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Newsletter Photo  I don’t know if you have heard of the Ted Talks, they are one of my favorite things to watch when it comes to online videos.  Much as I enjoy the Ninja cat clips or the skateboarding dogs (and I do), these videos for Ted pretty much blow me away.  They have such a wide array of information from so many fascinating people.  If you haven’t noticed, discovering more about people is an all time favorite activity of mine.

Why, might you ask, am I writing on the subject when the title says basics are the topic?  Well, one particular video ties right into the heart of what I do and what I want to share with you.  Courage of the heart.  It has a great deal to do with what we read hands for…

You see the lines on your hand tell me how much love you are wired to experience AND how much more is possible for you.  Yep, we are talking upside potential on hand.

For everyone…

After all we only use a small portion of our brains – don’t we see proof of that everyday!

But back to courage.  Based on what your hands say, you can tell what you learned about vulnerability.  That’s the belief that we are lovable even when we are imperfect, flawed, human in our wants, needs or unflattering moments.   The ability to be vulnerable is linked to knowing that you are loved even in your most unattractive moments because you know you are lovable no matter what!    Brene Brown’s video has more wonderful, funny, powerful and moving insight into the importance that holds.  By all means, it’s a video worth your time.

What I want to share with you is what your hands say about your vulnerability limits.  Each placement for your heart and head line gives you a clear picture of where you are triggered to start protecting yourself.  Plus there is a whole lot more packed into those little ol’ hands of yours.

So I am going to start with the basics and walk you through the next few posts about what your hands can show you.  Let’s start at the beginning shall we… and see if knowing the Truth in your hands can help start you down the path to leading a more whole-hearted life.

I’ll break it into bite size bits and have some of my own videos to share with you so you can spend a little time getting to know the most important person you will ever invest time in – YOU.  After all, aren’t you worth some quality time from you?

First we have the primary three lines for you.  A visual always helps and the sample hand belongs to someone famous – a fun secret you can guess at…not that I will necessarily tell.

Heart First, Then Head Creates Your Life
Heart First, Then Head Creates Your Life

We start with the heart line because that is where the most power rests.  We can take pictures of the electromagnetic field around our bodies and the energy the heart generates expands out between 3-8 feet depending on the person.  Our heart is where creativity begins and where the understanding of all the global connections occurs.  The fact that it’s the powerhouse is a simple place to begin understanding you…

Then we have the head line.  It is underneath the heart line because it’s job is to protect and provide for the heart’s desires.  Our brain is the task manager and is best suited for action in thought or deed.  No matter how high the IQ though, the electromagnetic field around our heads is only about an inch.   So there you see the power divide – three to eight feet versus one inch.  Just keep in mind that the two work best when they work together.

The desires of our heart magnetize or draw in opportunities and open connections for us, then our brain helps us act on the feelings and choices in front of us.  When we are going heart first and head second, that’s how it works.  We can save a lot of grief when we do it in that order.  Most of pain we get into is from flipping the order around or giving one side too much input.

We will get to that…  But for now you have the main three lines.   Compare your left and right hands, too.  Because our left hand corresponds with our heart line and the right hand relates to the head line.  Notice the differences, if there are any, between the two hands.  Your left hand is closely related to your private life, your childhood and your starting point when it comes to creating anything.

Your right hand is closely related to your public life, your adulthood and your action path when it comes to creating anything.  Are there more lines in one then in the other?  The busier the lines in the hand the more mental activity is going on, too many lines and you have a worrier that can leak energy away without feeling good acting on any of your hearts desires.  This is not as common and these hands are criss-crossed with lines when you see them.

Let me wrap up this post with the reminder that when you change your mind, you change your lines.  You aren’t stuck with anything you see except the fingerprints which tell us of your life purpose and life lesson.  Otherwise everything, including the general shape of your hands is reprogrammable.  Lines fade, muscles relax, blood flow shifts making your hands a map that rewrites itself as you make different decisions and then act on them.

It’s the action piece that is critical to helping change your mind and change your line.  That’s where the real change takes place…

We will get to that in the next post.  Meanwhile you have the basics.  Perhaps listen to Brene Brown, as she and I have both spent years digging into your lives to learn how we work.  My heart’s desire is to share it with you so you can make the most of what you have ‘on hand’.

Trust me, it’s more than you know.  But if I do my job well, when we get a few more posts into it, you’ll see some of what I see.  Next time we will cover the three main lines and what they have to say to us.  We will call on the elements to help you picture your strengths in simple memorable ways…Catch you next page.




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Hi! I’ve been following your blog for a while now and finally got the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out from Atascocita Tx! Just wanted to say keep up the great job!

Thank you! It’s worth being seen…love the Texans I know. Always glad to connect.

Thanks for being on point and on trgaet!

Renee Rogers-Westby

Thank you so much for giving Brene Brown’s name. Your link is broken but I found the video on I think I cried 3 different times in that 20 min.

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