Solar Eclipse, Super Moon, Spring Equinox and Breaking Free

It’s here, the Total Solar Eclipse (we haven’t had one since 2012) and it falls on the spring equinox,  March 20th, something that hasn’t happened since 1979.  It also happens to be the week where the last tight square of Pluto (Deep Transformation) and Uranus (Shock Change/Awakener) took place.  Have you been feeling it by any chance?

What is happening here is the final stages of the new beginning.  It feels pressurized, abrupt, liberating and frightening just to name a few things bubbling in the celestial stew this week.

With all that is cooking and has been cooking since 2012, the end of the old and birth of the new is taking place.  You see the headlines showing chaos, conflict, insecurity in governments and financial institutions pretty regularly.  That’s the old regime struggling with it’s last breath.  Yet the big picture only ever reflects the mirror of the inner landscape of us, my friends.

Let me see if I can simplify it to make it easier.  I’m all for easier these days, there’s enough chaos without adding extra rhetoric and debate, right?

Pluto is sitting in Capricorn, the stern Father Time and also the Great Limiter.  Capricorn reflects the structures, traditions and also the limitations of what has gone before.  He can be a hard task master rewarding you with plenty but only after you get to know the strength you have to rise to the challenges, tasks and timing of interacting on a physical and material playing field.

Like the tough Dad that makes you earn it, learn from your mistakes by owning them and fixing them, punishing you when you fail to live up to high expectations, Capricorn is big on consequences.  It represents the disciplinarian parent (either mother or father these days – who delivered consequences for your actions).

With Pluto sitting in this arena, we all have the chance to look at where that model has swung to extremes.  Where is there too little responsibility and where is there too much?  Either end brings misery and Pluto always brings to light those dark, musty secrets rotted in hiding that require acknowledgement and release.  Those unpleasant and disowned places around discipline and consequences are being called out into the light.

With Uranus, the Shock Change and great Awakener gets into the action in a less than subtle way.  Where Capricorn takes time, Uranus rips away in an instant.  It is the light switch flipped to ON using floodlights, selective blindness to the issues is not possible.  These two polar opposite speeds can have you feeling a bit like your in a blender, with similar results.

Over the last couple of years while they have been coming together six additional times, all the ingredients have been added and the chopping began.  Now you are beginning to recognize that something completely new, with all the elements of the original ingredients to flavor it, is emerging in a new form.

With Uranus in Aries, the starting point of the zodiac and often called ‘the child’ you have a chance to see all of what’s unfolding with the fresh eyes of a child!  The challenge is to balance the impetuous, impulsive, do it ‘now’ energy of Aries with the long slow simmer of Capricorn.  The inner parent faces off with the child within you.  What does the dialogue look like and where does it need transformation?

Consider this, do you see parents standing over an infant tapping their watch going, “you aren’t growing enough today, by our schedule you should have added half an inch this week and you are behind, get with it please.”  How much sense would that make, right?  Yet where stern Capricorn prefers structure and measurement Aries does not stop immersing themselves long enough to bother with the measurement.

Aries by it’s very nature has an innocence and force that comes with not holding back, diving in, plunging yourself into something.  Have you ever seen a child totally give themselves to what they are doing so they lose all sense of time and place?  Things are fresh and unhampered by fears of what won’t work out, because they haven’t been ‘here’ before.  They experience it for the first time.  Things can happen that surprise you simply because you don’t stop to worry that it might not come together.  What’s being lived takes priority over what the possible outcome may be?

These two aspects are best when taken together.  Some structure and some free form.  After all, with some guidelines a parent notices if a child isn’t developing in a reasonable pattern, to check and make sure all the foundational needs are being met to give them the best chance at growing.

Too much structure and you have a real suppression of creativity that comes from play and experiencing life.  Not enough structure and you miss the chance to build resilience that comes from surviving disappointments, managing limitations and achieving anyway over time.  The dance in the transition of the last almost three years is to show you the contrast of one versus the other.  We learn when we see contrasts!

Back to the headline, what’s the supermoon have to do with freedom, an eclipse and spring starting?

The Sun represents our ‘self’, the one that shows up in the world as the sum of all our parts.  It also represents the masculine activated part of us.  The moon represents both what we love and fear, because what we love we fear losing.  It stands in as our feminine or receptive part of us.

This Friday we have a perfect storm of celestial events that I translate this way.  The moon, or the receptive part of us, blocks out the active part of us for a short while, illuminating the new moon that would otherwise be invisible.  Hello contrast, right!

We have a chance to SEE and understand where our fears of a punishing authority (Pluto in Capricorn) or the lack of that authority in the world around us has left us feeling unsafe.   This is what stands between us and a deeper, braver life well lived!  We all have a deep need to love, be loved and belong, then safely belonging we desire to stand out.  When the world does not feel safe, how can that happen?  Our fears of what has not gone well, the history of deep disappointments and loss keep us from risking again.

This event is an opportunity to shift some of the outer authority that has either failed to make you feel safe or done so at the expense of any creativity, connection and expansion to your inner core.  This Friday, look at it with fresh eyes and see where the edges of the old have held you in familiar discomfort and where you can now choose to move beyond.  Start this Spring, planting those seeds and see what the year’s harvest offers you….

That’s the freedom part.  But not just freedom from the past – it’s freedom FOR greater expression of you!  Explore where you and the community you have around you can offer you a bigger picture of what security looks like, collaboration looks like.  What would you see if you were looking at it all for the first time, still using all the wisdom you’ve gained from experience without being tied up by fear of failure.  What would you see if you visualize having it turn out a different way in spite of what you’ve lived before.  Freedom TO risk, to try, to live…

How can you do it differently, try something beyond the pattern you’ve accepted in the past?  With Uranus you can get some pretty exciting ‘aha moments’ this weekend.  Although with Capricorn involved, it may be when you look back that the really BIG picture makes sense.  This Friday is an excellent treasure trove of possibilities to access just such opportunities.

If you want more support, I’m here for you.  The one thing that never changes in your hands is your Destiny – revealed by your fingerprints.  There is rich bedrock about you to stand on when you understand where you are wired to shine, destined to learn and predisposed to struggle.  I’ve put together something so you can have my expert help in a budget friendly option.  Check out the details here at

Want to know where these eclipses and changes hit in your chart and hands, here is some possibilities for you:  We can explore together how to make the most of the new beginnings this year offers up.

If you find yourself overwhelmed or feeling emotionally stretched thin, remember to breathe.  It’s the most powerful tool we have to drop us back in our bodies in a kind way.  I’m here for you, too.

Wishing you a wonderfully exciting ‘fresh look’ at how you can be free to start that new chapter, bigger life, broader Destiny unfolding this year!

Lisa Greenfield

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Mary Bess Albritton

Miz Lisa! Thank you! Couldn’t have come at a better time. So appreciate your revealing insight and information for the next phase of my journey forward.

Dear Lisa,
Thank you for your wonderful insights you share with us! It helps a lot, and brings new understanding. I wish you great inspiration!

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