Mercury Retrograde, Perfection and Upheaval

We are in it – Mercury Retrograde started this week and lasts through the 25th of this month.  But many of you let me know you were already feeling it before it flipped and for good reason.  We’ve got Astrological players lined up to really show you where old authority decides your story and more about how you can take it back.

With this Mercury retrograde, hidden perfectionist demands from outside authority as well as those we put on ourselves are going to be somewhere near the heart of the emotional storms.  The gap between what we want and what we have can feel enormous and demanding right now!

I’ve been witness to blow ups of epic proportion, deluges of tears and agony, rage and even self-destruction fantasies.  Extremes of personal feelings are almost impossible to miss or ignore.  It may leave you wanting to demand a different feeling, a different reality or you can channel that pain into helping create a new story.  One that doesn’t suppress, judge, or deny all these ingredients – but engages with them.

This retrograde has a ‘key’ to it that, when you latch on, can unlock a whole new world of possibilities. Whether you feel powerfully motivated or feeling uncomfortably challenged the question is – Are you going to let what you don’t get, don’t want, don’t like be your stopping point or will you make it your new starting point?  The old story may have resisted being here, or resisted it looking like ‘this’ but when you decide to take what is and use it to get you more perfectly aligned with what is right for you, you’ve gotten a long way down the path of what this month has to offer you.

Okay what in your life doesn’t look like what you want it to look like.  Where do you feel ‘this isn’t what you signed up for at all, thank you very much’.  Take those feelings and pull the story apart, what you didn’t like or get becomes contrast to help paint a bigger picture for what you DO WANT.  This contrast yields tremendous definition to expand your story.  What you ‘have not’ helps you get clearer on what you want to ‘have’!  This is the information that’s perfect for you!

What if the reason it doesn’t look so terrific now is an opportunity to make it work more perfectly for you?  This way you discover your untapped potential, the strength you didn’t know you had, allies you never realized were there for you and sooooooo much more.  You can put yourself in the story, a bigger story, in a much more powerful way. You are the author, rewrite it!

You can keep wrestling with the disappointment and pain and/or you can look at it from another point of view.  One that is a whole lot kinder to you and acknowledges you are the authority on what’s best for you!  The point is you aren’t just walking through the old story unaware of how much you can influence what’s happening.  Will you give yourself more choice of meanings, outcomes?  Or are you a prisoner of ‘shoulds’?

It’s tempting to want to  rush past the pain without using it to give you information. We are wired to avoid pain.  Yet where you are blocked, you discover how much you really want something.  Who and what are worth your time, effort, attention.  You decide.  Now is when you start noticing where that needs adjusting, and take baby steps towards making your new reality work better for you.  I invite to select one that has more loving standard and allows for not knowing, making mistakes, readjusting priorities and choices.

Is having a kind witness to your story part of your tool kit?  One of the healthiest documented ways to move through challenges and thrive is with a compassionate witness.  This retrograde period offers much about your inner landscape, a bigger story of you and how to make it real.  Do find a way to have your own witness to what’s unfolding for you and let them remind you to be kind to yourself in the process.

I can help, but if not me, find someone.

This retrograde period can be a pressure cooker and cast long shadows  inside our fearful, perfectionist brains.  Remember fear, doubt, judgment and criticism guard power.  It’s your bodies security system against too much expansion into the unknown.  Think of how haywire some people’s system goes when they have to do public speaking.  No risk of dying, but still there’s a strong physical response of nerves, right?  Where there is the most fear, there is also the richest vault of power to influence your world.  Just imagine how much power is in this Mercury Retrograde then!  I love to help you see where that expansion potential is waiting for you to access more of it in a much gentler, fun, inspired way.

Which is why anyone who books a 12 Month New Year Reading by Sunday 1/10/16 gets an audio recording on where this Mercury Retrograde is hitting for them.  You need your birth time to get the most detailed recording, but we can see how it affects your chart regardless.

This Mercury Retrograde has quite a celestial cook pot going, with it crossing Pluto the lord of the underworld three times!  Plus Jupiter is in retrograde which adds to the emotional stew of possibilities.   I’m happy to help clarify those possibilities and the fears, not so you can get it perfect, but to get it perfectly aligned with YOU!

Get your 12 Month New Year reading by Sunday plus receive the bonus Astrological transit audio, for a much bigger, customized picture that harnesses your intensity, creative chaos and any power struggles for the sweetest outcome possible.  Added perspective makes a real difference in how you do the next three weeks.  It’s about what’s best for you and then how you plug that to the world around you.  I’m wishing you so well in the unfolding.

If you want abundant perspective – get your reading and bonus audio now.

All the best,


Lisa Greenfield

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