Mercury Direct, New Moon And A Goldilocks Moment

These next seven weeks give you a chance to find your Goldilocks moment of “Just Right”.  But part of arriving at this fit is understanding what’s too hard and too soft, too big or too little, too hot and too cold specifically for you.

Tomorrow’s New Moon in Libra underlines that fact.  Balance, balance, balance is so up for everyone right now.  When you know your center, your choices that fit you perfectly, then you have strength to connect and interact more powerfully with those around you.  That’s important right now!

All kinds of extremes are being served up the through November 14th to help get us to our sweet spot.  The challenge is going to be the possibility of judging what isn’t right or judging yourself too harshly along the way.  This post is my attempt to give you the heads up so you can make a better choice rather than battling yourself or others to get it ‘Just Right’.

This is a wonderful time to understand how you’ve already improved your relationship with YOU.  All of you.   Mercury is direct now and it’s retrograde helped us to see ourselves a bit more clearly and with compassion, thank you Mercury Retrograde.   The icky bits, the sparkly bits, the softer bits, the funny bits and the naughty bits all have their place.  We ALL have those bits – just in different quantities and shapes.  Big surprise, right?

The goal right now is to neither hide them nor inflict them on others without a care to how they may land.  It’s a terrific time to connect with all that’s real about you and fall in love with it.  Venus is helping you do just that.  You start with being more accepting of the ‘me’ in your life and it moves you to loving more with the ‘we’.

It can spread to other people, projects and tasks.  Self love is not a new concept, it’s just you have a fresh take on seeing and accepting yourself right now and then acting on things from that place, more so than you have up until now.  It can impact those around you to have an easier time with their own shift.  Sweet, right?

Accepting all the different shades of you, dark and light this next few weeks helps you sort through finding your own “Goldilocks moment” on how to plug that updated three dimensional version of you into your world.

Be careful, though, ahead of the next full moon.  Tempers have a tendency to flair and while the Mars energy is great for getting traction on needed change it can also blow up on you; particularly if your head line sits high on your hand close to your heart line. (If you haven’t taken the online sample please do try it so you know)

Watch out for reactionary explosions and implosions as we get closer to the Oct. 15th.  It’s a volatile time and you’re meant to make mistakes.  We learn through contrast, what does work and what doesn’t work.  When you know that it gets a little easier to be patient with the ‘not right’ people, places and things that are there in your life – they’re just providing contrast for you.  And easier to understand that may be what’s triggering the melt down in someone else.  You choose, reaction or creation.  Reaction is the young place we all begin with, but creation is what we step into when we know our own power.

Mars is moving through Capricorn with Pluto sitting there, which means you can even leap into much bigger actions than you have in the past, ones that match the more mature and well-rounded you that you’re getting to know.  But first you may catch yourself in a place that feels young and cranky.  The creation moments may not be familiar territory so it can feel odd or out of rhythm with what you know.  It’s just expansion you are feeling, so try on what’s wrong and it will help you know what really is for you.  Then take action from an empowered place.

If you find yourself on the receiving end of someone else’s tirade, know they may be in just such an adjustment moment themselves.  It doesn’t make it right, just understandable.  Watch for your own.

It’s normal to have the irritable feelings, but you may be better served hitting the gym instead of the snotty barista or rude motorist.  At least you walk away with some muscle tone.

Meanwhile, I do have my Daily Tarot report served up each week on Sundays.  Please enjoy my gift to you to help navigate through the week with a little extra support.

For those of you who might want more help, I am delighted to share that I’ve been accepted as a member to Shay Parker’s Best American Psychics.  She has a tough screening process and I’m glad to say I joined the ranks a few weeks ago.

Why you care is that she has an immediate readings link with her tested psychics on call for you.  There are some gifted animal communicators and more – all kinds of resources for you.  So if you need an immediate reading from me you can do that at a per minute rate.

Or you can browse and see if there’s someone else who has a specialty you may like.  There’s good information waiting for you on demand when you have a question .

So there is all kinds of support for you going forward, Daily Tarot (subscribe to the Youtube Channel to get alerts when it’s posted), immediate readings by the minute and and expanded list of experts who’ve also been tested and screened.

I hope that helps.  Have a wonderfully sweet New Moon now that you know how to better handle the energy it serves up over the next couple of weeks.  Wishing you well, always!

Lisa Greenfield

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