A New Moon, Trouble In Hand and A Gift Call With Lisa

This week we have a line up of six planets in Aries (In western Astrology) so new beginnings are right around the corner.  The planet of deep transformation and shock change are also kicking up dust with plenty to go around for all of us.

What better time to tackle the stickiest question I get asked when I read for people and one of the hardest – ‘what trouble do you see’ ahead?  Because for those of you who are in a tough place, I really want to share the truth of how trouble turns out – because much of that information shows up for us in our hands, astrology or the cards.

To answer that question I want to share a story.  There is someone who came to me with a really difficult mark on his head line.  It was a shock change mark that is like a punch to the stomach.  The cards showed he was in for the fight of his life, too…

Shortly after we did the reading, he was forced out of the company he had built up to a global concern.  The shock change didn’t stop there.  His youngest son was diagnosed with a terminal illness, too.  These were dark days.

Alongside the difficult aspects on his palm and cards, he had markers in his hand for magic. Sadly, he couldn’t magically cure his son.  However he did manage to almost double his life expectancy and was asked back to his company to help rescue it from trouble.  Which he did, and then chose to move on to a new venture which last year sold more than the company he left behind.

The reason I wanted to share that with you is I wanted you to know this truth.  There isn’t one hand in well over 20,000 people I have read that didn’t have a balance for any challenges in hand.  It is NOT fun to see the tough aspects in any hand, and by the way – I have one doozy myself.

Which trust me, I spent plenty of time worrying about.  Until I lived it and got to the other side of my brokerage firm being forced out of business by an embezzler.  At least I had the satisfaction of knowing he went to jail for 8 years. And survived sitting with my father while he had his second heart attack – which gratefully he survived as well.  But there is no shortage of intense emotion when you watch your dreams flushed down the drain or the strongest man you know felled by a blocked artery.

Which is why I feel it’s  important to share with you there’s more to the challenges  you have in hand than lousy times ahead. Some believe we only comprehend what  hot means because we know  what cold means – contrast is how we experience things for the richest understanding.

That  philosophy works for me… because I do have a capacity for loving this present moment and feeling fearless around many risks that I didn’t have before  I lived those darker days.  It comes with having gotten through those intense moments and standing on the other side.  But then I also knew what else was ‘in hand’.

Much as we dread those moments, they have something to offer us if we let them.   For those of you who want to know more about what the difficult markers are and how to harness those challenges with the gifts that are also there in your hands, we have a call that can make a difference in how you do what’s in front of you.  It offers resources you might wish to know…

Join me Thursday at 7pm PST for an hour when we look at how you turn your fears into fuel that moves you forward  powerfully through your own challenges.  Email me here to register and you will receive the call in information.

You can post your hands/pics and questions on Facebook and I will get to as many as possible. Bring your hands with you to the call and let’s wade in together.  I’ll share with you what a lifesaver the truth in your hands has to offer…


Lisa Greenfield

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