Lunar Eclipse, Relationship of Equals and Facing Medusa Sunday

This weekend wraps in the month long astrological storm for that end of an 18 year cycle.  What I want to share with you is the core of what’s important.  Trying to be succinct when this subject could run pages long is my challenge – and I will rise to the occasion as best I can for your sake.  This is too important to miss sharing with you right now, partnerships, relationships, the world we live in depends on what we do next.

The old paradigm is ending, and if you’ve been reading along with me you know that spending quality time with yourself is what makes the shift bearable, comforting even.  QUALITY TIME being the operative word – the time you spend with you this weekend makes a world of difference.

You see we have the good luck planet, expansion planet of Jupiter sitting in the position of ‘alone time’.  Now is the best possible time to reap the rewards of time invested in you to help you END being lonely even inside of relationships.  Towards that end, I wanted to decode some of the rest of the Astrology.

The Lunar eclipse sets up the moon in Aries across from the Sun in Libra.  It’s the me versus we dynamic.  Now it’s an interesting way to wrap up an 18 year cycle, hmmm?

So it started me thinking, feeling, researching.  Looking at all that is cooking, here’s what it boiled down to for you.  Hope it feeds you…

The level of rage, pain and venom being spewed on each other is epic.  Our television programming is one good indication of that with ‘Bad Girls’ front and center.  Look at all the Housewives shows as just one example with the battles being staged and waged on prime time.  The raging wounded feminine is apparent.  Not that there isn’t reason for it!  I’m not advocating a white wash of issues and a ‘nice girl’ face.  Lord knows I’ve been prisoner to that stereotype long enough.

No, the fact is, the wounded feminine is the core of what must be healed in each and every one of us in order to create anything different than what we see around us.

I go back to the Medusa Myth.  There are several versions but they almost all involve the twisting of what is good in the feminine into the raging, killing weapon of female venom and revenge.  This is what I see as coming to an end.   And this is there in all of us, men or women.  The wound is in everyone, for who hasn’t experienced the raging feminine lashing out in some form.  Or maybe your more familiar with it’s other expression which is turning to stone all that is around it.  That deadened, unbending place where no emotions flow, that is the other expression of the wounded feminine.

The myth has the young hero slaying the Medusa and using her head as a weapon.  This too struck me as what has been going on.  The masculine in each of us rushes to ‘handle’ the pain by cutting it off and then wielding it when needed to slay an enemy.  I can name a dozen examples of facing the raging, bitter living Medusa or walking in on the stone cold aftermath in my own life just in the last year.  I can picture at least one good friend selectively unleashing her Medusa on her man when he walked in on her wound.  I’m more likely to unleash that stone cold aftermath, but it’s still a wound operating.  I’ll bet you have your own version of the story and have witnessed even more.

So what to do with this and how does the eclipse figure in to the picture?  This weekend starts a whole new cycle.  Here’s what The Mountain Astrologer listed for this weekends lunar eclipse:


Sabian Symbol for the Lunar eclipse

Now the fact that it’s a man revealing the foundation struck me as the urging for our own internal masculine to help meet the wounded feminine as equals this weekend.  Our own actions (masculine) get translated into trust for our feminine receptivity.  If you’ve ever studied David Deida then you know that be fully present is one of the most powerful things a man can do for his woman to have her trust him.  Where can you be fully present for your own raging pain or icy battle ground?

This weekend is about letting the receptive, creative, tender beauty of the feminine that’s been so wounded meet our masculine strength and presence.  The action of the masculine is to be present before rushing to do anything with it.  Remember Jupiter expands and enriches what you do ALONE this weekend.  So I encourage you to sit with you and look at the stories of your life, your loves, beginning with your parents love story.  They were are first understanding of what partnership means and to heal how you see it helps allow all your stories to paint a bigger picture to show you the full story of what birthed the pain.  One you can transform with new meaning when you let it inspire you to take care of your own deep wounds.

Endings need ritual to help move the energy through.  Wounding does as well.  In fact when the body receives a shock or trauma there is trembling that goes through it as our way of moving the trauma through and out of our system.  So often we get interrupted or forced to move on before we’ve let the trembling help balance our systems.  Then the trauma is trapped in our cells and we cannot move beyond it.  The masculine in or around us rushes to act before we’ve nurtured our pain and let it run its course. So come up with a ritual that works for you to give the old stories a beginning a middle and and END.   Let it roll through you however it does so.  Then symbolically bury it, burn it, send it out into the ethers.  I like to write my stories on the sand and let the big ocean carry it out to sea.

Be kind to yourself, whatever that looks like – no judgment.  Healing the wound requires presence and nurturing to transform those lifelong shocks and pain into something that can serve you.  Choose the action that most appeals to you to help move the trauma story through your body and give that action to yourself after you let the emotions roll through.  For me, I love swinging…  you get to pick your own favorite.  You can’t get it wrong, unless you refuse to give yourself anything.

For those of you who read that quote above and hold your current relationship up for comparison, it will help to know this.  You choose the relationships that are going to re-wound you in exactly the ways you need to give yourself a chance to heal for yourself!  You AND your partner can work on healing yourselves rather than each other and perhaps you can share compassion and patience in the process (along with scrapes, bumps and bruises that are normal).  Don’t worry about the relationship – that is the result of your connection with yourself and how you show up for that connection.  When you change for you, the rest will reveal the next right choices.  Take it a step at a time…

You shift how you show up for every relationship by spending this alone time with yourself this weekend.  Small changes repeated however imperfectly put a whole different possibility in motion that can dramatically change where you head the next 18 years.  Find the Medusa in your life and start healing those wounds.  It all starts with interest in your stories reviewed with compassion, presence and then loving action that soothes you.  When you do that for yourself, the whole world shifts in that moment.  Imagine a world where everyone starts with a small act of kindness for themselves and think where that might lead, hmmm?

If you would like me to look at where the eclipses hit your chart and do an audio reading, I have an eclipse special offer.  I study your birth data and a snapshot of your hands to see where your heartache and biggest transformation may be possible.  I’ll record your Eclipse Reading and send the audio file so you can listen as often as you like to help you make a powerful new start to this 18 year cycle.  Get connected HERE.

Maybe that is one of the kind things you feel like doing for yourself this weekend…  Trust what feels GOOD for you.

Here’s wishing you the best company this weekend – yourself!  Notice your complaints about how others have treated you, then give yourself the remedy you’ve longed for from them.  You have the power…It’s in your hands.

Thank you,

Lisa Greenfield



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Thank you so much, dear Lisa! So many powerful insights….

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