Full Moon, Bullies & More

Wow, we have an action packed line up leading into September and this Full Moon is like the starter pistol.  The interesting thing is this can be the best of times or the worst of times.  It all depends on you!  What we are rolling into shows us where we’ve been caught in power struggles, some inherited, some unconscious but all of them up for review and revision.

This Mercury Retrograde packs a five star line up when it rolls in the end of next week and we already feel the ‘shadow’ of it now with Neptune and Saturn in the mix this full moon.  Putting geek speak aside, we are wrapping up the tug of war between what we have to do to stay alive versus having those things we stay alive for and how we manage the conflict between those two.

For the last ten months we’ve learned on a deep level how to re-parent ourselves, moving between what we have to do and what we want to do.  One client said, “I’ve been doing a lot of adulting lately”.  Meaning he’s choosing to live from a place that isn’t reflex reaction and he’s having surprising results.  He’s not the only one.  This full moon drops you into a place where you start to realize that everything and everyone around you is part of getting you to a better place, no matter how little it appears this way now.  We revisit the ‘me versus we’ dynamic with tonight’s full moon and it rolls on through September 9th where we get to new breakthroughs.

Conflict and challenges exist to get you to dig deeper, commit to what you feel, not because you HAVE TO, but finding the want to…  It also puts us in position to interact with others who may ‘interfere’ with our direct path.  They aren’t here as a mistake, they really can serve your greater purpose.

I invite you to be open to the possibilities in potential conflict or different opinions rather than shutting down or pitching a fit.  Your opportunity is to accept the situation, to feel your way to what is a yes and what is a no for you within the present conflict rather than an overall rejection of the circumstances.  What can you work with, what can’t you work with in these circumstances – that is the magic place.  It doesn’t mean you agree, you simply engage with it differently rather than blindly pushing back or walking away.

Others help you find a bigger way when you don’t get lost reacting to what you didn’t plan.  You don’t have to give in to unwelcome circumstance or force them to bend to you.   Where’s your ‘joyful solution’hiding in what looks like conflict?  It can so easily get lost under the shoulds and inherited traditions.   Especially if you have key markings under your middle finger, the Saturn finger.

If so, you likely had an influential parent with a lot of inherited traditions or ‘shoulds’.   Or those marks can mean the complete opposite shadow side which is you had to be your own parent way too young to provide a sense of security in childhood.  This makes it harder to trust that what you don’t want can actually get you closer to what you do…it feels threatening which brings up defenses.

You see Saturn isn’t the bad guy he is often painted to be but he can go after our ego.  Which is not fun at the outset.  But living without your ego calling the shots is the banquet that never ends my friend.  Making decisions from a place of being deeply connected to your hearts wish and because of that being able to have a different relationship with those around you is the real game changer and this place is where joyful solutions flourish.  Instead of having to dominate to feel safe you discover there is an option where everyone wins given enough time to reveal how.

Instead of a need to succeed driving your choice or a deep fear of failure limiting your vision or prospects you get to take back power.  Suddenly pathways you didn’t even see as options appear without ego-blinders keeping your field of vision small and you racing like a hamster on a wheel that goes nowhere no matter how fast you run.  Saturn’s old pattern is to call on traditions, history and being right because you know how it works to shame and blame the creative, non-linear dreamy Neptune part of us that defies Saturn when it succeeds without it making any sense.  But Neptune is learning that while it can succeed without following tradition it can’t succeed without making an effort.  We are required to stand strong for our dreams and hold fast in turbulent waters rather than withdrawing in easy defeat when challenges appear.

Right now Saturn is learning it’s about not about using a particular action to get you the results you want.  Instead focus on the deeper issues underneath that need.  Get FREE of unconscious ego dictating your life by looking at it, because this freedom roots out the punishing need for a specific outcome so you can have much more than you thought possible.  Other people are here to help you achieve this – even if the way they show up is not so welcome.

But first you have to let go of the limited way you thought you could have it.  This is where the inner bully shows up.  And it likely spills over into your world.  Instead of being able to hold and trust that your best will come, you wind up using your will to force an outcome or result.  Right now the consequences for doing this are high.  Where are the voices in your head unkind, punishing, pushing you forward rather than spending some quality time on what’s underneath the need?  Forcing a fit, a feeling or anything is likely to back fire spectacularly right now.

Instead you are meant to weave together inner strength in service of those soft places inside you, the dreams that you have, the wishes you want to come true.  And whether it seems like it or not the people around you, even those who feel like a big, unnecessary, irritating obstacle are part of what’s going to get you those big dreams.  You can’t bully your way to more without paying a hard price or bully those around you without paying more than you know.  The Universe wants you to learn a kinder way, a collaborative way and it’s your own speed rushing forward with will and sense of entitlement that makes the crash spectacular when it comes.

On the flip side, if you stop long enough to check in with yourself, feel the pain that brought about your will and ego to survive it, share all this with trusted others, and then move forward from that more whole place you will meet with less resistance.  The Astrology now offers those with a weak Saturn or prominent Neptune a chance to feel confident in their choices, stronger and more able to stand for what you want rather than just withdrawing without a fight.  Taking a stand doesn’t have to be a fight, in fact quiet strength heads one off.

These new feelings offer you so many more options and some joy in what you are creating when you add more courage or compassion.  Whichever one is missing for you, balance is about to be visible when you slow down for a conscious choice instead of a reflex response.  Adulting going on here…  How you do this will make ALL THE DIFFERENCE. in what you do, not the actions themselves.

This full moon your invitation is to be the person that defines your circumstances rather than letting your circumstances define you.  How you deal with others is a direct reflection of how you treat yourself.  Are you both kind and strong?  I’m sure there are places you can see and celebrate that in you!  Trust those.  Use that knowledge that you’ve done it at least once to bring more of that to the shadow places where you haven’t done that yet.  You know the ones, the corners you don’t look in and walk past quickly.

There are big rewards for those choices this next four weeks.  Bigger than I can possibly explain to you now.  You’ll have to live them.  But I will be doing Facebook Live session as we get closer to the eclipse in September and before the big award season!  If you want to be in on the fun, be sure you let me know by liking TruthinHand on Facebook.  This way I can be sure you get the invite!

I”m here if you need support, the astrology shows we have a lot going on under the surface.  So do the cards and you can check out the Daily Tarot for this week.  They have some insight that may come in handy.

If you want to know how it specifically applies to you, I’m right here.  Meanwhile, there are still a few of the meteors streaking through the sky – they’re just harder to see with the full moon.  But close your eyes and make a wish anyway.  Believing is seeing…

Lisa Greenfield







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