There’s A Plan In Hand For Life – All About You…

Well, Mercury is direct, plus this weeks new moon with a planetary line up with them mostly bunched up in three signs kicked in and we are steaming along on changes that come with a new beginning to a 18 year cycle.  How has yours started out, hmm?  I’ve heard a lot of people are feeling a bit rocky – conflicts on all sides.  Like the chick pecking its way out of the shell or a butterfly out of the cocoon, effort is all around us.

There’s an article making it’s way around social media talking about the spiral that is life, rather than a linear progression I really resonated with when I read it.  That visual helps when you feel frustration at finding yourself in similar circumstances at work or in personal life, wondering why ‘this keeps happening’ especially as you start a new cycle.

I strongly suggest that it is not ‘happening’ to us the same way at all.  There is a plan to all this and you are better off than you may realize.  Your hands and charts are just a couple of rich resources to help you broaden perspective and struggle less.   Which is why I want to share a little science plus personal experience to illustrate how our brain’s handle these wild new beginnings.

As we spiral upwards through all that life brings us we circle around some of the same themes from a more lived in space, looking back on the past can offer us enormous insight into how far we’ve come when we let it.

Our mind works as our gatekeeper limiting our greatest strengths.  Strengths cause us to expand and the gatekeeper in our mind is not too keen on that because the unknown is risky.  The brain stem, the oldest and strongest part of our brain is getting there first for our survival.  Our brain stem is two seconds faster in recognizing a pattern and acting on it as a way to help us stay alive.

It’s pretty impressive actually.  Research shows if they built a computer to do what our brain stem does (speed and breadth of patterns recognized) they couldn’t cool it – that is how much of a spitfire asset our ancient brain stem is, which is why we are still around as a species.

The downside to all that brain stem power is that it isn’t the smart part of our brain getting there first.   Brain stem really only cares about risk and reward.  The kicker to that is the fact that it reads ALL risk (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) as equally life threatening.  Think about it, have you ever seen someone who has to do public speaking with their body in full blown freak out?  Nauseous, sweating, dizzy or more?  There is no firing squad waiting for them, but there is power in the act of addressing a crowd.

Your gatekeeper mind wants to limit your expansion to what it knows plus just a little as your reward.  It’s why experts explain we use only 10-15% of our brain.  It’s because our brain stem gets there first and goes to work managing our growth.  It’s also responsible for a lot of the behaviors that create those one hit wonders in the music world or the flame out of stars when they get really big, really fast.  Status quo is survivable, so your brain stem wants to bring you back to familiar territory.

This then is why life’s upward spiral works for you.  You repeat themes in your life that are familiar, but you can do it from an expanded space.  You have the ability to work with your fears, doubts, judgments and criticism in a way that is more manageable because it isn’t wholly unfamiliar.  They are after all your bodyguards.  Fear always guards power, standing between you and big expansion or risk.

Yet it’s not the smartest part of your brain!

Back to that plan for you life.  What is important to know is that your hands reveal where your greatest gifts are in life.  These gifts also bring with them a tremendous amount of fear and potential conflict between what you know and what is beyond what you know.  Those desires of your heart are meant to take you into bigger territory, richer life.

In each of our hands is the map that shows us where we are best served slowing down a bit, or speaking up.  It shows us who needs alone time and who needs group interaction to rise to their best.  It even shows us in what order we are most magical when it comes to using our hearts, our brains, our instincts and our bodies to make our lives happen.

People with heart lines that end under an inside finger need things to progress in a logical or linear way in order to feel safest branching out, creating something new.  People with head lines that reach the outer edge of their hands need to express themselves and be heard by a bigger audience in order to really be inspired in what they do.

It’s one of my greatest fascinations that what we need, how we work best is mapped out in our hands much like a car owners manual is.   I have to laugh at that example because I only ever referred to my car owners manual twice in my life.  Most of what I learned I did by experience, watching others or hunting for it – which is ALSO mapped out in my hands.

What they reveal is that I benefit from learning the hard way at times, only to pick up speed and letting it get easier with time.  The good news is, time has passed and I no longer have to or even want to learn through struggle.  But boy did knowing I can do the hard parts benefit me.  However I held on to that struggle pattern far longer than felt good…  This is where being stoic cost me almost as much as it earned me – also mapped out in my hands.  Why is it we teach what we most need reminding of, right.

One of the things my hands revealed is I’m here to learn to be empowered in the one to one arena.  With Loops for most of my fingerprints I struggle with love and closeness.  Much as I long for it, it has been a life long challenge learning to navigate those deep waters.  The big lesson with Loops and our Emotions is to feel what you feel in the moment, appropriate for the situation, expressing it to the person that brought up the emotion without stuffing or exploding.  (1)

This is hard because Loops and Emotions can accumulate.  Loops tend to pick up on other people’s feelings, plus a lifetime of stored emotions around a story in our heads about what something means and why it is happening.  The growth comes in learning to be in the moment with that person and expressing what’s going on for that situation and just that situation – oh, yes, and just for YOUR FEELINGS.  It doesn’t mean dragging in a whole history for someone else to suddenly swim in as you unleash a lifetime of repressed emotional build up on the subject.  It doesn’t mean twisting yourself into a pretzel to make someone else happy then resenting the hell out of them because you felt you had to do that.  Hello Life Lesson.

I recently found myself in circumstances that was an echo of collaborations past but with a whole new twist.  I’ve done my work, bringing up my emotions, sitting with them in various difficult situations this year that preceded this work effort.  Several times this year already I’ve let myself feel not only the pain of each particular conversation divide with colleagues, but allowed private time for me to bring up a lifetime of pain around an old story and sat with all those emotions, deep water time.

A story of feeling not seen or valued by the people I work with unless I over give, use to mean feeling like I owe it to the people I care about to give up what matters to me in order to be generous and make them happy.  The belief that I won’t be valued in relationships unless I’m doing, doing, doing.  But my fear brain goes to work on the fear of loss, overestimating the risk and going beserk.  So the pressure to maintain relationships is Loops blind spot.  It’s only by being willing to stand for yourself as an individual that you can actually be IN a real relationship, yet fear will have you do anything but that on the student path.

Guess what, that story has changed!!  I’m spiraling up to a place where I can see that each of these situations gave me a chance to dig deep and help clean out old storage lockers of hurt where I didn’t value me, I didn’t speak for me and felt betrayed when those I gave to didn’t value what was given.  How could they when it was offered from a place of needing validation, wanting their love in exchange for me giving up my value in the bargain.  If I didn’t value me, how could they?

This last visit to the same place had me standing in the moment, uncomfortable as hell, less eloquent than I would like to be but speaking for my truth.  Speaking it to someone I love and see, but knowing that we disagree on a key working element that will split us up.  Staying true to what I felt when I sensed it was a deal breaker was hard.  But the fear of losing that working connection was no where near enough to give myself away, for not standing for what was true and heartfelt for me.  What’s even better is that I had other people in multiple completely unrelated conversations offering me a richer, kinder, better view of my working value then I felt with the person who’s viewpoint differed from mine.  Such stark contrast made it so clear to me the old story was largely gone.

The biggest difference is how I feel about both me and the other person!  I love them, I believe I understand what they feel, I want them to have what they want, I just can’t give it to them.  I love myself enough to have compassion and sit with evolution.   Which means feeling the very real place of allowing them their feelings, too.  Bonanza and goodbye blind spot!!!  So we part ways professionally.   I’ve learned a lot from the chance to work together, I trust the friendship will somehow find it’s way back to solid ground.  I don’t feel this urgent need to defend my point of view or try to prove it to them.  It’s released with love… Oh this is a much better neighborhood to be living in, for sure.

This is the genius of what’s written in my hands to help me get to where it feels this good with the least amount of struggle for the most amount of joy!

Which is why I love doing what I do.

So I have a special invitation for two people out there.  I’m doing a collaboration with Shannon Elhart, who works channeling Angelic insight through the Akashic Records.  We have a small group of people we are testing our joined reading powers on with three Google Hangout live sessions.  We will be teaching you about the Plan for your life, how your intuition plays a part and how to make the most of it.  The get togethers are 10/21 at 5:30pm PDT, 11/11 and 12/9 at the same time.

There are only two seats and at a huge discount for the time you get in return.  Plus you also receive a joint reading from Shannon and I on the subject matter of your choice.  We look at your hands and the Akashic records to reveal more about the plan for your life and what will benefit you in living your best life.   This is a small test group to see about doing this on a bigger scale next year.

If you want to join us, discover how you are wired for more of the best and less of the rest than join us HERE.  There is a limited number of seats in Google Hangouts so you can interact with us live for these three calls (at more than 60% off for helping us get started).  The link will stop working when we reach capacity but it will take you to a page to let us know you are interested in this if we do it again.  We may do one more small group early next year…

Meanwhile, know that the spiral upwards will take you past old stories.  Spend time sitting with the view and I’m betting you will see that you’ve added more territory than you realized.  If I can help, let me know… I love sharing the bigger view of you.  Wishing you well,

Lisa Greenfield




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