Lies We Tell And A Gift Call Thursday Night

We are fast approaching the second of three difficult contacts between the harsh truths(Saturn) and the soft rationalizations (Neptune) in our lives next week.  Plus there’s been strong opposition for the Sun and Venus, perhaps you feel like you are standing still or moving at a glacial pace, right?

There’s a good reason for all this… it’s in service of you getting more than you knew to wish for.  But first we have to deal with the lies we tell ourselves and others.  Are you ready?  All you have to do is say you want in… HERE.

The first lie is that anyone, and I do mean anyone, is to blame for what is going on with you right now.  I know, that may be easier to nod yes to, but much harder to let sink in and really land.  Other people or situations may provide one hell of a storm around you but giving them more credit than they deserve or are responsible for is to hobble you as you move ahead.

The second lie is that something magically taking your problems away is a good thing.  While you may rail against challenges in your life right now, I can promise you that the very thing you want most is on the other side of working through that issue.  And in working through it, you learn exactly what you require to make the most out of your wish coming true.

This time, right now, is refining your wishes, honing them, developing your will to stretch and grow into a more powerful you and the obstacles you encounter are in service of that.  The promise is that what you can see you wish for is within site, trust that.  The challenges are not going to stop it happening, it’s going to improve what’s happening if you work with it!

Again, the theory rolls off the tongue or the keypad easily but the reality is far more frustrating.  For example, one producer has three hot projects with great feedback, excitement and interest all up for green-lighting with network production companies.  But summer hiatus kicked in and no one is getting back to her right now.  All the momentum in the initial conversations evaporated almost as quickly as they ramped up.  Frustrating… She could punch someone without batting an eyelash right now.

Instead she is going back over each show’s story line, tightening it up, talking to the talent and teasing out more interesting angles to offer up when conversations pick back up.  She gets inspired when she talks to her talent and ideas roll out of her like gumballs out of a machine.   So while it may NOT be her first choice to go back to them rather than moving forward on selling the show, it is the right balance of magic and discipline that makes her dreams come true.

This is what I’m talking about.  The opportunity right now is the find the element of creativity and fun in whatever you are doing.  Wherever you’ve been stalled or slowed down, use the delays to dial up the possibilities for you.

Our Western world particularly is so married to results, doing and measuring progress that we forget how much fun the creative process can be.  When’s the last time you were having so much fun doing something time flew by and you almost hated having the day come to an end?

Right now, the Universe wants you to find that place, that space and bring this to whatever you are doing.  But for many of us to find the joy in creating can first mean having all the places it ISN’T there revealed first.  So take a good look at whatever you are doing and notice where you spend time on what you ‘live to do’ versus how much time you spend on what you ‘have to do to live’.

Balance is required and that means telling yourself the truth.  First about what you are sick of doing, hate doing and force yourself to do because you must or you should.  Check into those ‘shoulds’.  You’ll find the lie behind many of those being revealed right now and it’s so worth your attention.

This is the Saturn adjustment.  Where things are too harsh, rigid and punishing they squash all hope of the new and untried having room to breathe without too much restriction strangling the life out of you.  Too much of this and how can you create from an excited and passionate place?

Secondly, tell yourself the truth about where you want it to be easier and just haven’t been willing to risk or face the pain of failure or loss that comes with putting your ‘all’ into something that may not work out.   This is where we want someone to make it easy for us, a magical solution to just appear and save us from appearing foolish or failing.  Or we want to jump the final act without going through the whole play.

This is the Neptune adjustment that insists you be willing to risk vulnerability and act on it in order to connect deeply with the heart felt depths within you.  Avoiding risk is to live locked in perpetual childhood where someone else has to make it all happen for you.  Safe space but powerless and far less joy…

I’ve been playing with a new 28 day challenge I’m bringing you.  I want to give you simple, easy day by day support that helps you be different without having to remember to be different.  Because little choices can make a noticeable difference in our hands.  It’s a way for you to see how to change your mind and change your lines! We are going to do before and after photos so you can track the changes!

But rather than completing the program for you by myself or even with my beloved business coach, the most fun thing I can think of is to talk with YOU about it.   After all, you discovering more about you is my favorite thing about what I do.  Those ‘Aha’ moments when you realize your dreams really do show up in your hands as things a stranger sees and confirms.

Your hands reveal the ‘special’ you for recognition.  Discover that you do find the love of your life or you do have a gift for seeing things in way most people can’t see yet and are destined to share that gift.  Or maybe you are a story teller and are meant to be in the spotlight.

How exciting is that to hear and see.  So let’s get on the phone together.  Let’s debunk the lies we tell, first to ourselves and then to others and instead let’s get closer to the truth, the Truth of who you really are underneath the shoulds and the untested wishes.  That is something rich indeed!

Thursday June 9th at 6pm PDT let’s spend some talk time on the phone and see what you are doing with all that is in your hands.  Bring your challenges, your real feelings and let them out.  I have a short list of questions for you that helps ME make sure the new 28 day challenge is dialed in as much as possible to create bite-sized chunks of support.

Bonus, everyone on the call will have a chance to do the new program as my gift to you.  No charge…

Can you tell I love what I do… which is talking with you about you.  So just let me know you want the call details HERE.  Then let’s get to talking Thursday and share.  Good times, for sure.  Don’t worry if you’re cranky or frustrated, when perspective gets added to the equation all kinds of good things can happen.

Just tell me you are interested in being on the call so I can hook you up with details.  I can’t promise to record it but you will still get a chance to do the challenge as my guest.  All you have to do is say you want in… HERE.

Wishing you so well.  Take care of you and hope to talk tomorrow!

Lisa Greenfield

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