Today Is MidWay Between Eclipses – Your Tipping Point

We are midway between the Solar Eclipse of last Friday and the Lunar Eclipse on April 4th.  I could meander off point to the fact that the date itself is a double 8 in numerology, reducing to the magical 7 but then there is SO much happening, better to stay on point.

The Solar eclipse on the Vernal Equinox of last week had the ending of the Astrological cycle corresponding with the ‘end’ of the winter’s grip on your lives if you can grasp the meaning of that.  Therein lies the tricky part.  Because what you do with the story of your ‘ending’ is going to show you so much about where your limits are that are meant to be finished.

For example, I wound up with the flu the day of the eclipse.  Full on fever, chills, the works.  Normally when I get sick I have this dialogue in my head about how broken I am since my body/health has been my Achilles heel my entire life.  It’s where I feel the least lovable, the most unwelcome.

However this time, I had another thought crowding in on the old story.  I kept thinking, what if this is my bodies brilliant way of keeping me quiet (not an easy task) to get ready for some big things that are happening.  Hey, I’m actually running a temperature, something that doesn’t happen with my less than sparkling white blood count.  Maybe I’m flushing out the ‘dis-ease’ that’s been sitting at deep levels within me.

I didn’t have to consciously replace the old story, the new one flooded in and I realized it was because of the work I’ve been doing in my life the last couple years.  There is enough proof of something different to allow another possibility to exist within my chattering mind.

I’ve even had a doctors appointment (first in years) that confirmed my immune system was almost normal thanks to all the crazy structure I’ve lived with to support my health.  Just saying, processed sugar feeds body breakdown – I’m proof of that!  So now my sacrifices look like investments, investments that are paying off!

Midway through the eclipse cycle, I’m noticing both how I feel and what my story is around it.  There are remnants of the old criticism and judgment.  It is not banished entirely.  Yet the new keeps pouring in like a tide advancing, sweeping the old out with each wave.

Where can you notice the transition in your lives, what old is being overbalanced with the new?  Mostly what we lack is perspective, not progress.  So this post is to get you to tune in to your progress, don’t wait to be sick to be still long enough to see it.  Take some quiet time and tune in for how far you’ve come in the last three years and how much your story is expanding, evolving and shifting.

Don’t be alarmed if what you notice first is all the worst patterns and the things you are so ‘over’.  I can’t count the number of people who’ve vented in the last week about something that has them over the edge with the old.  That’s your starting point!!!  Don’t let it be your stopping point, let it be your tipping point.

What is the new feeling?  Our mind protects and secures what the heart wants when it is operating in rhythm for you.  When it’s in the lead you are bottle-necking or self limiting the expansion that is underneath the chatter.  When you get quiet long enough to tune in to what your heart wants, you can then direct the mind chatter in a way that helps you secure it.

That’s a much better way to use those two powerhouse elements.  Which by the way, the Solar eclipse was in Water, our hearts, and the Lunar eclipse on 4/4 is in Libra or our Mind.  We are meant to give our hearts a home in our bodies, in our day to day lives and let our minds come in after we’ve done that to help show us the way.

Because your mind is so familiar with limiting your expansion, it requires a bit of managing.  I like to quote John Newton who says ‘the mind is an excellent servant and a terrible master’.  Amen to that!  Notice where your mind is in the lead with an old story, a fear based story.

Then use this tipping point to manage that servant, tip the balance in favor of your heart.  Let love, self love and all that flows from that be your starting point.  And after all, what is more loving than giving yourself your full time and attention, right?  Compassion for the old story that served its purpose, grace while you transition to a bigger, more loving version of your life!

If you want support with that, I love being your witness to the bigger Truth of you.  Whether it’s what you are creating the next few months with a Tarot reading or as big as your Destiny with your Life Purpose.  Seeing you is always worth quality time.

Wishing you a healthy and happy tipping point from the inside out!

Lisa Greenfield


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