Blind Reading For Donald Trump – Surprises For You

It started innocently enough.  Jane Carlson from The Hollywood Reporter reached out and asked me would I do a blind celebrity reading or did I need to know who.  I told her I preferred not knowing as it gives a more honest reading.   She sent me the bronzed right hand in the banner and I dove in looking for treasure.

I’d been comparing the current hands of Trump, Bernie and Hilary and some similarities caught my attention but with only one hand from Jane and the lack of close up on my current hand samples I couldn’t be sure.  I couldn’t tell whether this was a man’s hands or a woman’s hands.  I didn’t find out until after the reading that this was an almost 20 year old cast of Donald Trump’s right hand.

So I took the print as it was to see what came out of it blindly.   Key things that showed up that aren’t in the Hollywood Reporter Read Hear article which wound up combing much of the blind reading with my updated read on his hand, but I wanted you to know:

He learned to minimize other people’s strong reaction to him by entertaining or story telling because he grew up a game changer and didn’t understand others strong reactions to him.  (The stories are landing as fabrications and misdirection, but it’s what he knows how to do to get off the hot seat)

His first and ring finger are of equal length on either side of his Saturn finger which means he has diplomatic skill and can be a peacemaker.  (Having a talent doesn’t guarantee we use it or use it all the time)

He has the Ring of Solomon which can signals wise counsel or teachings. (We learn from bad examples as much or maybe more than good and he certainly holds center stage)

He was capable of sharing a stage, in fact wanted company on stage with him to make him feel more secure.  He is sensitive to the opinions of others and reacts strongly from this place.  (This has changed and his heart line now prefers center stage with much less emphasis on sharing the spotlight)

Those are just a few of the things that might surprise you about The Donald.  Hands do change with circumstances.  His certainly have.  How we use the power marked out in our hands is up to us.  We can use it to create or destroy.  His hands don’t show him to be a madman or a despot.  They do show me someone who doesn’t understand their own power and because of it wreaks havoc that does bring about wide reaching shifts.  But the change is more destructive than constructive – just ask the Republican National Committee.

The differences in his hand now and his hand then actually concern you in more ways than you may realize.  In America it is government of the people by the people and for the people.  We the people are seeing a system that is in flux, one crying out for change.  The problem is our candidates are a reflection of US.

We are passing through a period right now that has the Great Transforming Pluto moving through Capricorn which rules traditions, government, economies, education, nations and all the big structures in our world.  Trump has marks in this region along with the Uranus region which make him a perfect Poster boy for the best and worst about what we have for leadership choices.  (Don’t worry, we will get Hilary covered, too)  The story teller and teacher marks are there in Donald’s hands then and they haven’t changed – but how he uses them have.  When he jumped from Television personality to politics the stakes in the stories he tells went up dramatically.  What we learn from his story is our chance to be wiser.

There isn’t a ‘story teller’ out there that started out wanting to be a cheat.  It’s often the easiest and simplest way out when big plans demand more than they knew they were going to be asked to do and they want to avoid consequences.  Trump is wired to tell stories that help deflect opposition.  It comes from a place of being very uncomfortable with being on the receiving end of pressure to perform.  It’s a love/hate relationship that from a place of not feeling able to deal with unpleasant or harsh consequences.

The fake it until you make it philosophy is part of the success at any price culture we have brewing here.  Both candidates have made serious compromises to achieve their success and the audience is happy to call out the opponent on their ‘cheats’.  The problem is our they are icons of a generation that helped create the current model where in the race to the top, it’s okay to squeeze out the other guy by any means possible.  That’s survival of the fittest.

The challenge comes in when we have to do our part to make the changes we want to see.  Things like doing our homework on candidates to find out what their voting records actually are, not just what their campaign ads say.   Things like paying attention to local politics and contacting our congress men and women with our concerns.  Being involved in our political process is what helps make it work, not being involved creates the situation we have now.

After all, government works for us, ‘we the people’.  They are paid by us.  And if we educate ourselves on how to be sure they are working for the majority’s benefit and not just special interests we can let them know we are watching so if they want to stay in office, they have to listen to us.  Believe me that is our own power and one we aren’t using nearly enough!  Some of the venom people devote to the other party has a tinge of self loathing in it.  That’s what makes it so intense.   Blame of the opponent takes some of the heat of personal responsibility off us and helps balance feelings of helplessness so we feel better about ourselves.

The reason special interests flourish is because our voter turn out is so low that a few million dollars can buy the margin of voters that swings an election.  If everyone shows up, now special interest groups have to raise an exponentially larger number of dollars to buy their agenda.   In the last 16 years we only get into the 50th% voter turnout range every other presidential election.  We are in the 30th% range the other years.  Don’t even ask about local voting which is even lower turnout numbers.  One in two of us show up to vote but only half the time.  This election, with all it’s bitter opposition has at least got people registering in record numbers.

The marks in Donald’s hands then and now point to him having power but not believing he does when he is criticized.  So his worst behavior is merely exposing the shadow side of unrecognized power.    How much damage is done when we feel at the mercy of others and want to hit back without realizing how much effect we have?  He has a hard time acknowledging personal responsibility.   For each of us, where is battling more familiar then a collaborative conversation that honors all points of view?

So what are you going to take away from Donald’s hands.  Like it or not he’s part of our history now.  I’m going to learn from him.  Power and how we use it is the real center of this issue.  It’s hard to shift how others use power unless we own our onw.   The game changer is doing his job, much as I hate the way it’s happening.  Hilary is just as polarizing on the other side, which baffles those who side with her.  We have a damaged feminine and damaged masculine representative.  What do we do about that?  Investigate…

What does your picture of feminine and masculine power look like?  We all have both within us.  We create our lives with those elements.  It’s the combination that makes new life possible not just between a man and a woman but within us as a creative force.  When we don’t understand our own power we are stuck in reaction mode that creates but from an incredibly uncomfortable and potential violent place rather than in harmony with all that is.

Rather than wasting energy bitterly opposing each other, I’m advocating curiosity, investigation.  Underneath being for or against a candidate is a core point of view that is going to be important to help us create something more unified and whole than anything we have had up until now.  Thank goodness we have candidates who provoke such unavoidably strong reactions.  This helps bring about change!

Polarizing people is only half the equation.  What we do with all this is up to us.  Where can you see how much power you have and how will you use it to create your life rather than destroy it?  After all, Donald’s hands didn’t show me a tyrant to be feared but instead a powerful man who, out of underestimating himself and his influence, is creating change.  But not change that feels good.  Trust me, he loathes media criticism yet provokes it at almost every turn.  Think wounded bull in a china shop.  That’s what blind power unleashes in any life.

For you newcomers who joined thanks to the Hollywood Reporter article as well as you my long time reader – I want you to have access to where the game is changing in your hands.  We hold tremendous power in our palms.  They can reveal the best or the worst of what we are creating in our own lives.  How you put that to work for you in your life is right there.  Please do enjoy an introductory or get re-acquainted 30 minute session with me at over 30% off.  We all have a part to play in what’s unfolding, what is yours?

You do have power, revealed in your hands that you can use to help create more of a life you wish to live!  I want to help you see and believe it so you contribute to the bigger stage globally right now?  You may be surprised to find out you have a key role to play!   The Truth is there in your hands.  Let’s spend some time exploring that together.  At a summer special price…  I love seeing the big Truth of you!

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Thank you,

Lisa Greenfield


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