Donald Trump and Nemesis – Justice Being Served

Did you know the Asteroids add rich layers of insight to Astrology?  For example, this coming month Donald Trump’s Destiny point is about to be lit up but first there is this little Asteroid called Nemesis in his chart that is being triggered right now.   This ‘brings about the need to make amends for boastful or arrogant speech to avoid evil consequences’.  Does this ring any bells?  I couldn’t make this stuff up, it’s so applicable!

The challenge is that it’s mixed in with where Mars, our action planet, sits alongside the Achilles asteroid.  What that means is if he doubles down and refuses to acknowledge his speaking missteps he is going to get a strong serving of the justice that Nemesis has to offer.   Watch and see what happens, it will be interesting for sure.  If he can acknowledge his mistakes and take responsibility it can impact his Destiny as it is crossed later this month with Mars and Saturn, giving him staying power through the campaign.  If not, it won’t be pretty.

Nemesis is sitting with the asteroids Karma and the lightning bolt planet of Uranus in Donald’s chart.  It’s going to be interesting to see what the next month brings as far as shocking shifts and turns.  With Mars and Saturn conjunct this month for everyone, consequences for our actions is a big theme for us all.  If you’ve been investing yourself and putting your ‘money where our mouth is’ you could be looking at the beginnings of a sweet harvest you’ve been waiting for.

Where you’ve been more ‘paying lip service’ rather than really showing up in word and deed, you could be blocked, redirected or slowed down so you can dig deeper and make it real with your efforts.  It’s not punishment but it can feel that way.  It’s how the Universe gets us to correct and redirect.

This is just one example of how the Astrology gives you information that can help you make the best use of it in your life right now.  And if you take advantage of the Summer Special reading with me, you get the bonus transit reading as well!  We can look at the Asteroids in your chart along with what’s in your hands.  Why not make the most of what’s available for your benefit now!

You do have power, revealed in your hands you can use to help create more of a life you wish to live!  Remember you are unique in our history, too!   Let’s spend some time exploring the Truth of that at a summer special price…!

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I want to be sure you didn’t miss this opportunity in the busy, busy days we have rolling out.  Fall in with me HERE and let’s do this together.   Meanwhile, watch the headlines… I’m sure there will be news coming with Nemesis in play!

Read the Hollywood Reporter Article Here

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