Lion’s Roar New Moon, Fear And Power Unleashed

Well the fun continues with the New Moon Friday serving up a healthy dose of Leo energy.  With several major planets hanging out there it’s all about hearing the Lion in us roar.  For some of you that is a chest swelling, thrill of your gifts, talents, accomplishments getting long overdue recognition.  For others it is facing down the fears that come with new beginnings, territory expansion, wanting something fiercely.

And then there is the combination of both of those things.  Leo is the I, me, mine energy and it is still Venus in Leo square Saturn in Scorpio.  There is so much more in the mix this new moon with so many planets – for the geeks we have the moon conjunct Mars and the Sun trine Uranus right now.

Uranus is the new beginning planet, shock changes that suddenly see the light of day.

With all this cooking there is one constant, FEAR.

Now I’m always tickled at how many of my clients push back when I tell them I see Fear markers in their hands.  We have such a difficult relationship with it, definition of it.  I’ve held hands with some of the most influential people in sports, politics, music, television and film and they all had ONE thing in common.  Fear markings.

Yep, you saw that correctly…

You see, fear, doubt, judgment and criticism are all versions of our mental bodyguards.  And you don’t put guards on an empty vault!  There would be nothing to guard, right?

So when you have power, you also have the survival guards of limitation to help preserve your life.  (Hello Saturn Square)

Which is why those fears and contraction exists in our lives. You know, the harsh inner dialogue sometimes served up in the voices of those around you.  It’s to keep our expansion growth balanced or in check. It’s the breath out that partners with the breath in, ahhhhh.

Think about this; watching someone who has to address a big crowd you see their nervous system is going haywire.  They are alternately nauseous, dizzy, sweating.  Is there a firing squad out front?  Are any lives at stake?  NO.  But the brain stem reads the opportunity to influence a big crowd as POWER. Rightly so…

Where there is power, your bodyguards jump in FAST.  The survival system is two seconds faster than any other part of your brain – for good reason, really.  I mean be grateful that you aren’t sitting making a list of options while life threatening danger bears down on you, right?  It’s good to know that all power, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual expansion will trigger your security system.  The brain doesn’t differentiate between them- they all light up the same region of the brain.  Which is why all those influential people have FEAR MARKERS.

Still those guards aren’t smart – they’re fast and strong and cover a lot of territory in our lives.  But they aren’t SMART.  They recognize patterns and react.  That’s not creation folks, that’s survival.   They are the servants, not your masters. We forget that and then wind up judging  our fears as weakness.  Which is why so many people push back when I tell them they have fear markers.  Self criticism for even having that security system is part of the security system!  Judgement is one of the guards.

Which is why it helps to remember that courage is not the absence of fear, it is acting in spite of it because you value what you are acting upon.  This is where we step out of reacting mode (which is where we all start most of the time so be mindful of judging yourself for reacting) and into creation mode.  Hello POWER.

And this brings us back around to Venus square Saturn.  What do you desire?  Those are the individual signature of you, who you are, what makes you unique.  Right now this new moon asks us to really look at both what makes us feel safe, like we have a home within us reflected by the world that values us AND where we will bring more of the unusually ‘us’ desires into that belonging.

I hear a roar building as I write.  For each of us…  This is a window into a much bigger possibility of our lives that is percolating right now.

It isn’t time to act as yet.  This is a quieter time, reflective time.  Perhaps a little mirror work this New Moon is the right thing for you.  Stand in front of a mirror and own your desires – just you and your reflection.  Those bigger emotions will call up your bodyguards.  Now you are prepared for that.  (Want more support on that – unlock the Secrets to your Destiny HERE.)

Fear settles for domination and it usually has impatience wired into it to give it more push.  Do what I want, do it now.  This, too, can be the Lion’s roar.  After all, if you act too fast you are cutting off expansion possibilities for the sake of immediate gratification.  Your guards have stepped in to fool you into getting something small now rather than something big a little later – mission accomplished on the unconscious reaction side.

Thank those bodyguards, they always usher in expansion potential, remember the public speaking example.  If fear, doubts, judgements and criticism of yourself show up, acknowledge they are the Saturnian limitations coming in to protect you from too much expansion too quickly.  GIVE YOURSELF TIME… It is unfolding!  Watch where you react, pay attention to you and the stories you have running your knee jerk reactions.  Those patterns can be adjusted over time.

Those bodyguards want immediate gratification.  I like to say that our Fear wants certainty now, while our hearts want the whole experience.  Work with your guards to transform them back into the Servants they are instead of the Master they act like.  Take back your power when you understand that having those guards is PROOF of your power, not the lack of it.  The more power you have, the richer that vault of expansion possibilities in you the bigger the bodyguards.  They are matched up…

So I always try to remember to thank my fears for showing me where my biggest ROAR is being contained.  Where is yours…

I can help you map it out, revealed by your hands. Knowing where you are gifted, unique and have something to offer gives you that confidence and so does understanding your challenges are there to help you on the path to where you shine.  A bigger world is waiting, and it’s as close as your fingertips.

I created Three Hidden Keys To Unlock Your Life Purpose, a 48 page illustrated guide on your Destiny so you could do it at home.  I’m passionate about you knowing the BIGGEST TRUTH ABOUT YOU.  In these uncertain creative changing times, knowing the solid insight revealed by your Life Purpose can be a lighthouse on stormy seas.  I want that support for you. Each guide includes a 60 minute community call with me.  Those intro calls for ongoing support with the Guide are the second Wednesday of each month.  It’s important that you get all you can from your Life Purpose!

I love sharing your Destiny with you – it times of uncertainty it helps to navigate those edges with some internal confidence to meet the external challenges.

Map out this bigger you that’s unfolding now – trust the chaos and breathe.  Something much bigger and better is already unfolding, it just requires your time and attention to help it expand.

Lisa Greenfield



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