Good Luck – Are You Wired For Faith Or Security?

The two are not so opposite.  In fact they really are meant to compliment each other.  Every time you cross your fingers for good luck you are invoking a combination of Faith and Security.  Our pointer finger represents Faith and our middle finger represents Security.  So when you start with that leap into the unknown and wrap everything you trust around it, you get LUCK!

For those of you who have heart lines that end under more of the pointer finger, you are the ones wired to naturally gravitate towards more expansion.  The more curve you have on the heart line, the more you are drawn to expansion.  In fact the heart lines that stretch all the way up and out towards the end of the palm are in the “just screw it and do it” camp more often than not.  Some of the straight ones fall in the same camp, it’s just more subtle.

The closer the heart line ends to inside edge of the first finger, the more balanced you are about the rushing in.  It’s as if you feel the pull of that middle finger being closer than the outside edge of the palm so you are drawn to expansion balanced with a bit more of the familiar.

It’s more likely you had some sense of the world being a safer place modeled to you in childhood when your heart line moves out under that first finger.  You have a push or pull to share yourself and your feelings with the world in new experiences.  It doesn’t automatically mean you are comfortable there, yet you do have a greater tolerance for the discomfort of the new!

If your heart line ends between the two fingers, you feel best when you have both present.  It’s more familiar to you to expand layer by layer  like easing into a swimming pool rather than a leap into the deep end those longer lines seem to accomplish.  You’re at your best when you let each part of you adjust to the gradual immersion into the new.

The shorter your heart line is the more likely you are to be someone who feels safest in the security of the known, experienced and well traveled.  Change can feel like a shock and a disruption that can throw your system into high alert.  You do best when you observe others in new surroundings or circumstances and add layers of familiarity witnessing it all first before you decide to try it on for size.  You are the polar opposite of the heart line to the outside edge, you feel best Safe On The Sidelines.

The elements of Earth and Air, our bodies and minds, most likely belong to the Security wired Team.  While the Fire and Water fall more into the Faith wired Team.

There is no right or wrong, although the ‘Just Screw It Do It’ Team can apply a lot of pressure to the ‘Safe On The Sidelines’ Team.  They are the shortest lines pitted against the longest lines. The way these two are meant to work together is the right combination of both for you!

That’s when you ‘get lucky’.  Trying to do luck in the way you see someone else do it is not going to allow you to expand unless it feels good to you!  Notice where the end point of that heart line is – the top horizontal line on your hand that starts under your pinky and rolls across the top couple inches of your palm.

Once you see whether you are naturally wired to require some security first or some faith first, then bring in the other element as needed.  But then you may ask why I started this article stating that you are meant to begin with Faith and follow with Security?  Right…

That’s because the belief you have to have to begin with is in YOU, my friend.  Trust you, how you are wired, what’s right for you! Then add the security of all the things you already know and are sure of in you to the mix.  Begin your journey of expansion with the Hope that you meet your bigger self there.  Trusting you in the unknown and adding all the reasons you have to do just that is the magic to luck!  It’s the secret that is the biggest Truth, right there in your hand!

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For now, keep your fingers crossed for good luck – your own version of it and let the magic happen!

Thank you,


Lisa Greenfield

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