Solar Eclipse, Clashes and Power Struggles

Next Tuesday and Wednesday we have a Solar eclipse in Pisces, the first of four eclipses this year and it’s also a Super Moon. And that’s not even close to all that is being served up.  This next week is going to be fireworks of a most interesting kind!  Trust me I could tell you about the North and South node, Ceres, Venus, Neptune and a basic celestial pile up happening around this eclipse or I could tell you a story to help you apply all this energy in a constructive way.

A couple I’m friends with were coming from church.  Someone pulled a startling bone-head driving move in front of them almost creating an accident.  The driver blew up shouting a few choice words at the other car.  The passenger half of the couple cringed and then also blew up, at his partner.

He told me the story wanting support, and knowing all that’s cooking in the energetic right now, I didn’t answer immediately.  It’s tempting, isn’t it to advise others when we feel safely wise on the edges, just observing the situation.

I asked him to tell me how he felt when his partner blew up.  He stopped thinking and started feeling what his reaction was.  His partner’s rage landed like a fist in his stomach when it happened.  I nodded, knowing that visceral impact when someone blows up around me – even if I’m not the target.  The startle response is normal.

But he’s a guy, so feeling physically shaken by anger was less acceptable, and he went quickly to judgment – our mind’s most rapid escape hatch in today’s western world.  The two had just left church, how dare his partner slip so rapidly into unkind behavior, at least this was the defensive rationale he unleashed angrily at his partner.

As we talked about it, suddenly he could see that his response to his partner was very similar to his partner’s response to the near miss with the other driver.  Ding, ding, ding, ding…

We all long for closeness, connection and love.  Therefore the goal is to be on the same side with your partner, but easier said than done when buttons get pushed, right?  So with next week’s starter pistol of an eclipse line up, be prepared for conflicts pushing buttons.  Family, friends, loved ones, colleagues, strangers, politics.  No shortage of places for this to happen.

The question is what to do with this serving of irritation, right?

Have no fear, I’m never short of a suggestion.  See what works for you in this…

Remember my post at Thanksgiving talked about a ten month cycle of Saturn and Neptune facing off.  This runs all the way through to September 10th this year.  It’s ushering in the transformation of our inner parenting style.  How do balance doing what we love and what we have to do to live.  Neptune is the comfort and support of the feminine, Saturn is the strength and structure of the masculine.

All we do, create, inhabit contains our own internalized cocktail of how we take in something that seeds growth then we nurture it and move it out into the world to evolve and grow – just like giving birth.  We constantly recreate our own little mini versions of getting pregnant with possibilities.  Not all of them live to be healthy thriving adult concepts and creations, but we have endless potential.

The challenge is so many of us have unmet needs from parenting.  I won’t go into a whole discourse on parenting, since I study it from arms length rather than first hand.  But suffice it to say, the whole parenting model is under major reconstruction.  The limits and consequences of how we’ve done it until now have so much written about them.

But one thing I will focus on for your benefit is the recent article that did medical testing on empathetic parents (the evolving parental model) and it showed that too much parental empathy was causing inflammation in the parents bodies, while the child was definitely benefiting from the support.

Well now we go back to the car fight I started this post with, because it’s important to know.  What if the reason it’s hard to immediately empathize with a partner is because it requires a crucial first step.  When triggered you must be sure you are handling your own stress, your own triggered response before you can safely line up with your partner, friend, colleague, etc.

That few minute check-in to comfort yourself, acknowledge your fear or anger – whatever the trigger brings up has to precede any empathetic response you may have as a way of ensuring your ability to thrive.  It guards against the biological hit of pushing your needs aside for another.

And it’s an alternative to being so self contained you can’t connect and create with others around you – because survival has you competing in fear of scarcity.  The self check followed by the partner connect is a simple, effective solution that works.  Both sides accounted for, right?

This is not a common practice in my experience.  And I get around.  If you put that statement on a bathroom wall, I’m denying it.  But I meet a lot of people, asking questions and observing a lot.  I think we are fascinating.  The best thing going for pure inspiration and entertainment.  So I notice.

It’s when we have a safe system for practicing new behavior that it gets easier and moves faster.  You will make mistakes, old patterns can be replaced, but it happens in waves.  So be kind to you in the process.  Now you have more information to help you shift!

That’s what this ten month window is all about – changing our ability to create from a richer, vibrant, joy-filled space that can collaborate to get even more bang for your creative buck.  Don’t worry, solo is always an option.  But unless you live in a cave in remote parts, you have to plug in to the world around you somewhere.  Which is why it is so valuable to know a little bit more about the eclipse stack up next week.

See what triggers you.  How do you soothe yourself, care for yourself.  Can you then turn around and take that into relationship with those around you.  I guarantee you they are dealing with their own versions of being triggered.  They’re not out to be as#*oles just to aggravate you, much as it may seem in the moment.

Because I love diving into your hands, charts and lives to help you see the bigger picture without you ever being wrong, I created a new group.  It’s the Inner Parenting Playgroup.  In it you learn a few key points that give you map of how you can best create your life according to YOUR blueprint!  I believe some of you might love to share the restructuring of the old ways of creating with a bigger, richer field of possibilities.

Your hands show us just how you were programmed and I want to show you how you take that starting point and run with it!  In a direction YOU choose rather than following the patterns our brain is wired to continue creating unless a little support shifts your trajectory.

For example, if your heart or head line makes it all the way out to end under the outside fingers (pointer or pinky) then you have more ‘turbulence’ that gets in from those around you.  It also means you can see more of your impact show up in the world around you, you just want to know how to navigate it well.  Your hands show us how…

So if this sounds like just what you require right now with all that’s cooking, join me for the next group the night of the Lunar eclipse!  This takes place in my home, where both men and women are welcome – but space is limited.  So get your front row play-date ticket here. This two hour festival of fun about you, along with straight up practical tools you can use every day on your feminine and masculine balance, shared with a select few others.  It is possible at a deep discount, because you know I want you to be here when you need support.

Would you like to be one of a handful of people to join me 3/23 in West Hollywood from 7-9pm?  Then fall in to the Inner Parenting Playgroup HERE!  You will be taken to a page at check out that gives you all the details of address and parking.

Bonus, bonus, bonus though…. If you say yes by Friday 3/4 at 7pm you also get to participate in a call with an Italian Psychic.  She has been known to get medical intuitive insight, pet psychic guidance and messages from angels that will surprise and delight you.  I’ve known her for several years and she is finally doing these readings for bigger groups.  Remember, sign up before 7pm Friday to get two events for the early bird price!  After Friday the price goes up and the bonus goes away.  Plus we can only fit so many people in my place… If you feel it, jump in to be sure you can be with us!

I want to leave you with a poem by one of my favorite authors my sister brought home as a young girl, Shel Silverstein.  It may help you to post this somewhere you can see it next week.

It’s a heartfelt message that really rings true right now.  Enjoy


Hug O’ War

a poem by the late Shel Silverstein
[Author of A Light in the Attic]

I will not play at tug o’ war

I’d rather play at hug o’ war,

Where everyone hugs

Instead of tugs

Where everyone giggles

And rolls on the rug,

Where everyone kisses

And everyone grins

And everyone cuddles

And everyone wins.


Wishing you a safe week ahead.  All the best,


Lisa Greenfield

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Dear Lisa,
Thank you for handing out your wisdom in such a loving and insightful way. I felt like I just had a nourishing, joyous cup of tea with you. What a gift you are.
Thanks for sharing. xoxoxoWendi

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