Heavy New Moon, Mercury and Avoiding Mind F*CK… – Video

Today’s new moon brings some heavy overtones thanks to a celestial pile up.  Those pesky critical voices that go with the Mercury placement, are part of this week’s equation.  Watch out for arguments, clashes, taking offense (or giving it) very easily this week.  With this line up in Scorpio, well, power and how we all use it or abuse it is very potent.

We are exploring new ways to feel and see our impact on the world and newbie areas may first bring in conflicts.  However, and it’s an important however, notice what the story is in your mind about what is happening.  For example, a dear friend called me she forwarded an email to me that had set her off.  She wanted me to share her outrage at the offending language.  When I read it, I was confused because it came across completely different to me.  We talked about it and she shared what bothered her so much was where she had done so much work on changing one area of her life and the friend recommended she do more.

It felt dismissive of all the effort she had already put in so she was outraged.  However, when we talked about it she could suddenly see that perhaps there was much less insult and far more recognition then she was able to take in on first glance.  This is part of how you avoid MindF*ck this week.  Get help, get perspective, talk to friends about the stories you have going in your head!  You may not be seeing the whole playing field clearly.

It’s the beginning of a brand new 18 year cycle, so fresh starts are more than just possible, they’re necessary.  This means revisiting old stories and rewriting them.   YOU HAVE THE POWER!  Revisit the beliefs that went into your beginning mindset.  You’ve most likely outgrown them!  My friend’s Life Purpose, Lesson and School are all in water – emotions.  It’s a common theme for my loops, my watery ones to accumulate hurts and even take on other people’s suffering.

So the challenge for her then becomes to let the trigger show her where the dam is bursting with all that stored up resentment and pain.  To allow the water to flow, but also realize that only 10% (if even that much) has anything to do with the person triggering it.  Whew, it can feel so good to let all that out, let it clean out the stored closets of old grievances – lifelong in many cases without sinking the relationships.

Water can take a while to get to the bottom of all those feelings and almost 60% of the population are loops, that’s a lot of liquid emotions flowing this week with help from a Scorpio Sun and New Moon.

The reason this process can be so contentious is that we feel not only our own pain but we live in a collective society where we bump up against others as well.  Where do we end and another begin is part of the theme of this week.  Living your life, feeling your feelings and still connecting and impacting the world around you is what we all navigate.  I’d like to help make it a better week for you.

While the positive side of getting lost in the flow this week can mean falling deeply in love or swimming in our love, losing ourselves in an exciting new project, or tapping into profound spiritual insights – all of these have the shadow side of not being sure what’s real versus what’s an illusion.  Feeling the impact of what’s outside of us, outside our control, can rattle us in primal ways and have anger as a guard to help us defend against the vast unknown.

So be aware, stay present.  Know that this week is heavy with the mind wanting to take you into the narrowest direction it can as a safety measure.  Have you ever seen someone who had to do public speaking and their nervous system was freaking out?  They’re sweating, nauseous, dizzy, maybe even hyperventilating?  That’s an extreme example of what the body does when it reads danger.

Now there is no firing squad in the audience, but the brain reads all expansion as risk.  So it takes your body into overdrive to protect you from the unknown of expansion.  This is just one way your body can alert you to where your power rests.  If you feel a lot of stress, anger, fear, anxiety, any of the above or more, guess what my friend?  You have some pretty big expansion on hand.

Towards that end I wanted to share my stress busting video with you again so you can transform fear into excitement when you take command back.  After all, fear is just excitement without breathe!  When you do this short exercise, you are deciding whatever happens rather than reacting to it.  Creation or reaction – it all comes back to a breath.


Stress builds up in our bodies, in tension, anger, anxiety and worry.  This simple one two three punch puts you back in the driver’s seat so instead of stress or fear working you, you take command of it.  This way the body will help you instead of being on the receiving end of the chemical cascade of stress.  Sound good?

I thought so…

If you want to find out just how your upside power potential maps out in your hands so you can work it instead to the stress of expansion working you, I have ways specifically designed to match your hands, your needs.  It’s hard to get more of a tailored fit then working with your own body to show you how it operates best.

One of my favorite ways is to show you your Destiny – the greatest gifts you have in hand and in life are revealed in your fingerprints.  Like for my friend in the example above, (who started as a client) we knew where to go with the conversation to circle back to her sweet spot instead of staying stuck in the struggle.  Don’t get me wrong, Loops have to let the tide of emotion roll in and roll out.

For Loops it’s only over time you can tell whether the waves of emotion are bringing you ever closer to what you are dealing with or understand the tide is actually going out.  Water feels it then pulls back, feels it then pulls back.  It’s naturally wired to do it that way and reveal in cycles what’s advancing or retreating in emotional importance.  It’s your personal rhythm of trusting time and tide specific to you.

Want to know more?  Visit the Three Hidden Keys to Unlock Your Destiny and discover where your power is being guarded and how to take command.  There’s a live call with Lisa next Wednesday night for all those who get their Illustrated Guide to spend time getting to know their richest secrets and the treasures they hold.  It’s included with your Three Hidden Keys.

You receive your Destiny in Hand and time with Lisa all about you – aren’t you worth your time?  I know you are…  Feeling the ‘I’m IN’ vibe – YES.  

If you want to spend time with the most important person you will ever get to know, I’ll help.  If you say YES to the Three Hidden Keys and Unlock your Destiny in the next 48 hours, I’m including bonus audio from the Life Purpose class that adds up to six hours of support you can listen to any time you want as my gift to you!  That’s how much I want you to have the support you need this week.  That’s over $600 value as a bonus when you decide you are worth your time.

You Unlock the Secret of your greatest gift and how to enjoy it in the guide, join me on a live call next Wednesday at 5:30pm PDT, plus have hours of audio to help you dive deep on just how special you truly are.  Get up close and personal for a whopping 70+% discount when you say YES to you in the next 48 hoursYOU ARE WORTH IT – YES!  Get more details and here what others have to say about what this did for them, too.

So for now, do your breath of love – feel your way through this heavy week, get the support you require to command your fears and let them show you where your biggest expansion is waiting for you.  I’ll help…

All the best,


Lisa Greenfield



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