Powerful Full Moon, an Intense July and a GIFT CALL

Are you ready for July, because the Astrology is calling for some deep shifts. I might even say ‘volcanic’ or ‘seismic’, although in California since one is a real possibility I”m careful about starting a panic.  July 1st kicks off with a intense Full Moon in Capricorn opposite the Sun in Cancer, where Mars is hanging out to complicate the tensions and the power.

What does that mean to you if you don’t speak Astrology – and by the way, Astrology maps out in your hands as well.  More on that later…

Cancer/Capricorn has many layers of meaning but to keep it simple and real I’m going to focus you on the Mother/Father shift.  We learn stories in childhood about how we are loved and connected (Cancer/Moon/Mother) and how we are strong and structured (Capricorn/Saturn/Father).  Then we internalize the mother/father story and it plays out in our lives until we restructure and replace it with a bigger story, one more of your choosing when you understand how to work with the layers.

One of the layers of that pairing is safety and security.  We feel safe on the inside and about ourselves when we know we are worthy of love and belonging (mother/moon/connection).  We feel safe on the outside, in public, when we know how to operate in the world around us to achieve what we feel reflects our value (father, sun, time).

With Saturn ruled Capricorn in the picture, this change has been cooking a long, long time.  Capricorn is asking you to look at what is worth your time for the long haul, where has structure been there so long you don’t see the truth any more because it’s become so embedded in daily life.  I’m focused on the micro of you, but this plays out on the macro or global level as well.

So many people are feeling the pinch of an outgrown structure – and the desire for something more.  I love the image of a hermit crab, particularly with Cancer in the Astrology.  What is your story of love and belonging and what is the structure around it – that public opinion and relationships  – that have kept you safe and kept you boxed in to feel safe?

Hermit crabs grow to fit the size of their shells then have to trade up for a bigger shell if they want to keep growing!  Picking the wrong shell is disastrous for the crabs because the moisture (water is the symbol for love and nourishment) the shell helps them maintain is necessary for survival.

See why I love the image.

Does your shell provide you with the right balance of love and belonging or is it time for a bigger container, hmmm?  Where is the story of staying with what you know for the approval and connection of others costing you a bigger piece of love and belonging?  Will you risk being vulnerable while you shift to bigger quarters? Will you nurture your inner need for more of you to be seen even if it conflicts with the status quo you’ve carefully constructed?

Where is there too much dependence on the known as a safe way to be validated costing you a more complete expression of you?  Is the drumbeat of needing to feel safe, validated and recognized keeping you locked into behaviors that mean you are playing small or playing it safe?

Now the wild card in all of this is that typically the Moon points to our security needs within us and the Sun is the ego outside of us.  Mars is how we go and fulfill those ego needs.

With this full moon reversing the positioning, the Sun is in Cancer (which is ruled by the Moon) joined by Mars.  Then Capricorn which is a tough place for the Moon to hang out because the two of those together bring the fear and anxiety level up to a roar.  Add Mars in the mix and it is more likely that we will act on those fears, or should I say react out of fear.

The best use of this month is to learn how to create out of this pressure rather than just react.  Creation is where we take back power, reaction is our human starting point.  Notice what your reactions are and where they reveal the story that is in need of a bigger container.  Then take back the power.

This sets the stage for a month long revision of what we’ve been afraid of feeling, how it’s limited our actions and how to line up more authentically with the unique collective constellation that is us.  All the various bits and pieces, including our shadowy and disowned parts can be realigned for greater foundation to create from – that’s the seismic shift.

I can almost guarantee that you are going to have a melt down of one kind or another this month – internal or external.  How intense will depend on how much pressure has been building behind the old outdated security needs that keep you stuck in a space your soul longs to expand out of.  Change is coming to us all.

This is not a month of punishment, it is a month of transformation.  I like to call it the Ben Franklin month, fitting that the 4th of July for my American readers is in it, because this is where you start seeing where one of my favorite quotes shows up in your life.  “They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

Where is the temporary security of old patterns keeping you stuck?  Can you be compassionate for the needs that put you there?

Another wrinkle to add into this… The minor planets and Asteroids are highlighting that Cancer theme of connection – over and over and over again.

We don’t do this alone…  We can’t do this alone if we want to really transform.

The real mind-blowing Truth is that the only way to belong to a group and have it thrive is to bring your individual self to the collective.  Yet history has shown us over and over that we get a group together, start suppressing the individual and it leads to the eventual decay of the group, country, cause.

It’s only by celebrating the uniqueness of each of us (maybe some of the reason behind longing for your 15 minutes of fame) that brings fresh evolution and benefit to the collective.

How we manage that push/pull of fitting in versus standing out is at the heart of this full moon.  Notice in your hands if you have markings down in the bottom corner opposite your thumb area.  People with lines, markings and dark color in this section are particularly key to what is going on in the world now.  Check with me if you want to know how yours plays into history.

The month of July is a powerful time to revisit your stories around how you get love and where you feel safe.  Childhood patterns need revisiting for almost everybody even if you’ve done it before, it’s time for a bigger shell.

Because this month is so pivotal and key changes each of you make can have even bigger impact right now, I invite you to join an experience that offers you both a place to stand out, as only you can, and also to belong.  Let’s begin the change together using the insight into how special you are as the core reason.  Let the expanding vision of you be explored in caring, safe connection.

Your Destiny is written in your hands, aren’t you curious?  Join me and discover what your most unique gift is to offer the world and do it in a community that safely shares connection and a chance to stand out.  Not just information but transformation.  When you put ideas into action, that’s when change becomes real.

Check it out:  http://truthinhand.com/heartinhand/

Now about that gift call…

For those who register by Tuesday June 30th, you are invited to join Lisa with a special guest Shannon Elhart for night of Angel Readings and support as our gift to you.  Shannon has a Masters in Counseling & Psychology, and certification as a life coach plus she brings an incredible story and talent for channeling your Angels.

This is in addition to discovering your Destiny revealed by your Fingerprints and hours spent on you.  Plus you do it all in a community filled with graduates (who often repeat the course) that rank among the top influencers of a generation.

We can’t do this alone, which is why I treasure the work I do.  I get to share my passion for seeing you, really calling out the bigger outline of what’s so magical about you, and then witness you doing more with what I tell you then I could picture when I share it.  It is my greatest delight!

I’ve made the experience as cost effective as possible and even included a payment plan because I hate price to be the reason you don’t discover you.  Yet you value what you invest in, so if this feels like a kinder, bigger, anchored Truth about you, how can you resist saying YES to you.

This month has a lot to offer, some of it easier to navigate, some of it harder to surrender. Please get support.  We don’t do it alone those old stories and ghosts of the past don’t show you the real picture anymore. The big shifts come better when you have the right people supporting your expansion.  I’m here to help.

Happy Independence Day!

Lisa Greenfield



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