The End Of The World As We Know It… And The New Beginnings That Brings

We are leading up to a big planetary stack up next week starting on the 15th and rolling through the 20th.  We have a solar eclipse, new moon and the grandaddy of shakeups planet is making the seventh and final connection with the shock change planet, to top it all off.

I’ll be sharing more with you about that as we roll into next week.  For now suffice it to say it’’s very important HOW you move through the next couple of weeks even more than WHAT you choose to do.  There’s a lot of planetary dust being kicked up and change is inevitable.

Your best option is to let the rocking and rolling go on while it shows you who and what are truly core to your happiness and heart.  Nothing less will survive all the transformations.  Holding on to the old, outdated ways and choices from fear, familiarity and scarcity mentality will absolutely cause you suffering under these transits. What is outgrown must be released…

The good news is suffering ends when you get clear on what matters and who matters and stay with that Truth while the form shifts, reshapes and offers you a new way to dance with what is coming to be.  Can you take a few deep breaths on that – it does help!

I wanted to share some insight into the bedrock of who you are.  The one part of your hands that does NOT change is your Destiny, the one coded into your fingertips before you are born.  In wondering what could serve you best, this is what comes to mind from what I love most, the Truth about You in my work.

Here’s a little primer in hopes that it can help you weather some of the storm we have brewing in the celestial skies.

Fingerprints and the Four Elements

Whether you are wired to lead (yes that’s in there) and in what arena, are in your prints.  If you have Whorls, what looks like a bulls eye in your print, you are the Fire element, and meant to lead.  But to fulfill your Destiny, you must also learn to serve mankind with that leadership.

If you have mostly Loops (60% of the population) then you are Water, and here to connect in a heartfelt way and inspire or influence people’s emotions.  First you have to know what it is to love and lose, though.

If you have an Arch, just a nice subtle bump in your print, you are Earth, and you are brilliant in action. You are a manifesto who can move mountains when you conquer your fear or get out of overwhelm.

And finally, the least common, a Tented Arch, which is Air.  With this print, you are here to innovate and show us how to put all the parts we know together in a new and useful way.  Your challenge is to connect it back to the day-to-day, because your ideas can be so ahead of your time.  Your challenge is to build a bridge  back to the possibilities of today!

These four elements in your fingertips hold a wealth of information about you and your genius zone.  It even ties into Astrology… there is a synchronicity of information when you see the big picture and it’s magic.

How Elements Play Out on Your Fingertips

When you discover what type of print you have and then on which finger and hand, you have a map that spells out where your upside potential is sitting.  You can’t miss your Destiny, but you can definitely dial it up and play with it in a much bigger way.

After all, Walt Disney didn’t have the biggest Destiny – he just did the most with the power in his hands!

The Whorls lead the pack, with vision and trailblazing, they represent our spirits or intuition.  Then comes Water, and those Loops to connect us all to what we do and each other.  You guessed it: they represent our Hearts.  Then our Air, the Tented Arch (the least common), helps us make sense of it all from the big picture using our minds.  And finally we all stand in common on that Arch, Earth, our bodies and one place we can all see connected and where we make everything else real.

It’s quiet and adventure, right there in your prints…

Your Left Hand Prints are tapped into more of your private life, or close circle of family and friends.  The Right Hand Prints show you where you step into the bigger arena of the world and how the masses see you.

Each finger tells you another layer.  The thumbs are truly what set us apart from the animal kingdom, and when your highest-ranking print (or Destiny) is on them, you are virtually unstoppable.  Now how you use that is up to you…  You can keep people under your thumb or you can build your own equivalent of the Taj Mahal.  Will power is yours and it’s up to you how you use it.

Dive Deeper

We’ve just touched the surface.  Want to dive in on your Life Purpose and Destiny, and learn how to Unlock the Secrets in your hands?  I love sharing this, so I put together a comprehensive kit!  Here:

If you love finding out more about you, be my guest and take a gift online sample hand reading at  Play as often as you like.  When you sign up to play you go on my mailing list, which I do not share! I usually send out one email a week, feeding you more about hand analysis, inviting you to free calls, and more scoop about YOU.

These secrets are used by some of big influencers in the world today.  After all, it’s all about you and how you operate best.  You are worth just as much as anyone else, who knows what your Destiny could reveal!

It is something extra to hold on to while the whole world transforms around us.  The big Truth about you…  And remember to Breathe.

Thank you,

Lisa Greenfield

P.S. Portions of this post were first shared on WakeZine

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