Mercury Retrograde Tuesday – Sweet Line Up Rewrites History

Historically, and some times hysterically, Mercury Retrograde strikes fear into the heart of many.  Concern about electronic breakdowns, communication mistakes, contract snafus can be met with a snort of dismissal from some and a look of bravado from others that reminds me of those who whistle past a graveyard.

Of course here in Los Angeles there are many who plan their calendars around the three times a year when it happens.  Which is why the extra Mercury Retrograde this year has sphincters tightening all over town.  But I have good news my friend.  This Mercury retrograde is riding between Jupiter and Venus, the good luck planet and the love planet.  Sweet!!!

Of course it still brings the opportunity to revise and upgrade communication!  Which is why things have a habit of going wonky when the retrograde kicks in – to show you what is stuck, bogged down, or even unworkable.  You may have heard, ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’?  Well when Mercury is retrograde, it shows you what needs fixing before you go too long piling more effort on top of something that is broken and can’t carry the message any further, or deliver it in a way that really benefits you and those around you.

We also have Pluto, the transformation planet, lining up Monday, just before Mercury’s backwards motion kicks in, asking us to step back from blind rhetoric, or entrenched patterns so we can get into more of the life we want.   Time to get clear on what we give our time to, where do we really want spend our efforts thanks to a push from Mars and Saturn hanging tight together.

Conflict and how you do it is up for reworking.  Which means, hello, there will be conflict in order for you to rework it.  The difference is, it doesn’t have to be the old battle!  I want to re-state that – it’s really important for you to hear.  You can creatively redo conflict now so that it can be the equivalent of a chick pecking its way out of a shell or a butterfly fighting to get out of a cocoon rather than an ‘us – them’ mentality that has fear of opposition threading through it.

How well does your world blend both what you have to do to survive with what you stay alive for and where have you been either battling too much or too little for what matters?  The extreme edges either leave you so contracted you can’t enjoy anything or so expanded in dreams there no solid ground to stand upon.  That goes for relationships of all kinds too.  Everything is being reformatted both personally and globally.  Where it shows up for you means you can really experience sweet relief from struggle.  Doesn’t that sound tempting!!   (Grab your special recorded Mercury Eclipse Reading Here)

This next three and a half weeks, you get a chance to trust the road you’ve taken.  Obstacles have a purpose for you, they really do.  Because bonding takes place when what you want was blocked.  It’s only then you realize how hard you are willing to work to get to what you love.  The things we can walk away from without looking back weren’t really ours, at least not in that way at that time.  The eclipse on September 1st further underscores that question to be answered by you.

So be prepared to revisit what you really want this September in a way that gives you a great deal of insight into what matters to you, and also with the lovely bonus of understanding how all the struggles you’ve gone through evolved both you and the situation to one that is stronger, bigger, more solidly in evidence.  Eclipses always signal change – Solar eclipses in our outer world and Lunar eclipses in our internal world.  This eclipse says – tell a better story about what you’ve been through and where you are going.  And while you’re at it, tell a kinder story about the people in your life that challenge you.

By the 23rd of September, you have a damn good shot at being a whole lot clearer on what really matters to you and how to put authentic, more efficient actions behind it, so you get traction on moving ahead and enjoy the process rather than being stuck in the struggle.

Prepare to see where difficult or struggling conversations you’ve had this year either transform fairly fast or break down completely.  Get ready for new conversations and partnerships to start up with all the excitement and hiccups that go with new ground.  YOU are different, very different then you started the year.  So what you are doing and who you are doing it with is shifting.

This Mercury Retrograde which lasts most of September is going to give you a lot of insight into just how far you’ve come so you have momentum to create a really big wrap up before the next big opening chapter.  The finish line is in site and you are further ahead then you realized!  The Solar eclipse means that the changes take place in your life and continue to unfold over the next year and a half.

Your job is to manage your mind chatter and instead of letting your inner judge have the last word, let the conversation with it reveal a treasure trove from it’s pile of steaming dissatisfaction.  That’s your starting point NOT your stopping point.  To often we get caught in the loop of criticism and don’t move forward from there which is self limiting behavior.  You have to consciously make a choice to stay moving forward instead of circling.  Because what you don’t want, like or feel good about will always have its opposite hidden for you which is what you do want, do like, do want to feel.

But, and it’s an interesting ‘but’, you have to go into your shadow to make those efforts to move forward this next month ahead pay off huge.  What’s needed now on both the personal and global front is a strong sense of yourself so that you can make your way in today’s chaotic world being served and being of service both!

Those who thrive in life rather than just survive it understand that while we all have the young place inside of us that feels wounded, hurt and disappointed when we don’t get what we want, the way we want it; the adult you has the power to turn any situation to your advantage when your sense of self is balanced with recognition of what also serves the greater good.

To really thrive you must include BOTH your own interests along with concern for how that impacts those who live in your world with you.  These next few weeks you can get very clear on where your own neglected or under-served needs are a pocket of resistance that keeps you from plugging in to a much more interesting playing field out there.  From this place it is so powerfully easy to create a better story then the one you’ve been living with up until now!  What’s a kinder truth, a better perspective on the situation you are struggling with – that’s where you can create a much happier ‘ending’.

With Jupiter and Venus in play along with this Mercury Retrograde and the eclipse opposite Neptune (are you dizzy yet) this September promises to be pivotal.  It will get you a long way down the road to getting what is not only best for you but best for the world, which always means increased opportunities.  When you create a happier ending, one that is open to it looking very different then you may have imagined it at first, well that is where it starts to get really FUN!

First you must get your hands dirty, though.  You have to look at greed, selfishness, bullying, and dogma, to name a few, and understand where your version of them shows up.  A good place to start right now is America’s Presidential election.  Everywhere I turn I see strong emotions, statements and complete inability to see the other side of the issue.  ALL sides are guilty of self righteous rhetoric, even those who aren’t voting!

Are you willing to see that your inability to even try to understand an opposing view is part of your shadow?  I have friends across all camps.  Those who are conscientious objectors, the left and the right all have one thing in common.  The are heartfelt intelligent people with a point of view.  The candidate they chose (including Bernie here) represented the closest to what they believe can get them the world they’d like to live in – which incidentally is a world that all pretty universally agreed they want.

Each one wants to feel safe in the world, wants a better future for their children or the next generation, wants a habitable world where they can make a living and enjoy the fruits of their labor.  The goals are not opposite at all!  This is not a post about who is best, it’s a post that says the people making that choice are not as far apart as their rantings seem to indicate.

Over the next few weeks, use your own version of this truth to seek out middle ground in your world – if not in politics then in your own relationships, including your relationship to your work.  Because there is huge progress possible for you here.  Sweet progress, expansive forward movement, strong connections – if you are willing to surrender your lonely moral high ground and admit you have your own imperfections and are still lovable as you are.  Can you offer that to yourself and then others?

In truth, even your imperfections serve you better than you know.  Because the darkness has to integrate the light, since light cannot by its nature integrate the dark – it dispels it.  The heavy shadow will be revealed this next few weeks so that you can see where the light needs to shine.  If you do this, your victory will astound you.  It promises a payment of fat dividends for another year and half at least.

It’s up to you…

If you would like help seeing just where to laser in, your Astrology and hands can give you enormous insight.

What is your shadow stuck place?  How well do you know it?  Would it help to have some insight into you for this Mercury Retrograde?  Would you like to see whether it’s work, health, your deep unconscious or your money that is being lit up this month?  Remember the changes ripple out over the next year and half.  If you want help, trust what feels right for you.  If a knowing how to focus your efforts using the map in your hands and your Astrology, you know I love to help with that!

Receive a recorded reading that gives you the big picture and direction on where that focus will yield the most benefit for you now.   Here is where you get your reading.  Watch for the Contact link after you book it to give me your birthday, time and city.  Then all you have to do is email me your hands labeled left and right.

Let’s help you be armed and ready for the big shifts coming.  Look out world…Life is a banquet and this month the starvation can end, I’ll help with that!  Ready when you are.

Lisa Greenfield

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