A New Moon, Your Life Purpose And Angel Guidance

This week is an amazingly intense Astrological line up (more tomorrow on the New Moon) that gives you a wonderful opportunity to make powerful shifts with greater ease than usual.  It doesn’t mean easy, but easier ,especially with the right support for that change.  Our call last night shows you a way to see yourself and others in a more open, powerful and loving manner than you may be living.

It feels different when you are in that kind of company being seen and connected with in this way.  So I’m sharing the audio with you, letting you feel what kind of connection is possible and inviting you to join us for the Heart in Hand experience if it’s right for you.  If you desire quality time about you to know how very special you are, letting others witness that and owning a more exciting, richer Truth about you – this is the place and time!

Shannon Elhart joined me on the call moderated by the fabulous Gina Gomez and we modeled the community feel of what you can expect from the experience.  Gina is a class graduate with a big destiny and Shannon is joining us in Heart in Hand to discover her Destiny!

Shannon graciously offered that the next two people to sign up also get a gift e-reading similar to what she did for the two people on the call.  Hear what happened and see if this community is the right for you while you make these big shifts.

Are you ready to know the magic in life is real and right in your own hands?

How will your life change when you know, really know how your unique Life Purpose shows up?

How much divine guidance is all around you?

We want you to find out.  Join us in quality time where it really is all about the magic of you.  It begins tomorrow, the night of the New Moon… What better time to make you a priority, right?  Join us for all the details and fun here. 

Get yours NOW , be one of the first two and get your Destiny revealed along with Angelic support from Shannon.  Now that’s a good way to let it be easier.  We’d love to have you with us!

Thank you,

Lisa Greenfield




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