The World Didn’t End, What Comes Next… A Full Moon And Big Change.


With minds raciFull Moon Treeng and our emotions being excavated for transformation, anyone having trouble sleeping?  I was up at 5:30am, an hour that is not a close acquaintance for me.  We have mostly nodded in passing for the most part since I am a night owl by nature.

What had me up and sleepless is today’s astrology. This full moon and other planetary aspects are continuing the theme of bringing the old outworn patterns of thought and feeling up for change.  For some it is shocking, for others it is exciting, for me – well it was eye-opening to say the least.

The world didn’t end last week in a big bang of a meteor hitting the planet, or a volcano, earthquake or tsunami taking out the majority of the population, thank God.  Instead we have a fiscal cliff, ongoing violence and weather bent on humbling us mere mortals.

So I ask you this, with ancient astrology and the planets working to help us, what do you want 2013 to be for you?

Notice where your mind goes when I ask you this question.  Where it travels is a road map for what matters most to you and where your security system in the unconscious mind is going to work the hardest to keep you from expanding.  What I know from a lifetime of witnessing thousands of hands and lives is how we function. So I share what I know of the operating manual with you!

Our brain has that built-in security system wired in childhood to keep us from expanding too much into the great unknown.  After all, the unknown has risks associated with it!  Our brain’s survival system is linked to avoiding risk.  See the challenge?

However, astrology including that Mayan calendar and mythology all point to a time of real and meaningful change.  Powerful and thoughtful change.  Hello 5:30am!  You may have noticed the theme in the world around you, hmm?  So what will change look like for you?  Are you going to drive the change or sit in the passenger seat this year?  They both have advantages and drawbacks, you decide.

Well, when you focus on moving forward into the New Year, it helps to have a clear picture of what you want.  Somewhere I think we got off track when it comes to our New Year’s Resolutions.  It’s become a push/pull of goal setting and then blame/shame for what you don’t achieve.  Not so fun and a bit of a one upsmanship kind of comparison.

How about changing that this year.  As I’ve mentioned, the brain is wired to limit our expansion.  This is why so many lottery winners are back in the same tax bracket (or worse) within a couple of years of winning.  But you aren’t stuck with those wires.  We can change our minds – and that changes the lines in your hand.  I’ve been witness to it again and again so I’m telling you it really can happen.  Want to know how?

Start by understanding that whenever your brain takes you to a picture or complaint of what you DON’T want, the power sits in the other side of that picture.  On the flip side of what you don’t want is what you do want!  When we get a clear picture of that, our biology takes over and starts creating it, kind of like the borders on a puzzle.  It makes it easier to figure out what comes next.  (They’ve used this in star athlete training, we have the proof)

So what do you WANT for this year?

If you are not the ‘writing it down’ type (you air and fire lines know what I mean) you can still get a clearer picture of what can be.  What does it look like, feel like and sound like?  Who is there with you, and how much fun are you having doing this year?  How do you look and feel?

Don’t worry if the dark side comes up along with those bigger views of your world for 2013.  That side is there for contrast, much like shadows in a painting that give depth and perspective to the whole vista.  Keep on adding the sensory images in to your picture of the year and the shadows will balance out with those ‘see it, touch it, hear it’ details.

We have the deep transformation planet and the shock change planet getting cozy this year.  In fact they are curled up nicely together as we speak.  This means it gets easier to see the bigger picture of what we may only have glimpsed before.  Take a look at the last three months of your life and I guarantee you have signposts and markers all over the place for where you shift is going to show up this year.

Your shift is usually buried right behind the place you’ve been struggling with, frustrated by or disappointed in – wherever it appears in your life.  You get to the power once you’ve worked through the swampy issues!  It’s like training for the big game or opening night of the play.  If we let it, the battles are priming us to tackle and win the life we want.

Main Lines

Here’s a cheat sheet for you to look at your hands and have bit more insight into how you are more personally wired.  The straight lines are great at getting results and struggle with perspective and boundaries.  The curved lines are great at big picture and making sense of it yet can find it a challenge to act on the knowledge in a timely manner.

If your heart or head line ends under an inside finger you are more private about sharing what is in your heart or head.  You often struggle with feeling like you require permission before you express what is going on with you.

When you heart or head line end under an outside finger – making it close to the edge of the hand on either side, you know how to express yourself and speak up.  However you do well to learn how to integrate that into other people’s lives with more awareness of the impact you have.

It’s all up for change – how you do 2013 and that change is very specific to you.

For those of you who want to know more I have a New Year’s gift for you.  My 12 Month Reading is on special until December 31st.  You can redeem it any time and if you purchase it by Monday you receive 25% off the regular price.  Normally $60 – it is only $45 until Tuesday.  I love these readings and do one every year for myself.

My goal is to use these readings to help you visualize what comes next, really see it and know that it is on its way to you.  These readings are recorded, so you can listen to them again and again to help you visualize what you want to achieve this year.  After all, what you focus on expands.  This time of year it’s best to have something other than your waistline to focus on, right?

So if you want to save money, give yourself support in creating the year you desire in this time of change – I want to make it work for you, too!  Get your 12 Month Reading and let’s get you started on creating the year where you turned the corner to more of what you really want in your life.

If not with me, take some time for yourself without the stress of New Year’s resolutions.  Review at least the last 90 days for your clues to where change is already brewing, picture the flip side of the struggle and get really sensory specific about it.  Then write it down, or record it somewhere.  Listen to it or review it whenever you can.  It’s when we think it, feel it and ACT on it that true lasting change kicks in for us.

Wishing you all the very best of the New Year.



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Thank you, Lisa! So very true about the last 90 days for me. Getting a true picture of what I do want is the focus of my attention, thank you for validating what I have slowly realized. Wishing you a Happy 2013 and look forward to learning more from you as always 🙂

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