Super Moon Tuesday’s Paradise And The Snake In Your Garden…

Tuesday is wrapping up the third of three Super Moons and also the third Venus/Mars Conjunctions of this year.  So the theme is what we desire, those things that fill us with delight, and help create what is so unique about us.  And it’s about what we do to act on those desires, in contrast or even in conflict with our need for security.

What are your dreams, your version of paradise worth, and what will you do to make them real?  How will you help bring them into being?  And finally, where is your mind keeping you safely limited from new expansion?

This moon cycle asks you to put your money where your mouth is and invest in and/or act on what matters to you.  Where do you have a chance to make your dreams real with everyday choices that build on your desires, adjust for your security needs and then plug in to the world around you.   What’s required here is to put yourself out there in some tangible way to help  bring paradise into reality while managing your Fear Brain in the process.

The fly in the ointment is some confusion and struggle around what’s new, what you are beginning.  In those places where things aren’t tightly woven together yet the snake slides in, hello.  Fear and doubt show up first and link to our actions the most – because we’re wired for immediate physical response to bodily risk.  Notice if you are  anxious, sleepless, crave sugar or comfort food.   Nothing wrong with this, just notice where it is coming up so you can pay attention to what you require – you can let these things tell you more about you this week.

Once the physical fears are noticed our brain usually  kicks in with judgement and criticism.  Hello Snake!

That snake in our mind goes to work telling us a story that has an very uncomfortable edge to it.  Notice how you feel when the chatter in your mind dials up, notice the ‘old refrains’ that can help illuminate where you’re pushing out of  your comfort zones.  You can change that story with your attention this week – a sweet payoff that’s possible!!

Here’s my story to help illustrate the point.  I’ve worked with a couple of different people for various projects over the last two or three years.  My focus this year, my personal Paradise, is populated with people I love working with doing work I love.  Well, in all three of these partnerships we started as business and grew into a friendship with time.  I got to know each of them on a much more personal, deep fashion while we mutually shared some pretty intense ups and downs in life, including deaths, break ups, personal and professional disasters.

These people have seen me in my all too human moments and I’ve been trusted with some of theirs.

Then the unthinkable happened in each of the relationships, an irreconcilable difference.  Yup, that old road block where we could not agree on something important.  All three forks in the road happened in the business arena, so two of the three are no longer collaborations that work.  In some cases it felt very unexpected, but when I look back I could see it building.  None of us have perspective for ourselves, especially while we are in it – we get caught with our old stories in a thousand little ways.  (Want help with yours – enjoy my Super Moon Special)

Now this is where that Snake In The Garden moment was hiding when I looked at what happened to my dreams of Paradise…   Phooey!  What do I believe about myself and my relationships after what happened this year?  What is the story I’m telling myself about what’s happened.

The old me would have teed off on me (and in exhausting moments can still sneak in a mean comment from the edges) saying something along the lines of ‘what’s wrong with you that you can’t work with people?  Who do you think you are to be so difficult to deal with in these issues?’  I had a habit of feeling obligated to sacrifice for people and then resented that fact, when guess what, I’m the one who shouldered the obligation!  Yikes, the Truth will set you free.  Very watery of me, my main element and coming to play in this Scorpio Sun/Full Moon so everyone gets a dose of that Water.

My snake swings into the defensive mode that goes something like this, ‘They don’t see me, they aren’t my people really or they would have been more in line with me and what I believe.’  ‘I’ve given so much and it’s never enough’.  Not a pretty soundtrack, I know! But with Water elements the challenge is wanting to stay connected and not have strong sense of self when you are swimming in all that emotion.  Have you ever been there?  (Water is 60% of the population so methinks a few of you might know how this feels)

Brene Brown describes blame as an effort to discharge pain, so when you find criticism and judgement riding shotgun there is pain underneath.  Your mind works very hard at put as much mental real estate as possible between you and that thought that causes pain – Hello Blame & Shame Game.

My mind wants to distance myself from the pain of not agreeing, of not belonging together because of disagreement.  It creates stories that make either me or someone else wrong – so we feel like if only we know enough, get it right, do it better than them we can save ourselves from suffering pain.

Here’s the real Truth though…  We are hard wired for love and belonging. Those of you who’ve read along with me you remember that the only way to strengthen any pairing or group is when you bring individual differences in to renew and refresh it’s vitality.  Disagreement is normal, natural, necessary even, and when done from a healthy place helps bring about a stronger partnership – it builds love and belonging.  Elementary when you think about it but do you know how rarely I see that in action?  How often do you see healthy disagreement being done on a regular basis?  Lucky you if you see it often!

So standing for my point of view, even when it isn’t met was what I had to practice this year on the path to my Paradise – not always easy for someone with a lot of Water/Heart element.  Water peeps, we like connection and frequently pay for it with self-sacrifice that becomes a martyrs theme if you aren’t aware of it.  No thank you…  moving on from that song, please.  Instead I’m learning how to disagree, discuss and separate in helpful ways when necessary so as not  to lose the connection underneath those shifts.  Nobody has to be wrong, laying down the defensiveness ends the battle folks!  We just agree to disagree.

And as for these people not being my people’, well the problem with that logic is there were way too many moments that showed me they were my people!  Dozens and dozens and dozens of them.  The heartfelt bond was there under the disconnects.  So that story couldn’t stand up either.  Not for very long anyway.

Which is when I started doing the happy dance.  I’m not joking, I like to put on Pharrel’s Happy and dance like a maniac around my living room.  It’s very satisfying and absolutely ridiculous – especially when I try to Twist to it, my theme dance and all time favorite style.

I dance because I am still in relationship with all three of these people without sacrificing MYSELF.   We let go of some things and held on to others.  We are editing, creating, growing together sometimes with more grace than others.  I’m learning my lessons, letting them be them while including little ol’ individual me in the bargain – something Water is here to learn.

This week is about taking a good look at what the bigger picture is (where the Mind is BEST used) and then managing the harsh, separating or rush to judgment voices in your head that halt your project, relationships.  Let it slow you for sure… pausing this week allows the Jupiter influence to come in and make the possibilities even richer, better, more.

The mind wants to organize things, certainly that is a strength it offers us.  However too much mind and you put a strangle hold on possibilities.  This is one way to self limit growth but not so fun when you want to push the edges out on new life.  Try having it look through a different lens.  One thing I did and continue to do is self inventory.  Where did I speak up well, or where did I miss my own feelings until they built to bursting point?  How can I continue to share it respectful  for both of us?  Then act on that and let the interaction with others make it bigger, better, richer.

The mind by itself is the cool, distant big picture that makes sense but lacks the dynamic live interaction that can be messy and unexpected.  Well this week, expect some unexpected.  What you do with it determines whether you let it lock you into old struggles or fuel new growth that opens up even more of Paradise for you!

How will you do this week?  Where will you take a risk, put yourself out there acting on your dreams.  Can you negotiate using this input to help you find where the snake in your mind has you twisting, hmm?  (Super Moon Special For YOU Here)

Your hands, your Astrology, these are just maps to help paint a picture of where you can get stuck on the student path versus stepping into your gifts and shining on the master path.  This Full Moon is asking where you are willing to go deep, connect, make it real and back it up with action and risk AND how your gate-keeping mind is going to try to get in on the mix and trim down that expansion.

Super Moon inspired me to do a Super Special.  I”m doing a baby your budget special.  Hands, Cards and a peek at Transits in one 25 minute live call for only $100.  Let’s tame help to train your Snake and turn your eyes back to the Paradise you have in hand.  Trust me, you have more good around you then you are seeing – which is why those pesky guards are so busy!  Let’s see where your power is expanding and your mind can be managed – it’s spelled out in your hands!  Receive the support you require HERE.  This special goes away FAST so if you want expert insight to turn this week’s Super Moon to your advantage, get it now!

I’m here to help… this Full Moon is powerful and you’ve come a lot further than you may realize this year.  Let’s go over it together – your hands, your important transits and what the cards reveal to show you the biggest picture of how far you’ve come and all that is unfolding for you now.  This special is only good for a limited timeGet yours before the moon goes dark!  Use the moon magic and my good mood to your benefit.

Wishing you so well, indulge yourself a little why don’t you.  As for me, I’ll be dancing…

Lisa Greenfield






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Thank you so much for sharing your deep, powerful insights with us, dear Lisa! It always gives a deeper vision of the reality. I would like to wish you deep inspiration, Divine support and to be surrounded by people as radiant and generous as you are.

Thank you for this great article. It help clarify multiple things for me. I love you picture of a snake. It is much better than the ones I grew up around.

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