New Moon After Frustrated Desires, Delays, Dreams Come True

We’ve got a whole slew of things cooking this New Moon 5:26pm July 15th.  Almost every planet is in the mix, including our North and South nodes which are the Destiny points.  I can tell you the moon is square the Nodes and trine Pluto, that Venus is square Saturn and a whole lot more.  However, I find it’s more helpful for you when I translate it into something you can use even if you don’t know Astrology.

Here goes…

This whole summer has profound windows and doors to give each of us a richer, more solid playing sense of who we are as an individual and where we can express ourselves in the world.  We can understand in a bigger way where we feel loved and see what we’ve done to make sure we feel connected.  We also have somethings delaying or in some cases denying what we desire.  Venus is the all too human part of us – the part of us that wants what it wants damn the consequences.  Different than the moon, which points us to where we feel connected, loved and where we feel belonging.

This week the two rivers of what we want and what makes us feel safe converge.  For some it’s a crashing water storm (particularly with the new moon in Cancer).  With Venus in Leo square Saturn in Scorpio, this new moon is where we can get into the profound depths of what we desired, no matter how selfish and where that put as at odds with loving and belonging to the community and where we belong to ourselves.

There is no easy answer here.  One is not good and the other bad, right and wrong – but boy do we try to make it that simple.  It goes back to the elemental truth that what best serves a community is bringing your individual self, your desires and what makes you stand out (Venus) into the group and finding ways to integrate them with the tribe so that we belong and feel safe (moon).

Our evolutionary history has us stamping out people who fall too far outside the norm, yet it’s the changes and status quo rattling of those wayward desires that help strengthen and invigorate the communities.

The important part is finding the balance between provoking such a strong reaction that you cannot stay connected productively with society and giving up too much of what you want to fit in with the tribe.  In some cases the tribe is your family structure, historical shoulds and society

So Venus square Saturn has you aware of frustrated desires and delays as a way of fine tuning what really matters and how you bring that to light.  Notice where you felt you had to get permission to want what you want.  Where did you feel squashed when delays and denials came in to play?  With the restriction planet here, it is very much about the limitations around your passions versus structure that can help you build on or redefine them.

Desire delayed can be passion renewed.  Notice when something is denied or held back, do you only want it more?  It helps you define how important that particular part of you is. Other times you find that when you can’t get what you want when you want it, you simply turn your attentions in a new direction. Venus is our creative urge, what gives birth to new possibilities.

What we want helps define and shape us!  It’s what makes us the individuals we are, the specific things we want and how we want them are so much of what makes us interested in life and interesting.

Where have your wants been neglected and squashed or are they running the show so that’s all you can see?  This month you can work with bringing harmony between wants and needs.  This New Moon helps you be more you and bring that bigger self to the world you live in for connection and inspiration.

For example, I have long had a history of running away all by myself for my birthday to a foreign destination.  I have a list of places to visit and each year would map out the beginning and end of my trip while leaving a chunk of time in the middle with nothing planned.  I’d be in a strange country, knowing no one, having a fixed starting and stopping point and then I would let the rest of the trip unfold when I was there.

My desire was to be surprised with what I was discovering and then let myself have what I wanted.  There were a few times I wound up in a pushing match between my wants and my needs.  One trip to the wilds of Ireland found me tucked up in a corner room overlooking the Cliffs of Mohr unable to leave the room for a whole day.  My hosts were encouraging me to get outdoors since it wasn’t raining for the first time in two months.

But my moon self just wanted to be still, drink in the beauty from a quiet, warm place with tea, a comforter and absolutely nothing I felt I had to do.  My desires to explore (Venus) would have to wait one more day.  It was perfect even if it did astound my hosts to waste a day doing nothing when I’d flown all that way to visit.  Instead I got very clear on what my plans were for the rest of the visit while I enjoyed being still.  I had a perfectly lovely time, was rested and happy and my hosts then helped me strategize on how to make the most of the days left.

With this New Moon we can plug those Venus desires into our community with a better chance of making them seen and felt by those around us.  It may still cause waves, but the difference is there are more outlets right now to BEGIN.  With Saturn in the picture you aren’t going to get satisfaction in one fell swoop, but a start is a start, right?  Let the quirks and differences help you map out more of who you are as an individual that you then can share authentically with the world around you.

It’s the perfect time to begin, with the sure knowledge that it will cause ripples, have delays, require collaboration and adjustments – but you can have so much more life!  Your dreams can wind up offering more than you know how to picture now when you take it a step at a time (Saturn) and let all the elements offer you a bigger picture of how to both fit in and stand out.  Feel your way…

Tonight we begin a community experience where people discover their unique Life Purpose here on Earth.  We are spending quality time as I show you just how special you are.  Your fingerprints hold the secret to where you are born to stand out, your Life Purpose; what you learn from your personal brand of struggle, your School; and how you get back on track from struggle to Purpose when you know your Life Lesson.  All this is packed into your fingerprints and we spend invaluable time understanding YOU.

This experience offers an unparalleled look at the big Truth of you, in a safe and loving community environment.  It’s where you can start owning the bigger creative and unusual parts of you that are your Destiny with others who are doing the same.  It’s a solid, fun, nurturing environment with past attendees (some alumni repeat the experience) that include rock stars, television stars, Emmy Award winning producers and top executives.  Achievers always want good support to be more of who they are!

If that includes you, all the fun details are here at

We have the gifted Shannon Elhart joining us to learn her Destiny and she graciously included a gift Akashic Record e-reading for the first two people to sign up today.  So you receive your Destiny, a rich community experience, and Shannon’s special insight from your Angels.  All at 75% off!  It doesn’t pay to discount your Destiny, it does pay to share it with others.

The class begins on the New Moon tonight – with power, magic and connection.  Isn’t that a wonderful place to begin seeing the biggest Truth about you, Your Life Purpose written right in your hands?  So join us and see how to get out of struggle and into your genius zone with expert help and an exciting community.  You are most welcome…Get the Truth HERE.

The month of transformation continues, so breathe deeply, take time for you and know that you are creating a better future every moment just by being present and aware of this one.

Thank you for the opportunity to share what I love, seeing YOU!

Lisa Greenfield

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