Saturday’s Super Moon And 1000 Healers for Disillusionment

According to Vedic Astrology this weekends Super Moon Saturday is in the constellation of 1,000 healers.  Vedic Astrology is different by almost a whole sign but it offers some important insight, so I wanted to include it.  I’m not an expert, just interested student.  Combined with all the other elements there is healing for bruised and battered hearts, people and that is worth sharing.

Illusion versus disillusion, perfection squared off against reality are here for a big visit this next week, peaking on Saturday but playing out from Wednesday to Wednesday of this week and next.

With the Moon and Neptune combined, the longing for perfect union or just perfection absolutely invites you to take a closer look at where your wishes have been springing from all this time.  The desire for the perfect idea that gets born into existence by the artist, maybe your idea of the perfect family with love and belonging, or is it the perfect partner who anticipates your every wish and need, fulfilling it before you can even speak it.  These are all part of the human mind going back to when we are in the womb and our every need is met before we know we need it.  That longing for divine connection that delivers everything and asks nothing in return.

Cue the thud as you hear expectations landing all around you, right?  Have you experienced perfect bliss to match that chapter at the beginning of life?  Is it it possible?  Still we long for it because we know it existed at one time back when we were to consciously unaware of what we had.

Getting into this powerful part of our psyche is wrapped into the healing energy of this weekend’s full moon.  The mother wound in everyone is where life fails to deliver up the what we wish for the way that we wish for it.  Projects come with problems, creations come with design flaws, relationships come with human beings on the other half of that equation that have their needs and expectations, too.

For those who are grappling with what feels like utter devastation around expectations unmet, dreams dashed and projects stalled or stopped you have a chance to ‘re-view’ the pain with the help of 1000 healers worth of energy.  Sounds good to me!

What we can miss in the crush of disappointment and disillusion is the Truth about what we are seeing.  We all start out with some very real (and often very young) emotions informing us that trusting others or the benevolence of the world is dangerous.  We are taught that belief doesn’t deliver results and it’s your job as an adult to be on your guard not get ‘taken in’ or duped.

Let’s play with that belief system, shall we?

The young place where that longing for perfection exists is a part of us for a reason.  It helps pull us to connect more, create more than our day to day existence.  It’s where the magic in life makes one plus one become three!  You are living proof of that magic because your father and mother got together and made you.

The same creation alchemy is there in that perfect longing.  The challenge comes in when you get body-checked by circumstances and forced to see what something ISN’T instead of the vision of what was possible in your head.  Here’s where we get stopped, dropped and start feeling betrayed by the decided lack of magic!

This weekend with the Sun and Jupiter in the mix use it to to expand that understanding and apply it for some powerful results.  Ready to shift disillusion and betrayal with me?  Here we go…

What if one plus one really can equal three – it just requires a little more balanced investment in the equation.  That original stamp of what we are searching for, wishing for goes back to mother providing our every need and we offer nothing back.  We simply grown and receive.  Isn’t that a sweet place to occupy! 

Now in your life, where has the place where the project, person or creation stalled or stopped only to call out the bigger possibilities in you and what you want to accomplish be contributing more of yourself.  That can look very different from situation to situation.  Notice where you can use the contrast between what you wanted and what you have the opportunity to communicate, collaborate and interact more with the situation.

Occasionally the other side of that equation doesn’t want to play there with you, they may be stuck in their own disillusionment about what you bring or just have radically different wants and needs that you discovered along the way.  Good to know, right?  Trust even the abortive creations, they offer more than you realize!

Not like the original model from womb like safety, instead you create one where all the parts stretching their potential makes it bigger than you first imagined!  One coaching client envisioned a set of events around a job search that had reached a dead end.  When we sat and brainstormed together suddenly a very appealing new addition to the list of occupations emerged that tickled her whenever she thought of it.  It wasn’t until she sat with the disappointment of what she didn’t have that she understood more of what she wanted, from there could reach out with more of herself to get the bigger job!

The young part of us wants to sit down and wail that we didn’t get what we wanted when we wanted it, and trust me, the kindest thing you can do is comfort yourself in the situation.  You’ll feel better and the blah/yuck/ew moments will pass with you the better for having been kind to yourself. 

Just watch out for the stories, many of them inherited and handed down, where you can’t trust others or the world, that you must be wary and vigilant to protect yourself from pain.  Then check in with yourself and find out what there is in you that can play with the alternatives after you move through the disillusionment.  What else might be tucked in there waiting for connection and expression beyond that stuck place that feels awful and makes you feel separate from the world waiting for your contributions.

Maybe we are meant to find within ourselves the instinctive rhythm of what we really need and then give a version of it to us first.  It requires us to trust ourselves and all that we are creating rather than a situation or person or even belief system. When we experience this disillusionment, it will feed us, bless us, benefit us when we rise up to choose creation rather than reacting and stopping at the cursing and contracting around the feeling of betrayal.

That worst case conclusion is one we jump to all to soon, betraying ourselves in the process.  Where have your illusions about what and who you can trust ultimately been you not trusting yourself for all your choices, all you have created in life? 

Want to trust yourself more using the wisdom specifically designed by you, for you?  Spend a day unlocking that secret: HERE’S HOW.

Because this next month has not one but TWO key points where this big cycle is coming to a close and so much celestial support is echoed by the personal map in your hands, I have put together two special events where you can get to the heart of your challenges and shift them into your life’s mission to shine.

Your hands hold the secret to your creation magic and I love sharing that with you.  With the powerful help of Astrology in the form of the two eclipses next month you can really get ‘hands on’ with how much more you are capable of creating and how to have FUN doing it!  I want to help you!

The first event takes place on the Solar eclipse on September 12th, it’s where we walk through your Life Purpose together in a small community by webinar.  Spend four plus hours seeing how unique your Life Purpose on Earth is revealed in your hands, plus where you struggle and how to navigate from that stuck place back to where you shine using the personalized map of how you do it best as the guide with Lisa’s expert help.

Imagine knowing your unique path out of struggle and into creation magic!

It’s rich, rich, rich information all about you, your patterns and your upside and it’s served up the day of the eclipse, marking a powerful new beginning with quality time for your relationship with YOU!  For all those who do the immersive Life Purpose experience there is also a possibility to join a type of Native American Vision Quest that evening to expand on what you discover about you in sacred ceremony.  You must be in the Los Angeles area for the Vision Quest portion. 

The webinar is open to you wherever you may be.  Email Lisa your contact information to be considered for the local Vision Quest.

For those of you who want this turning point to be a big shift, dramatic on the inside so that you really change what’s happening on the outside there is your Life Purpose Vision Quest that takes place in Kauai the week of the Lunar Eclipse, September 25th-30th.

This second event is a radical change opportunity with only a few spots available.  There are key requirements to make sure this is the best choice for you and that you are prepared to make this life changing journey.  Talk with Lisa if you are interested and wish to be considered.

Your Life Purpose, where you are meant to live your biggest life, your biggest Truth are waiting for you. If you feel the tug of that secret your hands hold for you, the timing is perfect.  The eclipses in September bring an end to an 18 year cycle and this full moon wants to help with the power of 1,0o0 healer.  I feel better already just knowing there is that much help!

Find out how when you join Lisa for a close look at your Destiny with an ancient ritual to help you end the last cycle and begin a new one with a profoundly personal and caring start to usher in your next life chapter.  Get MORE here.  Your biggest life is waiting!

Lisa Greenfield


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