Super Moon, Narcissists, 2012 And Help

When I’m sick and visit Eastern Doctors, they speak of health conditions like weather. So instead of having the flu, you simply are in a state of damp heat.  It feels much more fluid and capable of change.  I feel more informed and less boxed in to the label the western medicine often gives you.  Keep that in mind this week if all the intensity being served up makes you feel ill at ease.

Because this full moon, there is a strong pull of the collective clashing with the individual ego needs.  Nobody escapes the upswell of emotions rolling in like the tide.  We aren’t meant to duck them.  Instead it’s about finding your way with your tribe to help you navigate the waves.  How to integrate tribal good with individual good is the question.

This process comes with a warning.  We are young in this new world ushered in after 2012 and the end of that Mayan long count.  History has cycles much like the seasons. This cycle is chaotic and holds enormous creative potential.  In case you weren’t aware, there is a global shake up in leadership going on around the world.  People want change – there is widespread discontent everywhere.  It actually ties back in to a closing of a cycle that we last experienced in the 1960’s.

No clear path is visible moving ahead, but people aren’t willing to settle for the same old anymore.  So while old traditions fall by the way side, the security of predictable outcomes isn’t easily seen.  And our brain loves security.  It’s our survival instinct looking for certainty so it knows how to keep you safe.

Except right now that’s really, really hard to find because things are changing and in unpredictable ways.  So leaders themselves are being seen as the problem and replaced left and right on the quest for something new.  It taps into the child in each of us, frustrated and frightened by the authorities in our world that can’t keep us safe and warm.  Feeling angry and resentful or terrified is not surprising.

Balancing collective needs against individual needs is no easy task for individuals let alone heads of countries.  Which may be why there is such a rush to put labels on things.  Somehow it gives the appearance of certainty rather than a fluid state.  Narcissism is just one popular term I see everywhere I turn.

We are trying to make it manageable by labeling and containing behavior but in doing so we miss the chance to work with it in a constructive manor.  That narcissistic person is wrong and aren’t you better for knowing that and not being that way yourself.  Except we all began as self absorbed children – it’s a way of learning how to make our way in the world.  When we get triggered those young places can come up inside any of us, at any time – only to be slapped with a label instead of seeing it as a condition that can change like the temperature outside.

With the outer planets in the mix this week and our Super Moon there is disowned pain and rage lurking underneath the neat labels.  Don’t be surprised if you catch yourself wanting someone or something to blame when it feels too scary to shoulder responsibility for what’s happening in your world.  We are moving out of the space where something or someone outside of us had more power than we do.

This week is about knowing, down deep in your bones and with every cell in your body that you are the one in command of whatever is going on for you.  Not by controlling circumstance but rather through what you do with whatever is served up.  And it’s new space, you are young in knowing this the way it applies now even if you had understanding of it in various spots in your life.

I’ve said it before, and it’s worth repeating this message – especially this week.  Find or refine your tribe, discover shared connections because there are limits to what you can accomplish on your own.  After all, you are building something that is the foundation for centuries to come.  There is a reason to be in community – evolution depends on it!  People who know us can help remind us of a bigger perspective on us and the issues we are dealing with because they know you and are a little removed from what you are going through.  We evolve together and learn from each other – we are actually wired brilliantly to do just that.

Evolution is an awfully big bite to try to chew by yourself.  But back to the warning I touched on earlier.  We are in a young place.  Think about toddlers.  Have you ever seen a child having a temper tantrum or a bad day where the whole household is upended in the wake of trying to deal with an out of control youngster?  They aren’t a narcissist, they are just learning how to do power.  It’s a temporary condition associated with their age.

The child doesn’t realize it has the adults spinning. All they know is they aren’t happy and they aren’t sure how to fix it.  So lack of awareness of their impact creates chaos.  That’s what we are living in with our current situation.  We simply know we have these emotions welling up up and wether we implode or explode the ripples go outward.  This week is about learning the power of your own emotions.  And having or even sharing that perspective with others who may be having their own melt down.  Know this is a condition and one that will pass as you learn from experience.

You have your own toddler moments lurking inside of you.  They may show up in those lashing out, temper flare ups and expressed rage and pain that can have people scrambling in front of you like bowling pins going down under the onslaught of your verbal bowling balls.  Or do you pride yourself on being in control rather than lashing out but your  hidden judgements and self righteous gremlins have you standing apart from others, isolated and alone and desolate and unhappy.  Either behavior is the same thing – learning how to use power – first individually and then collectively.

This week allow the primal scream or wail in you to have space.  You’ll receive rewards for the places where you can stand and honor your own infantile rage without judging yourself or others.  This is not a week of solutions.  This isn’t even so much a week of strategy or plans.  It’s a week to feel and release some of the pent up emotions.  Pain needs a witness in order to release it.  Yes even those of you quietly witnessing and epic internal struggle you aren’t showing to the world.  You’ve got it going on as well and benefit just as much from a purge.

But the trickster is also at work this week.  So first it may try to provoke a blow up with those near and dear to you.  They aren’t the real issue – they are a stand in for a life long accumulated stack of feelings that have been shoved to the back burner or denied.  These are what need to be cleaned out and cleaned up by letting the emotions flow.  I even recommend scheduling ten minutes at a time to really let it out in a focused manner so you don’t create unnecessary pain and suffering.  Grab a good friend if you need and vent, let it all out – just avoid painting a bulls eye on your friend’s chest and letting them have it.  Hint, they aren’t the real issue even if they are driving you crazy.

Be careful stuffing emotions this week, good or bad.  The power behind this line up is explosive and like holding your nose when you sneeze – you could rupture an ear drum by holding back on what you are feeling.  But you still have to work with the collective community we all live in together.  So this is where the label narcissist comes in to play.  What I see when others accuse people of being a narcissistic is just the young place triggered.  When you feel helpless without also realizing your power – that’s when labels happen.  So the antidote is find your POWER.  It’s there even in choosing to let yourself feel what you feel without judgment so you can free yourself from that backwater.

When you’re melting down it feels disempowered or helpless in the sea of emotions, triggered by others or events and oblivious to the tsunami they create.  The solution is safely letting the emotions out while taking responsibility for your feelings.  That is a great use of power.  Feeling and managing the flow rather than stopping those emotions, judging those emotions or demanding another stop feeling what they feel. Full responsibility brings the power to handle them, choosing how you let them out and connect with the disowned parts of you is powerful.

Pummel a pillow, watch a movie that makes you cry, do what will help unleash those backwaters of emotions festering in the darkness.  Lousy, unfair and even awful things have happened.  The feelings had a reason behind them.  Just not the one or two reasons we often assign to them.  So explore a bit there once you let them out of the basement.  Trust me, cleaning emotional house with good help this week is a huge way to harness this Super Moon and set up for the rest of December.  We’ve got a lot more cooking the next two weeks and giving yourself this gift can help ensure you enjoy the holidays however you celebrate.  You’ll feel freer on the other side of it.

If you need a neutral witness, I’m here.  And I’m including a bonus 12 Month Year Ahead reading with any Hand Analysis or combination reading you book.  That’s a $100 value for you to keep for yourself or give to someone else this holiday season.  Sometimes a good rant to a neutral stranger with a bigger perspective on you is just what’s needed to release and renew.  That offer is good until this Friday the 16th.  So grab yours now to get all the pent up emotion out then a good look at the next year.

But for this week… you’ve got this.  Great change is possible and it requires we use every bit of who we are and what we feel to bring it about.  Maturing out of the self-absorbed state by allowing yourself to have it means you move through it much faster into empowered adult space.  So let it roll like a tidal wave this week and surf, surf, surf.  You’ll see you really can have your version of walking on water with a little practice!

Lisa Greenfield




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