September Eclipses Bring An End To An 18 Year Cycle

We’ve had four sets of eclipses (solar paired with lunar) in the last year and a half.  On September 12th and September 27th we have the last pair.  It is a powerful ending to the old patterns and it has brought with it epic break ups, break downs and predictions for the ‘end of the world’ yet again.

Think back on what this closing chapter marks as ‘finished’ in your life.  Particularly as it relates to, well, relating!  After all, it’s no accident these happen in PAIRS.

The solar and lunar eclipse are mirrors for the masculine (solar) and feminine (lunar) part in each of us.  What the universe is offering with all the celestial activity is a radical shift in how you do relationships starting, of course, with the one you have with yourself.  While the mass predictions of apocalypse around this fourth pair of eclipses feed a certain human appetite for the dramatic, I find the micro to be where the seismic shifts begin and roll out.

What we see on the bigger playing field of the world are to me just mirrored shock waves of the shifts and polarization taking place inside of us.

Where are the stories of your own feminine creation principle and your masculine action principle playing out.  How do you create things in your life?  How do you act on things in your life, or is that react?  How do you end things?  What are your patterns – and where do you feel the shock waves around relating that are signaling the real end of the world as we know it when it comes to how we connect with ourselves?

Are you willing to open up and sit with the possibilities for a different way without knowing now what that will be yet?  Hello transformation time…

I’ve been talking about how this Venus Retrograde cycle offers us a chance to get clearer on what we desire, not just what makes us feel safe, but what we desire even if we’ve been taught that we shouldn’t want that.   I’ve shared with you that any community gets stronger when you bring those unique parts of you to the group even when those parts can be disruptive to start.  Ultimately it strengthens the group.

Now I have to share with you the second half of that, which is more of HOW you share it.  That can be a game changer all in itself.

This is such an important part of what this whole cycle is about.  Because it asks you to pay attention, learn and change.  The world is pregnant with Evolution Potential right now.  And September marks the delivery date.  If you don’t choose to consciously direct your change, this cycle gets a whole lot more turbulent.

When you bring your heart’s desires, your whole self to any individual or group it reveals the pattern for how you create, build and end things.  That’s the ball game folks.  How you live your life.  Because how you do one thing is a signature of how you do everything…

By sharing more of your whole self with others several things happen.  You are going to get feedback.  Not all of it will be positive or supportive.  This is where that HOW comes in…

Notice your patterns(particularly the last 18 years) of what happens when you cross the carefully constructed lines of society whether in small family groups or bigger ones, or do you cross them?  Conflict is part of any growth, any expansion, any life.  What type of reactions happen and what do you do about it?

For example, I have a friend that I began working with on a smaller scale, looking to find ways to make it a bigger scale.  However in working together we are finding trigger points.  Dealing with anger is a big challenge for me, I avoid it at all costs, do everything in my power to make sure that I don’t have to spend much time around anger.  It’s like Kryptonite for me.

My friend has a temper… Of course.  So now, what to do here?  She knows this is my trigger as we shared what our triggers are with each other.  She tries to be careful and still the anger is a big part of her at times. We are going to trigger each other!  It’s my growth and choice to work through this.  Part of my very real desire is to model the behavior I write about and coach people on, not just talk it.

But then when faced with a situation that triggers the hell out of me I find myself wanting to fall back on old patterns.  I want to pick up my marbles, justify my retreat and go start over someplace else – avoid, avoid, avoid.  Sigh, I already know how to do that – have done it a thousand times.

Then I remembered, what if I don’t have to figure out exact steps to get from this stuck place to a better one with her?  What if we just talk honestly, with the same compassion for other people’s stuff as we want for ours but also sticking to our guns about what we desire?

Old pattern – staying stuck and resentful, afraid to speak what I feel and blaming someone else for making me feel that way or justifying why I I’m right to feel that way and using it to walk away.  Time for a third option.  Now that may seem glaringly obvious to many of you, but our blind spots go unseen until they don’t.  That’s what is up for change right now!  And guess what, your blind spot tendencies are revealed in your hands!  Check it out here for more on how to tap into that.

Now don’t get me wrong, there are situations you do outgrow, people you grow beyond and places that no longer serve you.  You have to make your best choice about what is right for you.  The difference is in how you feel when you leave.  It’s the difference between knowing you’re done and having a quiet certainty that you want something more, something different versus being triggered by what you have now so you act from there.  Big difference.  One is an expansive choice, the other a limiting belief and reaction.

That’s the microcosm of what the eclipses are ushering out for us.   Down with the walls of limiting beliefs and courage is required to stand in a more creative space.  After all, nothing is perfect and we are meant to live out the uncertainties – all of them.  Can we collaborate, can we shift, can we evolve using our essential relationship with ourselves to do it.  After all, the situation with my friend is simply a mirror for when I come upon the parts within me that I’ve disowned and essentially walked away from rather than deal with them.

Accepting those disowned parts is a start but it is not the whole answer.  Those secret corners of me don’t work well for me, those parts don’t help me create a world I love to live in, you see.  Rather than ignoring or resenting them or trying so hard to leave them behind, can I work with my own fears, doubts, judgements and criticisms to weave together a stronger, richer whole me?  When I let myself learn to do that with my friend, I’m also doing that for all of me. 

It’s not easy and it all boils down to being real with what I feel and sharing that in a way that takes responsibility for myself while asking for a different way to communicate anger.  What feels good is to stand for her expressing it in a way that works for me, too.  That’s the rich opportunity to end the old cycle by replacing it with a new, stronger, universal one that feels sooooo much better.  It includes so much more potential LIFE!!!

I want this for you, too.

Next month has not one but TWO key points where this possible shift is dramatically emphasized.  So there is a chance to do deep work together on both of those days.

Through the incredible insight from your hands into your specific soft spots, fears, natural gifts and talents and how to navigate your challenges in ways unique to you, I can make it easier and safer to bring more of you to whatever you do.  It’s what I love about my work.

The first checkpoint, the Solar eclipse, is when we walk through your Life Purpose together in a small community on September 12th by webinar.  It’s a one day immersive program revealing your Life Purpose on Earth, plus where you struggle and how to navigate from that stuck place back to where you shine using your own hands as a personalized map of how you do it best.

It’s rich, rich, rich information all about you, your patterns and your upside and it’s served up the day of the eclipse, marking a powerful new beginning with quality time for your relationship with YOU!  For all those who do the immersive Life Purpose experience there is also a possibility to join a Native American Vision Quest that evening to expand on what you discover about you in sacred ceremony.  You must be in the Los Angeles area for this.  Email Lisa your contact information to be considered for the local Vision Quest.

For those of you who want this turning point to be a big shift, dramatic on the inside so that you really change what’s happening on the outside there is your Life Purpose Vision Quest that takes place in Kauai the week of the Lunar Eclipse, September 25th-30th.

This second checkpoint is a radical change opportunity with only a few spots available.  There are key requirements to make sure this is the best choice for you and that you are prepared to make this life changing journey.  Talk with Lisa if you are interested and wish to be considered.

Your Life Purpose, where you are meant to live your biggest life, your biggest Truth are waiting for you.  Find out the details HERE and join Lisa for a ritual to help you end the last 18 year cycle and  begin a new one on a profoundly personal and caring start to usher in your next life chapter.  Your biggest life is waiting!

Lisa Greenfield





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