SuperMoon and What We Leave Behind

Are you ready to let go?  Really let go?  It’s time…  If you’ve been dragging, walking slower than usual, having trouble getting out of bed it may be to show you the weight of those old beliefs, patterns and things that you’ve outgrown are heavy enough for you to actually feel it.

It’s time to let go.  Flair ups, arguments, frustrations with the speed of things all help you understand what’s no longer working for you and what has to be released.  Saturday’s full moon has a lot packed into it – tensions that are like the pressure on a watermelon seed about to fly airborne out into the unknown from your fingertips.

Wherever that pressure is showing up in your life, prepare to shift.  The more you hold on to what’s passing away the more your resistance builds up for a tectonic jolt of awakening rather than a streamlined flight.  So breathe into what you feel, talk yourself off the ledge if you are feeling anxiety with your loving attention to what you have rolling around.

Updated Sample Hand
Three Main Lines

What’s unfolding is more than you could have possibly known to ask for – we are in the life is about to get better.  The clarity of that is abrupt, yet the coming to be is slow, slow, slowly emerging.  But if you are married to the past it ratchets up distress.  Separation is easier now then it has been in a long, long time.  I didn’t promise you easy, just easier…

Here’s what will help.  If your heart or head lines end underneath an outside finger (Pointer or Pinky) like the head line in the sample image, then you are going to benefit from having some quiet time alone to process all the outside information you take in on a regular basis.  Without anyone to connect or contrast with, open up to flying solo on any decision just for this weekend.  Give it a spin…

It allows clarity and insight to open up bigger doors and windows of possibilities for what you are consciously creating next – decided by you feeling your way without using your typical sources of others to confirm your gut.

If your heart or head line end under and inside finger (Middle or Ring) like the heart line sample does, then you have to be willing to talk to others, but there’s a caution with this.  You must consider what your think, feel, believe as the ultimate authority.  If people around you have disagreed with your choices they are only there to help you clarify what you really feel.

When their feedback, comments or observations make you feel smaller, tighter, less than good the information is NOT right for you.  It may be perfectly good advice for the person giving you the feedback, but it ‘ain’t for you’ my friend.  No sirree!

So you are meant to risk talking with people who may or may not agree with you, to practice being your own authority with others in the mix while you decide an outcome.  This time you don’t retreat to decide then maneuver your way out into the world with it.

This energy right now is of contrast rather than going with the normal flow.  It may be a tad uncomfortable, but a little discomfort can pay a huge dividend for you.  Practice breathing, slowly and deeply, noticing your inhale and exhale as your focus.  Try this for two minutes at a time at least once in the next 24 hours.

You are learning to create in a much bigger, more powerful way then you’ve been able to before.  What’s passing away had it’s day and it even had it’s glorious moments.  Endings require a ritual to be fully beneficial to us.  So create your own ritual even if it is just a fun visualization.

I’m picturing mine as a sailing ship with all those past memories good and bad crowded onto the deck.  They’d be waving goodbye but there’s a lot to do to cast off on a sailing ship.  So my memories are busy, purposeful and sailing off into a beautiful sunset.

It makes me happy to think of them heading out into the great sea of unconsciousness that nourishes my soul when I need it without being here in my day to day.  Some of those memories are hard to see go, family memories that just aren’t possible anymore.

Memories of people I love that aren’t here, dinners and games that had us laughing until we cried.  But some of those memories are the high cost that came with belonging together.  Those cruel thoughts are the ones I’ve made do the heaviest lifting as the boat sales away.  It feels so right it makes me laugh…

Do whatever feels good for you in letting go to help balance the fact that you are going to stretch, just a little bit, on the strategy for growth this weekend.  Do tell me what you did, I love seeing those comments and now I may have fixed the alerts so you don’t have to wait days and days for the comment to appear.  Thank you mercury retrograde for showing me that little tidbit.

Yes Mercury is direct again this weekend, slowly moving forward.  All the more support for those ‘new’ opportunities to change it up, play with what’s comfortable and give yourself some grace.  If you don’t feel like doing much, listen to your body.  There’s a lot cooking subconsciously for you… it’s why you may be more tired than you realize.

Rest, enjoy you why don’t you.  You are magnificently human, complex, chaotic, creative, powerful and playful.  Don’t forget playful.  We learn best, love best and change best when there’s an element of fun involved.  Who knew Mary Poppins had it so right.  ‘A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down…’ Be sure you give yourself what you want, what you need, and what supports you.

I’m here if you want help.  I’ll be eating chocolate and walking barefoot listening to Pharrel sing “Happy”.

Wishing you so well,

Lisa Greenfield


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