Pluto Power Struggles And Some Help In Hand

Well it’s Thanksgiving week and we’ve made it through a stormy November.  We have Neptune going direct after a long spin backwards and now Pluto gets into the mix on Thursday.  With this particular aspect of Pluto, Thanksgiving here in the States could be intense.

What’s lining up is the possibility for a real shift from the deep basement of our lives (anytime Pluto’s in the picture) but if you aren’t aware of the seismic punch of your will the shock waves can upend the fun.

What’s emerging is the new found power in what we really, really want and the possibility of using that force to shift things in a noticeable way.  But how you do it is very much a learning curve.  Bullying or coercion are the starting points when someone has a great deal of influence but doesn’t realize it.  They feel frightened or resentful of opposition so they overstate their case.  I call it swatting flies with cannonballs.  Overkill anyone?

The trick is to realize how powerful you really are!  Get to know it, stretch out in it, try a ‘test patch’ to see how well it works.  I used it just today with Verizon.  They tried to muscle me into a new contract that was clearly in their favor.  I researched my options before talking to them and was prepared to walk away rather than accept something that wasn’t good and I stated that very clearly.

No threats, just clear healthy boundaries.  I didn’t want to bully them because I didn’t like feeling bullied by them.  A more solid sense of your power stops the power struggle.  Instead it turns into applied force that yields good results.  In other words, you know how to get what you want without beating up the other guy!

I want to help you do just that.  So this post is all about how to navigate using your hands for maps.  I’m going to get a little technical on you, but it’s so you are more informed as to your strengths.  So you use power and insight for harmony rather than battles.  Ready?

Okay, the sample hand in the banner gives you the three main lines.  Let’s start with the Heart Line.  This line shows us what we love most, how we feel safe and what’s most important in helping us connect with others.


It begins under the pinky finger and rolls across to where it ends under either the first finger or the middle finger.  If it curves up towards the fingers you are someone who relieves anxiety by talking about what’s bothering you.  You are good with words, expressing ideas and can paint verbal pictures others can understand (whether or not they agree).

When it ends under mostly the middle finger, you like facts, statistics, and data to help you make sense of an issue. You correspond with the element of Air for your Heart Line and take a big picture view.  The higher the line goes, the more of a big picture you like.

If it makes it past the mid point between the first and second finger curving up then you are a Fire Heart.  You are the explorers that intuitively sense something and express it as if it were fact.  There is usually a good reason to listen to your new point of view even if the facts aren’t all there.

These curving up Heart Lines, Air and Fire, can easily talk about thoughts and beliefs.  It’s the starting point that requires emotions and actions before it deepens and takes root for real security.  You can be quick to grasp at change, but in order for it to be real it requires acting on those ideas and theories which evoke feelings.  You are the one talking politics at the table, or trying to persuade those around you to see a bigger picture.  It feeds you to see new things, explore new ways and expand your horizons.

Now let’s talk about the straighter lines, the ones that don’t lift up towards the fingers.  You are the ones where you don’t quite know how you feel yet and talking about it too soon can bring up your anxiety.  The shorter the Heart Line the more conflict averse you often are.  Short straight Heart Lines is often called the Hermit Heart line.  Battles shut you down and you retreat because you are best processing things before spilling them out of you.

If it’s a straight shorter Heart Line that ends under the middle finger or before it, you are an Earth Heart.  Slower to comprehend the big picture of who you are it takes time before you know what you feel and it’s in your actions where you are most secure expressing your feelings.   Talking about letting go of old traditions or sweeping changes brings up your anxiety that is not easy to talk about until you sit with it.  Like a turtle you want to pull back into safe space before you venture out into unfamiliar territory.

Then we have the longer straighter Heart Line, the Water Heart that ends underneath more of the first finger.  You are a little more comfortable with the new and changing ideas as long as the relationships remain solid.  For you the connections between people are of primary importance and any change will be evaluated through that lens.  When others are in conflict it feels extremely important to you to help bring about peace even if it means sacrificing your own needs.

All this is my way of giving you a little insight into the core needs at the ‘heart’ of those around you this weekend.  There are a lot more nuances, including your Head Line, which tells you how you first interact with people.   If your head line ends under your ring finger you do best answering questions rather than leading the discussion.  You are more comfortable adding to or editing the subject at hand.

If your Head Line ends under the pinky or past the middle line between your ring finger and pinky you like to lead the conversation, throw out new ideas and head off in new directions.  The further the line, the more you like exploring those topics.  I’ll have more for you on this in another post.  Start with Heart today…

If you are Fire or Air Heart it doesn’t mean that you are ready to commit to a new path.   You are trying it on like a pair of shoes.  Take a lap and see how it fits.  But this weekend it may hit some snags if you aren’t careful.  Be sensitive to how others take information in and work with it, use finesse to get people to change their minds or direction this week.  With a little care, you can plant some wonderful seeds!

For you Water or Earth Heart, you have a say in what does or doesn’t happen with any change. What is important can be preserved, simply given a new pair of shoes like an upgrade.  And not everything happens immediately.  Big changes take time, so you have a chance and a role that’s important to shape what’s happening, too.

The shadow side of this week’s planetary line up is coercion.  There is definitely a chance of underestimating how much pressure you are putting on those around you.  Pressure to change, pressure to stay the same.

So Fire judges those who don’t live up to brave leaps of faith for the good of all, Air criticizes those who don’t listen to the facts, Water fiercely defends their status quo while Earth digs in on routines that block new ideas.

Your choices have even more impact this week – for good or for bad.  Know your strength and where you shadow sits waiting to protect you by any means possible.  Change is a coming…and the instinctive you knows it.

How much you enjoy what’s coming is your choice an you have a powerful role to play.  In fact your destiny was marked out in your hands before you were even born!  That’s right, those fingerprints you have tell a story – the one of your special place in this world.

If you were born with Arches on your fingertips, you have Earth as part of your Destiny.  If you have Loops for prints (the most common) then Water is in the mix of your contribution to the world.  If you have a Tented Arch prints (the most uncommon) you have Air, and if you have Whorls then your Destiny is Fire.


Take a look and see… It can add a lot of information to what’s important about you.  It’s one of my favorite things to do, see your Life Purpose, Life Lesson and School – the elements that make up your Destiny.  Your fingerprints point out what your greatest gift is, that’s your Life Purpose.  They also reveal your shadow, which is your Life Lesson; and finally they point out your blind spot, which is your School.

All that is there in your hands.  Your lines and fingerprints all come back to those four placements and types, Earth, Air, Water and Fire just like in Astrology.  Because we all have a body (Earth), a mind (Air), a heart (Water) and a spirit (Fire).

We each have strengths in different areas and together they make up an extraordinary picture.  It helps if you understand that maybe that your Earth friend sitting across the table is not hiding their head in the sand, but they just move at a turtle pace which actually helps to get things on firm foundation for lasting successes.

Or that the Air Heart being all cool and logical about something that really bothers you is not them being cruel and insensitive, they help make sense of things and add perspective to an emotional situation.

I want to support you through this Pluto transit so I’ve made my illustrated guide on your Destiny available at a Cyber Monday price that makes it an easy yes.  If you are intrigued about you, the special role you have to play, the one written in flesh and blood on your hands, I want you to have it!  It comes with a monthly call to go over the basics with you so you are sure to understand your Truth in hand.  The price goes back up next Monday night.

You can check out the Three Hidden Keys to Unlock Your Destiny HERE.  Each one of the elements (print types) are covered along with what each finger means.  And yes, there are differences between the left and right hands!  Check to see what they are in your hands…

I’m hoping this insight can help you navigate Thanksgiving and the holiday season kickoff with your power in hand and harmony at your fingertips.  I’m wishing you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving here in the United States and a smooth transition week for the rest of the world.

I’m very Thankful for real Truth of YOU.  You’re more powerful than you know…hope this helps with your point of view.

Lisa Greenfield


Edited by Tamara Lynn Grace

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