Gift Marks In Your Hand – And A Few Hours Left For Deep Discounts

Do you have a star in your hands, or more than one?  Perhaps there is a circle, a grid, or a triangle.  Ever wondered what those extra lines mean?  They have a lot to say and many of them are considered ‘gift markings’.  Don’t despair if you don’t have one, since they are a blessing and a challenge…

Those with gifts marked out in their hands have an added layer of responsibility for whatever is called out by the gift.  I’m about to spend the better part of the week with the nominees from the Golden Globes, and I want you to know that a lack of gift marking doesn’t mean you can’t achieve at a high level.

Plenty of successful individuals I see did it without a star marking in hand.  Those that didn’t have the Star, did often have a Saturn line of dedication in place of gift marks.  Of course the Apollo gift line shows up in this group almost more than the Star mark.  The Apollo line is a vertical line somewhere in the region underneath the ring finger.  The Apollo gift marking means your talents are meant to have an audience.

It doesn’t promise how big an audience, that is up to you.  But with gift marks, the pressure to own and express your gift goes up.  There’s a bigger payoff and a bigger down side if you hide from your gifts.  You know, the family member that high-jacks the entire get together each time with their personal drama could be a star marking that needs a bigger stage!

Here’s some fun information for you to play with in your own hands.  Triangles are a mostly positive and powerful sign.  Depending on where they land, they show where you have the ability to bring intention to life and make powerful things happen.  One client had a triangle linking his head line, mercury area and mars.  He had an extraordinary ability to think on his feet and speak in crisis.  It adrenalized him rather than feeling like pressure.  Fortunate indeed.  Another person with a triangle in almost the same area is a published author, that’s how he expressed it.

Circles can be positive or not.  Again it matters where it lands.  If it’s alone on a good place, say the fleshy base of the thumb called Venus, it can indicate an ability to enjoy yourself wholeheartedly.  Immersing yourself in the moment is something easy for you to do while others watch and admire or envy.

Where if that same circle is right on top of a head line, it can mean a period where you’re in a loop in your mind that has you going deep but not feeling you get anywhere.  You dive down to get to the bottom of things and be warned, you might need help getting back up for air and out of that loop.

See how fun your hands can be?  How much information is there for you? It is the most personal, customized insight into you.  And when you change your mind, you change the line!  It helps to know how to do just that, with some of the challenging gifts and markings.   These insights, specific to you can make all the difference in how you do this next year.  What would that information make easier for you, hmm?

Which is why I wanted you to know there is still a few hours left to get my professional insight to help make a real difference for you this year at budget friendly prices.

Until 6pm PDT you have deep discounts on three of my best loved tools.  A little support or a lot, it’s up to you.  Let’s put your gifts and talents out front so you unlock your best year yet, with more ease and fun for bigger results!

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Wishing you a very Happy and Healthy 2016!

Lisa Greenfield

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