Tarot Card Of The Day – A week at a Time!

Ever thought that a little bit of head’s up on the day might help make it easier?  I know I have…

Just the other day I was wrestling with a challenge.  I was trying to will myself to get something done when my body was protesting in all capital letters.  There’s this chore I dreaded, one of those time consuming, demands a lot of effort and energy investment that ‘I have to do it’ in order to live up to my responsibilities chore.

My head was pounding so fiercely I was getting a bit queasy but I was still preparing to go do it.

I lay down to do a few deep breaths trying to calm my nervous system and back the banging noggin down so I could get it done when the card for the day floated in front of my minds eye.  The Hang Man was the theme.

One of the meanings for this card is what you give up in order to get something better.  A willing trade off for the greater good.  I started off thinking I was going to get my ‘chore’ done then come back to what I love doing (my work for you all) but suddenly it occurred to me that maybe what I was going to surrender for the day was my ‘shoulds’.  Could I release the timing on when it got done and trust doing what I really wanted to do?

Letting go of that, letting go of forcing myself to do what my body obviously objected to me doing NOW was what I would give up instead.  Withing 20 minutes of agreeing to let go, voila, the headache backed off to a whisper.  The nausea was gone.  Whew, well that was information put to good use.  It also played into the theme of the first of three Saturn/Neptune squares coming the 26th of November where the choice between what we live to do versus what we do for a living is up for a big change.

Stay tuned for another post on that.  All of you with a Saturn line in your hands are especially going to want to hear how this kicks in a year of deciding how big your Magic is going to be…and how to use what’s on hand to help dial it up, up, up even if you don’t have the ‘M’ for magic in your palm!  More this week on that, my friend – you don’t have to be a Magician yet, but I want you to know how you can fire up a magic wand this next year with a little more insight on you revealed by your hands.

Back to the card of the day, remember it doesn’t decide anything for you.  It gives you tools to help you make a bigger picture out of what is going on for you.  I want you to have that.  So if you are on my email list, you will be getting the Tarot Card of the Day a week at a time.  Each Sunday I will send that out so you have a little extra help in your week.

I know, I know, it’s Tuesday already, so I am caught being human.  It’s been done since Friday but I’ve been busy sharing it with other fun sites that wanted it for their list when the light dawned and I thought, hey, what about you!!  If you don’t want it in your inbox, just email me with the subject NO TAROT and I won’t send it your way.  I understand inbox overwhelm.  One extra email a week like this is what it will be, even shorter.

Otherwise prepare to have some added fun and insight of my particular flavor flowing your way with Daily support. Share your stories if you care to, we learn from each other and stories stick in our minds.  Who knows who may make a brave new choice inspired by YOU.

Wishing you so well this week.  Here you go!


The video is a short fun reminder when you don’t have time to read…  Enjoy!

Tarot Card of The Day – Kick Off

For extra oomph, I also share the Card of the Week.  It gives an overall theme to help kick in extra layers of meaning around the card of the day.  Use it like night vision goggles to help clarify what’s been out of focus or shadowed.  Pair it up with each day’s card and the two together laser beam in some much needed perspective.

Card of the Week:  The Three of Bows – Fulfillment

3 Of Bows While this card promises fulfillment, when you have a three involved it’s still taking form.  This card heralds seeing the proverbial ‘ship coming in’ for you.  Your communication and enthusiasm around any new venture, connection, or expansion is your part to help dock this ship and start unloading treasure.  With Bows, the element of Fire, it requires praise, applause, recognition and reward for yourself and those making efforts with you.  Cue the cheering and let loose, there is plenty to celebrate!




Card Of The Day:  This information does not decide anything for you my friend.  It simply gives you additional insight to help shape the story you tell yourself about whatever is happening.  Play with it, let in inspire. I pull from many different Tarot Decks for her interpretation but the images in this post are from the always beloved Wildwood Tarot Deck.

Day One – The Stag

The StagWell talk about starting the week with a BANG, my friend.  This card is a major shift, first internally and then it shows up in the world around you.  This is the ‘reap what you have sown’ card, so be open to seeing what’s coming your way as a report card that says where you’ve been generous, strong, in harmony with your world and where you’ve been out of balance.  Adjust accordingly.  You aren’t good or bad – just working on being harmonious with your world as the way to thrive.  Keep in mind the week’s theme, fulfillment.  Let the report card show you your best subjects and let the rest be minor adjustments to make your world richer.

Call to Action:
Share at least one ‘victory’ with the crowd and let us celebrate with you.  Where have you been seen for your gifts and talents, where did long overdue praise, attention, recognition come your way.  Maybe just an unexpected windfall, compliment or surprise make your day.  Brag why don’t you…

Day Two – The Queen Of Arrows

Queen Of ArrowsThis sharp shooter has reason to be careful with words.  Instead of unleashing the ugly duckling of criticism on people, hold your tongue a little longer, think about what you want to say and deliver it as the Swan that commands attention and admiration.  This card promises wise, helpful insight but cautions you not to unleash it too quickly or harshly.  If you do people are liable to pull back from the bite instead of taking in the elegance of the solution.

Call to Action:  Count to at LEAST 10 before you let that zinger fly and realize that wit is best served to carve out a memorable impression rather than a lasting wound!  Share how many times you had to do this today…

Day Three – The Sun

The SunOh friend how I love this card!  It is the promise of light after darkness, the opening up of new possibilities and the kiss of success for what you do today.  It is the most positive card in the deck so even if things don’t look peachy keen at the moment the Sun says, don’t worry, be happy for help or resolution is on its way!  Breathe out and trust that all is well, the sun will bring warmth and happy outcomes you may not have known were possible!

Call to Action:
Share something that made you smile today.  What was your good news, what worked out unexpectedly, or better than you thought it would.  Share the luck, share the blessing with us and let’s all breathe out together.  Life is good…
Day Four – Two of Arrows

Two Of ArrowsWell today requires patience my friend.  Our brain stem steps in to limit our expansion and after the Sun from yesterday, today our challenging friend criticism shows up, nibbling away at our happiness from the edges with doubts as things pause in the unfolding.  The delay is simply a pause and not a full stop.  Things are coming full circle much like the breath out makes room for a breath in, right.  Timing is the key as things balance and what’s right and good inches forward.   Don’t let this pause in forward momentum highjack your great week!

Call to Action:
Trust the timing friend, trust the timing.  You don’t pull a flower open, it blooms of its own accord in perfect time.  The action today is to trust the NON action.

Day Five – Two of Vessels

Two Of VesselsRelief, relief, relief from that pause, whew!  This is soft generosity that warms the heart, good feelings, new love or a new expression of thoughtfulness and consideration coming your way.  Because it is the second two in a row, something had to end in order to make way for the new heartfelt creativity or connection that is emerging.  That’s what yesterday’s two of Arrows was for.  See trusting the Universe will bless you for sure with this card, it’s the powerful connection of one plus one equaling so much more than two!

Call To Action:
Share where you received a compliment, invitation, proposition even, today.  Where did the heart do a happy dance for you? Or if you are feeling it, tell someone else – be the divine spark that lights them up today!

Day Six – Four of Bows

Four of BowsThe fours are when you have things on a firm foundation and oh what a happy foundation that is for you, my friend!  Sparks fly, excitement builds and you see where and what can be built on these four corners.  Celebrate the good connections, relationships and inspiration you have in the world around you.

Call to Action:
Take a play day from ‘shoulds’ today!  Do what your heart wants and if it feels good – invite a friend to do the same!  Share your fun with the rest of the world!

Day Seven – Ace of Stones

Ace Of StonesOh good news!  Aces are powerful new beginnings and with Stones in the mix it is tangible results and progress.  Fire can be inspirational but lacks solid touch.  With the Ace in the picture it says it’s moving out of the planning stage and into the carved in stone phase.  Those actions are real, quantifiable and while they are small steps, they are concrete moves in the direction you desired.  Yes!  See it, touch it, taste the reality of what you are creating friend!

Call to Action:  Pause and notice where the proof of dreams coming true are showing up in your life today.  Notice, notice, notice and share if you like!

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