Happy Holidays – Gift Audio Mercury Retrograde & Drama

I wrote out a Mercury Retrograde post last week, over 1700 words long, because there is so much to know about these few weeks.  Then I couldn’t send it.  Mercury Retrograde conjunct Pluto took me down… Emotions swirling, mind racing, pressure building.  Sound familiar to you??

Like a Phoenix rising out of the ashes, clarity unfolded this morning as my holiday gift.  So I pass it on to you.  Timing, timing, timing is another meaning of Capricorn, where Mercury and Pluto sit along with a whole host of planets for the New Moon this week.  Which is why I recorded this for you – to save you time.  You can listen if you like as you drive, wrap presents, cook or whatever else you need to be doing.  Trust your own timing!

There’s a great story that illustrates this pivotal time perfectly.  Oh happy day, we do have sweet aspects on Sunday – like a ‘get out of jail free card’, so even if you don’t listen, breathe a sigh of relief on that note.

Then remember, watch for the primal scream coming up for you – triggered by relationships.  There is a gift in it for you.  Listen here to find out what.

Here’s to a magical season for you.  Be the magic, starting with yourself.  Sending you love and joy this holiday season!

Lisa Greenfield


Get the Audio download Here:  http://truthinhandlove.audioacrobat.com/download/truthinhandlove-20161224150517-7876.mp3

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