Mercury Retrograde and Saturn – Teaching Time

We are rolling through a strong Sun, Mercury and Mars squaring Neptune and opposing Saturn.  So I wanted to continue the conversation.   This can be a really powerful punch forward or it can be a sticky exit from current circumstances, maybe both!  With Saturn AND Neptune playing with Mercury and Mars you are going to be feeling it.

In Vedic Astrology they understand that going retrograde actually strengthens the energy of the planet.  Now with Mercury strengthened sitting with Mars in this stew, your challenge becomes giving your actions new meanings and letting them expand you rather than harness you in to the same old story.  Saturn always represents time and lessons learned that give you structure.

Mercury is the story we tell ourselves, how we understand and make sense of our past, the present and future.  Can you see how a strengthened Mercury is a powerful tool?  The question is how are you going to use it?  What meanings are you going to surrender and replace with new ones, even when they fly in the face of what’s always been done?

Bold breaks with restrictive stories is a wonderful window of opportunity right now.  Can you dare to see it means something completely new?  Then will you allow it time to unfold and become a bigger, stronger version of what you believe now in it’s infancy?

Sometimes the lesson is when or how to free yourself from too much  of the old structure!  Some of you may require and benefit from more and others will definitely be set free with less!

The interesting fly in the ointment is the square to Neptune.  Again, Neptune is the watery connector, the longing for perfection and the illusions we create around our attachments to give us those possibilities.  Then something happens and we feel betrayed or abandoned because things are not what they seem.  We can put all the disappointment on the person place or thing that disappointed us when the culprit is within us.  So is the power to change it…

I want to invite you to see it a new way – Mercury Retrograde please.  Notice where you’ve been attached to a belief and it is not playing out the way you wish it to happen.  For some of you that means frustration, for some grief, for some impatience to hurry up and create what you want instead.

All these are patterns of reacting, Mars has a part to play in what you do when life differs from the plan in your head.  Now notice where your patterns have been over time.  Saturn builds layer by layer and restricts, blocks, corrects in order to shape our worlds for longevity and survival.   The Sun is how we show up in the world in total, Mars shows us the actions that carry out the bigger picture of that Sun self.

With Mars opposite Saturn, we are likely to push up against the old structures, wish to overthrow them and do the opposite of what we are ‘supposed’ to do.  This time is best served to overthrow inherited beliefs, ones that don’t resonate with you any longer and need to be reshaped for your awareness of who you are and what you want now.  Keep in mind, structure serves to support growth, so mindfully choose what your structure is rather than struggle with inherited limits, right?   With Mars in there we are required to do something about it – act on the new beliefs.  What you choose to do requires time to set a new pattern.

It doesn’t mean you can’t act on it now.  In many cases, that’s exactly what’s required, new action.  What the celestial stew is brewing for you means that you will have to keep on revisiting your choices, actions and refining them.  It’s a chance to get to know yourself and your expanded beliefs, actions, desires and keep refining them and how they show up in your world.  Pay attention to the stories you tell yourself along the way.  Are those stories supporting the new direction or justifying the old, trying to get you back into a safe rut?

Time is your ally here, not your enemy although it may feel like it when what you wish for is delayed in coming together the way you want.  We have Mercury Retrograde until June 11th and Mars opposite Saturn through June 13th.  So this is the window to really take notice of what you want, how you act on it and what happens when you do.  Do you let delays entrench your commitment to a new, bigger story or do you let it defeat you?  Will you choose the new story over and over again?  This is what’s happening for you, not to you.  Delays, disappointments (hello Neptune square) give you a chance to commit again and again to what you envision.

If it doesn’t start out the way you want it to, you can use that time to finesse the picture, carve out a bigger reality or a richer reality than what you first pictured with more of what’s essential to you in it.  That’s the promise of this window.  Although the delays, obstacles and disappointments can feel like punishment in the moment.  I understand…

As always, I’m here to help.  We can map out your personal blueprint from the Astrology in your hands and chart to give you the best window into your easiest path forward.  By all means, I love to do that with you and my clients consistently walk away feeling better, stronger and more in command of their lives.  That’s why I love what I do.  So let me know if I can help you.

Wishing you well, always,

Lisa Greenfield

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