Lunar Eclipse Tonight, Disillusion and Celestial Stew

Wow, is there anyone out there who hasn’t felt the ups and downs these last two weeks?  This celestial stew is making change imperative and easier if not comfortable.  Tonight’s Lunar Eclipse helps shift us out of disillusion and suffering, which I’m sure most of you will be thrilled to hear is involved in these changes!

Because of all these planets involved in today’s astrological soup it’s hard to know where to start or what to make of it…

I’d like to help you.

Saturn is squaring Neptune, which isn’t getting quite as much attention as the eclipse with Pluto and Uranus in the mix.  But I feel this aspect holds a clever little linchpin that could help turn a big corner for you.

In our hands and in Astrology we have the student path where we start and then the master path when we’ve learned.  Neptune is about the illusions, dreams, and fluid ways in which we connect more fully with bigger possibilities in life and in each other.  On the student path it’s where people aren’t what they seemed to you, or situations that look too good to be true can be heartbreakingly less than hoped for.

Who among you hasn’t been disappointed, right?

Saturn is restrictions, limitations and consequences – not a huge favorite for most people.  Yet on the Master path, Saturn is the gift giver of wisdom, strength and resilience to meet life’s oppositions and challenges and know that you can more than meet the test.

So tonight when the moon’s full brightness is blocked by the earth in the eclipse we can take a good look (with Pluto’s deep diving and Uranus lightning brilliance battling for which one creates the most opportunity) at where we have been disillusioned by life.  All this  big picture with some planetary help from the stew.

Notice what your story is about those disappointment?  Where have you felt like the victim?  Because the story can change, really change and now is the best time to do just that!

Because the south node – which is where we have already mastered skills and don’t need to work too hard at things – is right in there with Uranus, the lightning bolt of truth.  What that means is you have a chance tonight when the fears around losing what we really, really want to be true are lit up with those AHA’S, more easily expanded and at a deep level, too.  Whew, right?

It helps to understand our brain goes to work limiting expansion because expansion means risk, something the oldest part of our brain doesn’t like at all!  So when we don’t get what we want, don’t like what we get or are generally disappointed, our brain stem uses that fact to bully you (or others) into disillusion so you aren’t going to race out and expand into the bigger possibilities promised by Neptune.

When we focus on the negative, there is less excitement, joy and radiant emotion.  Which limits expansion.  See the sneaky little loop we get caught in, hmmm?   Because our hearts have 100 times the electrical power of our brain and 5,000 times the magnetic – they can measure it folks!

So by keeping us disappointed and focused on the feeling of betrayal, we effectively limit our risk of expansion and stop our hearts from drawing more of what we love to us.  The hard part can be trusting that more is possible when you have been let down.

You have an opportunity this weekend to really pay attention to what disillusionment clouds you from seeing?

Where were you supported and by who during those times of disappointment?  Even a good movie can hold a message of universal affection in a dark hour.  Where can you see that you were stronger, or more resilient or more emotionally rich than you knew you were in that longing for more?  What we long for has power, so what is the bigger story about what we wanted in the first place?  Don’t get stuck on just results (which we didn’t get) but include what those results would make us feel?

Were we longing for love, connection, belonging, respect, acceptance?  These are what stand behind most situations or people that disappointed us.  What ingredients were in yours?

Check more of those child/victim spaces in your life for evidence of that old mindset, the place of Neptunian WHAAAAAAA, the victim of life’s injustices.  Now realize that you can turn around, take those same ingredients and cook up something different to get to the love and belonging, respect and acceptance if you let yourself.  And get some traction this weekend on the new recipe…

Saturn is the gift giver when you learn your lessons.  South node makes the Uranian lightning bolt more electrifying.  Are you opening up to the possibilities or are you shut down?

Where’s the balance between what you’ve told yourself about your chain of life’s disasters versus the real story about you and the bigger truth?  That’s what you can experience this weekend.  A real step in the right direction of a bigger story, kinder story, more powerful story – even about what doesn’t work out.  Especially about what doesn’t work out!  How disillusionment serves you and opens you up is an impressive tool to have in your Life.

If you want to know where this celestial stew is landing in your life – we can look at either your hands, your chart or both.  Your Astrology tells you your starting point and what particular gifts, challenges and mile markers you were born with, like an inheritance.  Your hands show what you are doing with those gifts,  all that you came in with and where your choices are taking you.   How are you using your inheritance and where have you been blind to a big bank account of gifts you aren’t paying attention to because your brain doesn’t want you to expand too much!

Insight like this can dial in on upside potential and also those struggles.   Like pearl coatings covering grains of sand, it transforms  your suffering into beauty.  Check out the ways you can receive Lisa’s expert help HERE.

If you want to know where the celestial stew is in your chart and want a budget friendly version, grab your bargain here.  Lisa will send a customized report to you so you can see what it means without breaking the bank.  Know the scoop NOW.   Email Lisa your birth info once you’ve made your purchase and you receive your multi-page report usually within 12-24 hours.

Whatever you are doing, you have a chance to change the old story more easily now, why not take advantage?  It’s uncomfortable, yes, but so is the old story that has you feeling less powerful, less successful, less loved.  Of course there is more joy, love and success available, I promise you that.  So why not give yourself a chance to tap into that new story, what have you got to lose except some misery?

Wishing you a transformative weekend, however you spend it.  All the best,

Lisa Greenfield


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