Moon Madness, Mars, Courage and More Surprises this week

The Full Moon last week (and last post) was the starter pistol for a month long shake up meant to bring you a much richer, nourished life.  It continues this week with a wild line up of multiple planets, the Sun, Moon, Mars and Pluto chief among them serving up more of the main course.  Transformation time folks.

With the Moon and Mars in a sweet dance together some real shifting is possible.  Normally our Moon is our deep security needs, where we feel safe when we know we are loved and connected.  Mars is what does battle for us, where we put a boundary down and where our Courage does (or doesn’t) show up.  Usually these two parts of us have an uneasy relationship.

The Mars part of us is much more visible.  It’s the actions or reactions that show up out in the world.  Our Moon is very internal and can be at odds with the public Mars impulse when our actions reveal some of our tender core to the world.

So how does this translate into ‘more’ and what do you do with it this week?

I want to tell a story, because we remember stories.

Byron Katie, who’s work I admire tremendously, did a session with a young girl who felt hate for her mother.  The mother was a single parent struggling to survive and often pulled the 17 year old girl out of school to help earn rent for the family.  Byron walked the girl through an exercise that showed the teenager that focusing all that rage and pain at her mother was understandable but she missed the greatest truth about the situation.

Byron got the girl to realize that she had a choice of not helping her mother.  It may not feel like she had a choice, but she did and in making the sacrifice to support the family, no matter how begrudgingly it was done, she was showing herself to be kind and generous on their behalf.

The girl was so focused on resenting what she was doing and her Mom for putting her in that position that she missed the bigger picture of her actions and the consequences.  She was helping her family live… Her actions were kind and generous even if her attitude was not.  The rage was protection against the part of her that felt the pain of struggle in her family just to survive, something she couldn’t change.  Tears of relief were not a surprise…

This is what this moon cycle with Mars can show you when you take a closer look.  Where have you been so busy being courageous, tough, proud, no matter how unwilling you were to be in that position, that you missed being compassionate towards how hard the choice may have been for you?  Why not introduce some generosity for yourself and those hard choices, actions?

Our courage so often comes at a price and we forget to take care of the heart of us that longs for our own attention around the difficult choices we’ve made or felt forced to make.

Hard is the key word and mind set here.  Where can you bring softness for yourself in those brave moments where you had to be strong when all you wanted was to break free, run away or cry like a child?  Mars can make us twist into unnatural poses while trying to be brave and strong.  It can have us imploding, exploding or undermining others because we can’t confront them head on.

You can shift that story now and so start expanding your courage in a way that aligns with all of you, replacing the ‘have to’s’ with something richer.  It takes practice to settle in, but it’s easier now to make a change right and that’s what I want you to know.

With Pluto in the mix we have to be willing to look at what’s buried, long underground and even rotting in some cases.  With this moon cycle, we can draw on more compassion for what made us choose what we did, act the way we did and send back love to all those raw spots that gave rise to the story we live with about ourselves.  Then make new choices, ones that include grace for the whole of you.

The Sun helps us bring the new story to light, literally in some cases.  Others will be able to see and react to the expanding understanding we have of who we are.  We affect each other for good and for bad.  With this week’s transits we can leverage for the better!

One job Mars has is to take action to make our dreams real…and growing up you learned the ‘correct way’ to act or react to life.  Whether you learned by example or simply wanted to avoid what doesn’t work, you observed how to act and have done that.  Now when you use the universal shift this month to see yourself, like the 17 year old in the story, in the biggest way possible, you free up so much more energy to create what you DO want.  Let me tell you, that is exciting space indeed!

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Wishing you well, always!

Lisa Greefield

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