged, reassured that your pain is valid, your betrayal was real and hurtful, so you can get to Heaven on Earth.

I have seen it happen, again and again.  Rage transformed into fuel to change the life to be what they want.  It’s impressive, exciting even!

It was some of the best transformation I’ve witnessed and felt for myself because I’ve spent a lifetime in fear of that rage.  I used to feel responsible for fixing it – both unrealistic and unneeded.

This transit lands smack on my Destiny, both in hand and Astrology.  I finally get that what I’ve been trying to run from, and avoid is actually what I’m here to do. (How often this is true for each of us)

What I was running from was my own fear that I couldn’t do it when the way to help transform it required me to just be me, not do anything but hold presence and be a compassionate witness to their feelings.

We simply need a safe container for those deep emotions.   My feelings of relief and the impact of finally getting this are profound.  I swear it feels like I’ve lost 20 pounds.  But then this transit lights up a place in my chart where I can help heal the Medusa in other women.  Whew… This transformation requires less effort and more safe places to be witnessed, wisely, compassionately.  Now that I can do.  I’ll bet this is something you can apply, too!

Are you someone who’s hidden the feelings away?  Now it’s time to kick it into the light before the Universe does it for you.  Or do you want to be present with someone’s  emotional storm without feeling at the mercy of it or running away from it?  Or do you love someone who’s been on the receiving end of female rage and you suffer, too, knowing the damage their fear of connection brings.

In finding our own safe containers we return our world to wholeness, soundness, healed.  Are you with me?  It’s easier now than it’s been in decades, just waiting for you to do with it what you will.

Because this is so powerful for me, I want to be there for you.  I have a limited number of special readings for you.  Female emotions are such a rich banquet of food, but it requires ALL the flavors to really make it a feast.  Where do you want to add back in something denied, hidden or avoided.

Using my unique set of tools, let’s take a look at your charts and hands and see what’s possible for you.  Let’s DO THIS together HERE.  This 30 minute reading is a steal of a deal…

What’s waiting for you this next week?  Watch for the scheduling link once you’ve paid and talk with you soon!

Wishing you so well,

Lisa Greenfield

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I like what you shared. I don’t often connect with links people send me. Kathryn sent me yours. I told her that I found it meaningful and want to know more. Perhaps include as a ritual as part of a ceremony I’m having at my house next week. Reach out and learn some more. She told me that it was not surprising I remarked because you are the friend she connected with in St Thomas. I am also part of your community! And I would like to learn more about this shift we are all feeling. Kathryn had been telling me I should have you do my chart since she got back. Can we talk? Perhaps proceed to do such? Let me know. I will send you my contact. And you now have my email.
So nice to learn about you. Sincerely, Leigh Ann

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