Eclipses, Mars Retrograde, Violence And Solutions

It’s the crazy, chaotic beginning of a new ‘Great Cycle’ by the Mayan Calendar.  We are living through the start of one of the most powerful times in history.  Has there ever been more ability to connect with others globally – either by travel or electronically?  What are we going to do with all this collective power, hmm?

We’ve seen some of the best and worst of what happens in the world.  And for the next few months it’s going to be even more intense.  Buckle up!!

I want you to KNOW that what’s going on for you individually can and does impact the world at large.  And each of us is going through our own version of the epic shifts we see globally.  It isn’t the same for everyone, yet we have themes that tie the experiences together.

This has been building since the day after Thanksgiving and we are in a place (with Mars going retrograde and traveling with Saturn for the next couple months) to make profound changes in our lives with RIGHT ACTIONS.

What I’m passionate about is psychological themes from Astrology, and how they show up in your own hands in ways you can use, right now and everyday.  They key to making this time period do the most for you – no matter what is going on for you – is how well you understand YOU!  Unconscious triggers can be explosive right now for good or for bad.

It’s possible you are experiencing the best of the Saturn side of things with discipline, hard work and structure helping you build, build, build!  Rewards for that hard work pays off tangibly and you feel blessed for your efforts.  It’s possible you are experiencing the best of the Neptune side of things, where love and belonging are taking on new meanings, enriching connections and heightening your intuition for what’s coming next.  It’s hard to hear what is going on in the world, you’d rather stay in the loving bubble of what feels good!

Then again your experience may be mixed with the shadow side of Neptune where you feel lost and disconnected from what you love most, yearn for and wonder what is even worth doing anymore.  Self-medicating fear and sadness gets compulsive in the shadow because it feels so overwhelming.  Or perhaps you feel so rigidly locked into the should’s of Saturn – the outside world and your own inner critic squeeze joy and curiosity out in favor of what you ‘have’ to do.  Tradition and conformity at any price feels relentless and some of the worst rebellion against the ‘standards’ are reflected in violence around the world.

With Mars/Saturn retrograde for several months, we have an unprecedented chance in our lifetime to command change and make all of this work for you.  Do you want a direct route to the most powerful shifts to open up possibilities you can act on for a lot more of the life you wish to live?  I know I do…

I’m going to be giving a ‘gift’ call this Thursday night and all of you who register will receive a link for 33% off any reading.  You will receive the recording of the call if you can’t be with me and you still are eligible for the deep discount.  The offer is only good for those who register.  You can register HERE – just put the words Gift Call in the subject line with your email and you get it all.

I’ve felt the effects of all this most directly – between the car accident in January and then a bug that laid me low for most of March.  Mars retrograde hits me where it slows me down and makes me still and I’m sensitive enough to feel it up to three months before it happened.  But from that still place I gathered information and cooked on it.

Laying low allowed it to all come together in a way that I know will be much more useful than my usual jump to action.  After all, I believe that information isn’t transformative until you can use it for something that benefits you!  Sometimes that has me moving before all the necessary parts are in the mix with me.  That’s how this difficult transit is helping me.  Now where can it more specifically help YOU?

This call is so I can share more with you about how all this is coming together, what it means and how to look for key markings in your own hands that echo the Astrology.  There will be a short Q&A at the end of my talk.  I am giving the discounted readings because I’m doing research for a new program that’s almost done, one for you to use this time in history for the results you want.

It’s a more personalized approach to use the insights nature gives so you can create much more of the life YOU WANT TO LIVE.  I’m committed to sharing with all those who want to create rather than react over the next few months.

I want to hear what you are going through and let that information help me put the finishing touches on this program for you.  So our conversations will laser in on what benefits you the most in this exciting time.  This invitation and offer are available for the next three days only, so be sure you take a moment to register HERE if you want the gift call and the bargain reading!

All those who have those readings with me will be given first chance to opt in for the program (Size is limited so you can get the most out of it)  No pressure, I will not be ‘selling’ the program in our reading or even on the call.  Simply letting you know about it as an added bonus to an already great deal.

For those who’ve been with me for a while, you know I feel strongly that you know best what tools are right for you.  Trust that, always.

Meanwhile, know that with all that is going on in the sky, and in the world right now, both the capacity to create something extraordinary as well as the power to destroy is playing out.  It’s in how we work with those two energies to build a world we want to live in that is up for radical change right now.

Notice how much is being created versus destroyed in your world, and know those things have something to offer you, even when they’re difficult.  You always choose how you deal with what’s going on for you, it’s just understanding those unconscious impulses so they aren’t ultimately calling the shots.

If you want help with that, I’m here.  Otherwise, the call will be 6-7pm PDT Thursday 4/7 and you can register for it HERE.  All those who do will get the link to the deeply discounted readings.  Just put gift call in the subject line with the email you want the information to go to for the invite.   I look forward to talking with you soon…


Lisa Greenfield

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Lisa, this is amazing I really love it!

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