A Smashing Collision This New Moon And Your Help…

Well instead of being at the Golden Globes gifting suites for the New Moon Saturday, I was sitting with paramedics, police and what looked like the ruins of my car, Pearl.  I was clobbered with a change of plans there is no arguing with, right?

I told you it was an intense celestial stew and I found myself dropped in the center of it.  We had Moon and Pluto conjunct so it’s all about our deep security needs and fears.  Now what to do next…

Our fear brains are an amazing part of us.  We women have eight communication centers in our brain that filters incoming information.  I always picture it a bit like a pin ball machine that gets lit up with bells and clangs and clashes as my car, knocked off it’s front axle, rolled into oncoming traffic.  Sitting there, my pinball hitting every single one of the eight centers.

But then the man that hit me mouthed the words ‘are you okay’ across fifty feet.  I locked eyes with him and let the heartfelt concern I saw in his eyes land for me.  It was more than his fear or guilt, he cared for me in that moment.

Then one by one people around me also connected with me.  A neighbor brought out a glass of water which I drank gratefully, completely forgetting I had a metal water bottle somewhere in the debris. He had called 911 when he heard the accident, knowing it was big.

The Paramedics arrived almost immediately and one talked directly to me, cracking me up and making me laugh while they checked all my vital signs.   The police officer called in a favor to get the pieces of my car moved over to the curb out of the flow of traffic and told me to be sure to watch for key signs that I needed to go into emergency later since I didn’t want to go to the hospital.   He stayed by me until everything was handled and I was heading half a block to my apartment.

The man who hit me couldn’t have kinder or more distressed on my behalf.  While I’m sure he felt guilty, he also was genuinely interested in making sure I had all the help he could usher over to me.  We agreed to let the insurance companies fight it out, we aren’t going to battle each other.

I felt the kindness of the Universe in the midst of the pinball noise.  Instead of getting stuck on the ‘if only’ conversation in my brain that had me not being in that  particular place to be hit, I felt myself edging back to – this is okay, I’m safe, I’m connected even in really uncomfortable circumstances.  Trust what’s happening even if I wish it hadn’t.

That trust felt good.  It was like a touchstone, all smooth and solid, I kept circling back to as we picked up the pieces of what had to be done next and fear careened into another place in my brain.  Like a human chain of kindness, one person after another connected with me offering options, comfort and concern.  It was extraordinary and it required one thing from me.  To be open to receiving it.

I managed my flight or fight response by being present and grateful for one thing at a time.  It seemed like a domino chain where the next kindness just fell into place from the current one.  I let them fall.  Knowing challenges are going to come up is part of the work I do with you, part of life.  I used my knowledge of trauma to take my time and let it move through me while the domino chain kept tipping over another concrete reminder of compassion.

This awareness felt clear and empowered.  A rush of joy in the midst of chaos.  And that’s part of what I wanted to talk about with you today.  What I teach is true in word and deed.  When we work with our own unique programming we get to move through life with less struggle and more grace.  I can even say there’s a bit of joy in moving through this along with all the other emotions.   It’s not about avoiding pain, although we are wired to do that.  It’s knowing it is our starting point and NOT our stopping point that shifts everything!  I got to live that truth yesterday.

And so I am circling back to you, with my request for your help.  I’m a solopreneur and I’m pretty banged up.  Which means I am going to have to change my work schedule the next couple of weeks.  There are no paid sick days in my business and this is really scary when it’s all on me.  First time in this place, whew.  So a good friend shared an idea with me and I’m talking with you to see what appeals.

I was trying to figure out how to earn my keep and still honor my banged up, bruised body.  Hmmm… Eureka!  Then it occurred to me!  Offer you a focused Hand Analysis session, recorded for you, answering two questions at a really good price.  This way you get answers you want and my insight, but I can research it, record your inside scoop and get it back to you without your reading interrupted when I have to stop and lay down.  Laughing, right.  You just get what you need and I get what I need.  Value exchange of the best kind.

I would really appreciate you being part of this human chain of kindness that started with a crunch/bang yesterday.  If you or someone you know would like some quality ‘you’ time, courtesy of your hands, I would be most grateful for help right now.  After all, we are each others best insurance when we live our lives as the change we want to see in the world.  I felt that most profoundly yesterday, my world is a much kinder place and I am profoundly moved by it.

Your assistance in spreading the word is also so appreciated.  I don’t know how long it will take to get myself sorted out, but I feel better knowing I can share with you and do this together, feeling productive as best I can in difficult circumstances.  Here’s the link to get the recorded Hand Analysis for your two questions. Email me your questions after you book it and once I see them, we can be specific about what pictures you need to send me to help answer them.

Your patience is appreciated as I slowly get back on line, but I promise you it won’t be more than 72 hours before you have your answers.  Thank you for being here, thank you for listening, and thank you for being part of the human chain that helps make the world a place where we feel safer living, even when tough things happen.

The link again:  Two Question Hand Analysis Reading HERE.

P.S.  I’m so very grateful for the response and for those of you who mentioned you want to help but are on a budget, too.  Here’s another option:

One Question Hand Analysis Reading Here

Thank you so much for helping make this world better together.  The kindness is so incredibly appreciated.

Wishing you all the best,


Lisa Greenfield


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