The M For Magic In Your Hands – How To Get Your Hands On Some

About 13% of the population have the ‘M’ in their hands.  Old school folklore says it means Money or Marriage – they all agree it means mainly good fortune.  When I see this I know I have one of the Magicians of the world in front of me.  Yet only a small percentage of the population have it!  There was a part of me that rebelled at that, especially since I didn’t have one!  So I dove into my brain research to find what I could about the science behind this.   You’re going to love what I found out my friends… Because when you change your mind, you change your lines!  Ready to get magical?

You see Magic happens when your Intuition (Fire) shows you more possibilities than are present in your life right now.  It’s when we are inspired to go beyond the expected to the unexpected.  Next your Heart (Water) gets on board when your passionate about what you see and adds magnetism to the situation.  Then your Mind (Air) uses its big picture point of view and innovation to figure out how to navigate this new territory and opportunities.  Finally you act on it and the body (Earth) makes it real and voila, you have Magic.  It’s simply the most fluid and powerful way to create big, but by no means the only way.

For the Magicians it is a natural way of doing things.  You make things happen in a way that can appear almost effortless to others, so it looks like wizardry to those watching.  Trust me, I see a lot of ‘M’s’ when I do the celebrity gifting suites, are you surprised?  Elise Doganieri, the founder of Amazing Race with five Emmy’s has it.

Those M’s usually show up in hand when the right lines cross the heart line, the head line and the life line in our hands.   We all come standard with our own version of a heart line, head line and life line.  So it’s the line that ties them all together that is the unique factor here.  It’s also where your chance to get Hands On with your own magic rests!  There’s a couple different ways those primary connector lines shows up.

The vertical lines I see the most that create the cross bar for the M is usually a Saturn line or Apollo line.  The Saturn line usually starts lower down on the hand, above the center of the wrist and stretches up towards that middle finger, making a kind of axis line through the middle of your hand like in #16 in the picture.  Saturn lines shows us where we apply structure, consistency, effort and is one of the most powerful lines.  Those Saturn lines can make someone heavier in mood or attitude in contrast to the light of the Magic M.  It’s a balancing act for my Saturn Magicians of how to believe and then work to be sure they can ‘see’ it come true and how much they are willing to ‘see’ and then go beyond what’s known with their strength.

But it promises that when you are in the right place, at the right time, with the right people and interact with the opportunity beyond just enjoying it, there can be lasting results that come out of it.  Saturn pays off when you are willing to stay with something and apply yourself to things that may not come quite as easily that there are rewards to be reaped.  It showed up in the hands of a major Director who started as a production assistant (entry level slave in most cases) and worked his magic in less than five years to get to the top of the heap.

Whereas with the Apollo line, that shows up under the ring finger, those gifts and talents tend to have more natural ease about them.  People are born with a voice that others want to hear, a message that moves people, natural athletic ability that makes them stand out.  With the Apollo mark, though, you often have a push pull with wanting to be seen yet fearing the judgment of others.  Needing recognition and resisting criticism.  So the more you are able to face that conflict the more that line deepens, strengthens and connects the other three lines – opening the door to more Magic.

Then there are effort lines that branch off the life line and move up towards one of the fingers that can cross the necessary lines, which means that some of those tough situations you are in can pay dividends you didn’t realize.  Boy is that a good reason to start shifting your view point on how you view the efforts required in your life right now!

You can add both the Effort Lines and Saturn Lines with conscious choice.  You can build on and strengthen your Apollo line.  There is also the elusive Pluto or Uranus game changer lines that can show up during intense periods where you make an active choice to find a way to do more than survive what is going on in your life like in the Picture #15 above.  How you might ask?

Neale Donald Walsh was homeless before he become a best selling author with “Conversations With God”.  J.K. Rowling was a single mother living on welfare writing her monster hit ‘Harry Potter’.  These people took some of the most difficult things and turned them into solid gold.  That’s Magic my friends…

I’m not advocating despair and devastation as the path to Magic, I wouldn’t wish that for you.  However I do want you to know this.  When difficult things are happening in your life you have choices on how to view it.  It comes with a simple but very powerful shift in attitude that comes down to viewing everything in life as something that is happening for you rather than what is being done to you.

Not easy at all when you don’t like what is going on, not easy at all!  But this is where you can put effort or discipline to work in a way that turns led into gold!  Let me give you an example.  My wallet was taken, boy not a good day.  I had everything in it.  First I had a mini melt down, mad at the thief, mad at myself, mad even at people who were barely connected to the event for ‘causing’ me to be down where it happened.  Then I decided to practice my Magic, I made a conscious choice to put some effort and discipline into my MIND working for me not against me.

Okay, deep breath.  So I took my temper out for a little drive now it was time to move into self soothing that this was happening for me.  Cooled off, started making calls and low and behold, had help every step of the way.  It still cost me time and money but my bank which I’d been considering leaving had the perfect person working with me to not only get me switched around but upgraded and feeling special by the time I was done.

Replacing my driver’s license I met the nicest lady at the DMV who told me how to work the system in my neighborhood when I need to take the test and get my license next year so that I could save so much time and effort.  Losing my wallet wasn’t a good thing but it turned into something that is still paying me dividends.  I had two little tiny subscriptions I’d been paying because it was so confusing to figure out how to stop and only a couple dollars a month, I’m sure that’s why they make it so hard to quit.  Well, the lost wallet put a stop to those.  The little things add up to a good experience out of something bad happening.

Which is why I have the ‘M’ in my hand now, faint but present.  I’m working on dropping in on doing more of what I love as well as the ‘shoulds’ so I can strengthen that cross bar, but it’s visible, growing and helping me turn lead into gold more and more!

You see it’s not just about making what you have work for you, although this is a good skill to have.  It’s also building on that firm foundation with letting yourself want the unthinkable, unknowable, possibilities that seem out of reach instead of shaming, blaming and talking yourself out of what you want. That’s the next step for me to amp up my magic – the fun part to go with the discipline of retraining my brain.

I’ve got a couple big goals, including a book of game-changers, people who share an unusual gift marking and definitely rock the status quo.  I already have a great list of high profile people interviewed and more coming on board!  My fear comes up, I can doubt myself, do doubt my abilities and then I remember.  This is part of my Destiny – to be in the spotlight when I show other people how to be in their own spotlight.  I love my Destiny, love that I shine best when I show you how to shine your brightest!

Towards that end I created something so you can touch, feel and remind yourself that you can’t miss your Destiny!   That Big Truth, written on your fingertips, can sweep up all the odd moments, the seeming failures and help transform them into a bigger picture that makes sense.

Now I can wear that around my neck, see it, touch it help remind myself when those fear voices start rolling because what I am doing often doesn’t turn out the way I thought it would.  That touch stone is solid reassurance that there is more to what’s happening than a bad day or a moment of doubt.

I want that for you too.  All those who want to touch their Destiny, wear it as a solid symbol of the greatness in us that transcends the day to day stuff we get bogged down in, remember we are the Magic.

So now you can get your Life Purpose carved into Agate.  For those of you who want to hold the magic of you in your hands or give the gift of that to others, you can check out the details here.

You receive an illustrated guide to the Secrets revealed in your hands, a summary of your Destiny and a way to touch your Life Purpose, run your hands over it whenever you want reminding of just how special you are!

There’s a couple ways you can hold your Truth in Hand now and I want to help you do just that. Whether you want to cut right to the chase and discover your genius or whether you want to dive in and swim a bit, you can do what’s right for you.  Check it all out here where those Hidden Keys are revealed right on the ends of your fingertips!

For the next 48 hours all those who know they want to hold their Destiny in hand also receive a BONUS North Node/South Node analysis to go with their fingerprints.  Talk about rich detail.  Your Astrology combined with your Fingerprints offers you a banquet of insight into what and how you are meant to be your best, where you get stuck and how you can get OUT of struggle and back to your genius.  What would having that do for you, right?

Now that’s Magic!  The Magic of you.

Here’s wishing you the transformation of fear into courage, doubt into direction and criticism into a confirmation of your Purpose.  ‘See’ you soon…

Lisa Greenfield






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