Moon Square Sun Tension, Help From Your Hands

Are you feeling it, the shake up and shake down that’s going on all month.  For some it’s exciting, for others it’s more pressure filled.  I’ve shared the astrology, telling you that it is also in your hands.  Your strengths and challenges, tailor made by you and for you, and where they show up on your palms are today’s topic.  Don’t worry, there’s some Astrology as well. After all, the map of your hands has Astrology and brain science woven all through it!

We still have Jupiter square Saturn helping us refine what we want and how to bring the special flavor of you to the group in your own individual way.  The Sun/Moon square Thursday July 23rd intensifies this pressure as well.  Bottom line, anything that is ‘not really you’  is coming up so you take a good look and gently, or in some cases ruthlessly, clean house mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.  If it does not serve you feeling good about yourself in important ways, it has to transform.

For some that means completely letting go of some of the old patterns, people and places.  For others, when you can’t change things you can always change your relationship to it.  You get to decide.  Here’s a little guide on what will help you do that in ways that are yours and yours alone.

Earth types (that includes Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, short straight heart and head lines, and arches for your fingerprints) are strongest in action and making things real, manifesting.  Remember our brain goes to work on our greatest strength and Earth is a receptive and linear element.  So too much action or too much inaction is where you can bring balance to best weather the celestial storm.

As a receptive person, it can all feel overwhelming as you juggle too many things without stillness preceding it. Receptivity overload shows up in the body with all kinds of complaints, including strange or strong cravings when you are ignoring your bodies feedback!

As a receptive linear person it can be hard to see what’s beyond the next couple steps, bringing up fear.  Juggling too many things is your brains way of minimizing how much information gets in as you push against what feels like outside authority and demand on your time and resources.  Resentment, stonewalling and isolation impulses come up when you are on overload and are walking the student path to taking back your power.  When you weed through your time commitments to get to the ones that really matter to you and balance your time between a few less demands, you best harness your gifts for the most results and joy.

Water types (that includes Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, a long straight heart line, a curved head line that ends under the ring finger  nearer the wrist and loop fingerprints)  are strongest in connecting with deep emotions and loving whole heartedly.  The challenge with water is sorting out what is your emotion and what is not yours!  Drama is the bottleneck for water types and it’s a way to contain the emotions in a big story rather than spending quality time feeling what you feel, getting to know your edges on what matters to you.

As a receptive element water can take on other people’s feelings and truly have a hard time knowing where the boundaries are.  Other people’s stress becomes your stress, you identify so much with what they are feeling you lose sight of your own stake in what’s happening.  Anxiety dials up for those around you, leaving you emotionally bankrupt when it comes to knowing what you want in the situation.

As a receptive intuitive person the way to move into self awareness may not make sense to those around you.  You are required to trust yourself and what feels right even when there is no apparent logic behind the choice.  Be aware that defensiveness, victim thoughts and hurt feelings are signs that you are out of balance and require your own emotional attention to fill up your gas tank before proceeding to help any others.

Air Types (that includes Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, short curved heart lines ending under the middle finger, and long straight head lines ending under the pinky finger. tented arches for fingerprints) are our Air Traffic Controllers.  You enjoy the 360 degree view and big picture of all that is going on and eats information or input like others breathe air.  You are best when you are directing traffic, keeping others informed of innovative or unseen ways to connect with the world at large in a safer, better way.

As an active element your brain is going to limit you by going into analysis paralysis and freezing decsion-making while you gather more data.  If you are endlessly working on perfecting things you aren’t risking making a mistake or being criticized.  Watch for the critic in your head showing up fiercely for yourself and those around you as a way to keep you from creating.

As an active linear person find the patterns that feel safe and incorporate something you know works along with what is new to balance the safe and the expanded boundaries.  You will want it to be perfect and yet are meant to have natural flaws be part of the stronger structure.  Trust that even the mistakes will be a chance for your brilliance to innovate.

Fire Types (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, long curved heart lines ending under the pointer finger, and long curved head lines ending near the bottom outside edge of your palm, and whorl fingerprints) are our leaders, meant to take us out into the unknown in life.  Fire expands our lives out and connects us with the Divine creation impulses.  Which is why the brain plays havoc with your sense of self.

As an active person you are going to try to lead people who don’t see or appreciate your visionary direction.  It winds up you working hard to convince others what is for their best good without meeting any response that feeds your flames of inspiration.   It often feels like the prophet without honor in his own land so you get stuck in behaviors that inflate your sense of self to help balance the push back you receive elsewhere.

As an active receptive person you are required to model the expansion and expanded possibilities rather than preaching it.  When you lead by example the right people will be impressed to invite you to share your visions and direction.  Be aware of judgment around fear of failure as your biggest bottleneck.  Balance it with praise, applause, recognition and respect for yourself to shift the energy.  It is fuel to your fire and a requirement, not ego.

So there you have it.  A primer on how to navigate these wild astrological times through the rest of July leading up to next weeks stunning finale with a Blue Moon.

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Lisa Greenfield


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