Blue Moon, Venus Retrograde = Relationship Revolution

Okay it’s more than just those two elements but think how long the subject line would be if I listed all the intense aspects shaping this month.  We have three planets, including Venus and Jupiter squaring Saturn – whew!  Back to ‘what does it all mean’ time, right?

There’s a revolution brewing inside and outside of us.  Saturn requires that we revisit our relationship with structure and limitations.  With Venus retrograde we have a natural inclination to spend more time discovering what we want.  Not what we need, not what’s required, but what we really want underneath all the stuff and ‘shoulds’ we piled on top of those wants in a lifetime.  (Sometimes Saturn delays or limits our access to help us see how badly we really do want it)

Then Jupiter says okay, let’s give you more of what you want, dial it up, make it bigger so you can see really see, touch, taste what you want and know if you really want it.  Sometimes that’s a case of ‘too much of a good thing’, sometimes it’s more choices than you can easily sift through at once.  But with Saturn squaring off, there’s a string attached.

For example, I wished for good collaborators to work with so I could have more fun playing with others rather than creating alone.  Voila, Jupiter and Venus gave me six new possibilities in three weeks time.  Bonanza!!  However, I can’t constructively work with six different people at the same time.  This means I have to say no or ‘not now’ to people I really like and enjoy.  That’s one string…

See what I mean?  Now these are delightful problems to have on the face of it.  But it also means I have to face my fears about disappointing people, and my ego in thinking that not working with me would actually have an impact on them.  Digging deeper on both sides.  I had a good laugh when one of the ‘no’s’ was so nonchalant about it that it cracked me up I had even worried about letting him down.  Ego…  I also have to create with new people and new creations aren’t a sure thing, some contributions succeed and some don’t – with relative strangers.  I  have to be vulnerable, ouch.  Risk.

We are in major shift of what’s possible for us and for the world we live in.  A powerful starting point is to look at your relationships.  All of them are worth a glance.  Family, friends, loved ones, work colleagues.  Where are your challenges in connecting with others – hint, recurring themes?  Where are your sweet spots, those ‘take a bow’ aspects of you in relationship?

Have you got one of each in mind?  Ready for revolution?

Now I want you to apply whatever it is you think about that relationship and put as an overlay of your relationship with you.  So whatever you’ve thought or said about them, those best and worst examples, say to you, about you.  It can get interesting, looking at how you relate to you using that filter.

Let me share something before we go further with that exercise.

We’ve been leading with structure (Saturn) for the last few hundred years.  Tradition, legacy, inheritance, rules, order, law – even the Law Of Attraction folks is offered as a ‘law’.  Structure has largely dictated what we are supposed to want, do, be and have.  We measure ourselves by what we have and do against others in the group.  We start with a destination or result and drive towards accomplishing that.  This is the goal and what defines success.

In Mayan folklore, 2012 ushered in the New Age, one of the key symbols for it is a a clock with no numbers on it.  Saturn rules time, linear structure and limitations. Hint, hint, the release of Saturnian limitation.  Instead of starting with an end in mind and one clear way to get there, perhaps another creation possibility exists.

So does that mean we are entering an age of NO structure?  Nope, not my take at all…

We began civilization with a more feminine centered collaborative system for centuries that preceded the current masculine competition centered one we’ve been in that includes the expansion of mankind worldwide.  I could write pages on this, but for now let’s leave it that masculine competition helped fuel many advances in society including the technological age.  I say ‘thank you’ to it for the internet.

The Saturn centered approach helped us connect worldwide in a bigger richer way so the shift to integrate the masculine/feminine can be shared, documented and supported globally.  It’s time to let the feminine creative chaos come in and help give birth to the next millennium working with the results of that masculine structure.

What we have is the opportunity to bring the two in to harmony.  And it begins within YOU.

Which is where we bring it back to you and the exercise.  Take a look at your feelings about that best relationship and the most challenging one when you apply it to you.  Using the filter of knowing that whatever you have in each one of those will be the edges on your relationship with yourself.

Where are you uncomfortable with chaos and uncertainty?  Where have inherited ‘shoulds’ and pressure squeezed you into judgment, criticism and comparisons about yourself and others.  What are your limits and where are they working for you and against you?

The brain stem is great at recognizing patterns and repeating them, the resistance jumps in when you want to create more than what you have in the past – you know, expand.  Hello Jupiter and Venus this month…

Use it to play with the creative chaos, notice where you ‘should’ on yourself and others – that’s my heartfelt invitation.  And the Astrology will help serve up SO MANY places where we do just that.  You have to locate the stuck points, old edges so you can shift it.

In what’s coming to be the Structure comes AFTER we let the Creative, individual impulse expand us.  Feelings don’t have clean boundaries, they flow.  Desires aren’t a linear process.  What we do with them is, though.  The challenge is in our unfamiliarity, judgment and fear of the enormous creative potential in chaos.  Can we sit with those feelings and let something bigger unfold about us, for us before we hide in old secure patterns?  So many who are struggling right now are in that transformation process.  Take a closer look and you’ll see!  You can have community support too – it’s here for you!  The next call is August 12th!

What areas in  your lives have you imposed heavy limits of structure too soon that chokes off the creative budding of your individual self.  That best and worst relationship exercise I proposed for you helps you find out.

Can you allow yourself the chaos of the unfolding feelings without checking the progress?  What’s required to help you stay open to the bigger possibilities and deal with the brain stem thrum of fear around sitting without certainties and guarantees?  (This is what we cover on the call, by the way.  Join us for that introductory call about your Destiny HERE)

Change is never level, it’s two steps forward and one back.  One step forward and two back, three steps forward and hold.  You get the picture.  Instead of a straight path it’s a new dance and begins with you relating to you in a new way.  Using those best and worst case scenarios, get to know the current edges of how you relate to you.  Where do you punish yourself for wanting more or settling for security?  Where do you celebrate and maybe need to soothe yourself on coloring outside the lines in your life?

I want to help you.  It’s what I love to do.  Your fingerprints hold so much treasure about your biggest possible self along with where we get stuck and how to navigate out of it.  It’s all uniquely wired specifically for you, about you!  I explain a bite size bit about this in the 5 in 5 Series where the expert Gina Gomez puts me on the clock and gets some answers for you in just  5 minutes.

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I love sharing your Destiny with you – it times of uncertainty it helps to navigate those edges with some internal confidence to meet the external challenges.  Knowing where you are gifted, unique and have something to offer gives you that confidence and so does understanding your challenges are there to help you on the path to where you shine.  A bigger world is waiting, and it’s as close as your fingertips.

Navigate this bigger you that’s unfolding now – trust the chaos and breathe.  Something much bigger and better is on its way.

Lisa Greenfield

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